6 Block Radius of TSS-Radio

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TSS-Radio is located in a fascinating area of Chicago and we wanted to give you an idea of the contrasting areas that surround us.

In honor of our friends who started www.radius6.tv, a TV Show geared towards travel destinations within 6 hours drive of Chicago we wanted to do the same thing in a roughly 6 Block Radius of TSS-Radio. We are on the border of Wicker Park/Bucktown as well as Lincoln Park in Chicago. So here is our neighborhood from Industrial to Retail to a variety of Homes.


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2 Responses to “6 Block Radius of TSS-Radio”

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  2. roscoryan says:

    That is my girlfriend Val’s favorite neighborhood (especially Sams, Goose Island, & CB2). Now we really have to make a trip soon!

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