10 Years Ago The Announcement Of Howard Stern Created The Basis For This Business.

10 years ago this October I was glued to my radio listening to Howard Stern announce he was coming to Sirius Satellite Radio and I knew at that moment that somehow his move to Satellite would change my life.

Within a month I got my first Satellite Radio and activating it and tuning in was nothing short of magical. At the time it was spectacular to have so many listening choices, options, and hear shows and songs without any censorship. Soon after I found a niche in painting satellite radio antennas to match the paint of the vehicle they were on. It was a fun start in the business and we developed some very loyal customers from the get go but it evolved into selling more radios, parts and accessories in no time.

In a matter of months we were the first to sell the Sirius Sportster Replay radio online. Beating out many large retailers. We gained a reputation for offering things that others didn’t and for being personable and helpful at the same time. The business grew and supported all sorts of satellite radio listeners, but it especially catered to those that weren’t getting served by their local big box store or Sirius or XM. There is a tremendous value in the fact that at TSSRadio we deal with the products, we have them in our warehouse, and we use them ourselves. You can’t say that about the majority of the outlets that offer these products.

Sirius and XM have come a long way and they continue to grow with Millions more subscribers per year. The service, programming and radios continue to change. Sometimes there are subscribers in need of something no longer offered. That’s where we really shine. We put in a tremendous effort to carry older products, niche products, replacement parts and more for when you need them.

This February will be our official 10 year anniversary in business and we truly thank you for being a customer of ours. We are in the business of serving you. From taking phone orders, to finding rare radios and parts to purchasing used or new equipment from our buyback program to repairing radios. Please let us know how we can help and serve you now and in the future!

We’ve worked to stay focused on our core values of customer service and quality products over these years and you’ve rewarded us with repeat business and referrals. That means a lot and it’s why we keep doing what we’re doing –

Peace and Love, Peace and Love –

October 19, 2014

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