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Holiday Gift Guide for Sirius, XM Satellite Radio Listeners

November 25th, 2013
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Looking for the perfect gift for a Sirius/XM listener? Check out this TSS-Radio’s Holiday Gift Guide below, as we go over some great gift ideas for the satellite radio listener!

xmsnapEasy-to-use car radio:

XM Snap In-Vehicle Satellite Radio
If you’re seeking a low cost, no-frills car radio, look no further than this XM Snap we are carrying refurbished for $17.99, reduced from $29.99. Specifically designed for vehicles, the XM Snap has everything you need to listen to satellite radio on the road.

Basic Sirius Radio:

Sirius Stratus 7
stratus 7Enhance your satellite radio experience with the Sirius Stratus 7 receiver for less than $80. There’s also a $50 rebate available if you add a subscription, meaning you’ll end up paying just $26.99 for this receiver. Not only can listen in your car, but with a docking kit you can continue enjoying satellite radio at home or at the office. We carry this as a standalone receiver as well as an entire vehicle kit, which includes PowerConnect Vehicle Dock/Power Adapter, antenna and additional mounting options. Stratus 7 is compatible with many of the newer Sirius Radios accessories.

onyxBasic XM Radio:

XM Onyx EZ
A reliable XM radio for less than $70 is the XM Onyx EZ, which is compatible with many XM accessories. The radio also has a mail-in rebate worth $50 if you subscribe to a satellite radio package. Depending on where you plan on listening most, we carry a radio and car kit and also a radio and home kit.

LynxPremium XM Radio:

SiriusXM Lynx
This gorgeous SiriusXM Lynx with touch screen color display not only supports satellite radio, but also has wi-fi capability for SiriusXM Internet Radio service. This top-of-the-line radio has can also record your favorite programs. There is a very limited supply of these devices and is no longer produced. We sell the radio on its own as well as the home kit for it.

xmp3iPortable XM Radio:

XMP3i and Home Kit
For listening on the go, during your work commutes, check out this color screen XMP3i player that is both a satellite radio receiver and a Mp3 player. We have a refurbished kit for $99 (half the price of a new one!). The very limited XMP3i is the only remaining radio with a built-in antenna capable of live satellite in a portable mode. It can record up to five channels at once.

Radio Bundle for Motorcyclist:

Onyx Motorcycle Kit
Go full throttle with this customizable Onyx Motorcycle Kit for everything you need to install XM radio on a motorcycle. Your choice of an Onyx or Onyx EZ Radio.

Great accessories for people with Sirius and XM plug and play radios

Want to buy them a new power adapter or antenna? Just call us to find out which radio they have so we can help you out. 312-846-6606 10am-6pm Central Time Mon-Fri.

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Our Satellite Radio Buyback Program

September 2nd, 2013
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For years we’ve dealt with customers that are seeking out older Radios, Kits and Boomboxes that haven’t existed or been produced for some time. We understand how people can be loyal to the equipment they have used for years. We also have many customers with old Satellite Radios sitting around in boxes or closets doing nothing.

The great thing is we have a solution for both! Which is our TSSRadio Buyback Program. We are always seeking out various older radios for customers. If you have old Sirius XM Radios or Boomboxes or Kits, or even new ones you don’t need just contact us at 312-846-6606 and let us know. We will figure out whether we can purchase them off you and for what price we can do so.

So far here is a list of things we feel are easier for us to buyback.

-Sportster Replays/Streamer Replays. The Radios, and Car Kits

-Sirius SUBX1/SUBX2 Boomboxes

-Stiletto Radios and kits

-XMP3 Radios

For everything else just inquire. Feel free to call us Monday-Friday 10am-6pm Central time at 312-846-6606

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Hard to find Satellite Radio Parts

February 5th, 2013
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A lot of people hit roadblocks when searching for old Satellite Radio parts. For the most part it’s difficult to find Boomboxes and Car Kits for Satellite Radios that are more than a few years old. But it never hurts to reach out to us and ask if we have something. We often have some used and open box products that aren’t listed on our website.

Just inquire by calling us at 312-846-6606 Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Central Time.

Below is a rough guideline on how easy or difficult it is to find parts for your old Sirius or XM Radio.

Satellite Radio Car Power Adapters-Easy

Satellite Radio Home Power Adapters-Easy

Satellite Radio Car Antennas-Easy

Satellite Radio Boomboxes-Hard

Satellite Radio Home Kits-Medium

Satellite Radio Car Kits-Hard

Satellite Radio Batteries-Medium

It’s always best to get the accessories and parts while you can!



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Price Drops on many Satellite Radio Products

January 29th, 2013
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We have some pretty huge price drops to fill you in on.

Our most popular Sirius Car Antenna the Dot Micro is on Sale from $19.99 down to $17.99. This antenna works with every SIRIUS Plug and Play Radio.

The SiriusXM Lynx Portable Wifi Internet Radio had a price drop from $249.99 to $149.99 and Lynx Home Kits and Lynx Car Kits for it dropped from $69.99 to $19.99!

The SiriusXM TTR1 Internet Radio dropped from $149.99 to $79.99

The XM SkyDock for iPod and iPhones that allows you to turn your iPod Touch or iPhone into an XM Car Satellite Radio dropped from $119.99 to $49.99

In addition we lowered our prices on many of our Refurbished Satellite Radios. The prices and inventory on these won’t last. So take advantage while you can.

The Refurbished XMP3i Portable and Home Kit dropped to $79.99

The Refurbished SIRIUS Starmate 8 dropped to $59.99

And the Refurbished SiriusXM Edge with Car Kit dropped to $79.99

Take advantage when you can! And if there is any product you are interested in but want to price compare it just let us know. It never hurts to ask. 312-846-6606 or


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Sirius XM Satellite Radio Repairs from TSS-Radio

May 22nd, 2012
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One of the unique things we are able to do at TSS Radio is repair some common problems with your Sirius XM Satellite Radio. It’s a service we began offering about 3 years ago and we have had a great success record.

Droo not only helps our TSS-Radio customers through email, but he also does the vast majority of our repair work from his workshop in Maine. Pretty far from our warehouse in Chicago!

So if you have a Sirius or XM Radio that needs a repair, you can contact Droo via email at Let him know what model of radio you have and what issues you are experiencing. Droo will get back with you and let you know if he is able to fix your radio. He’ll give you a quote and an address where you can send the radio. The repair itself may take a few days or a week to fix and he will then promptly send the radio back to you via US Priority Mail.

After it’s fixed, the issue is guaranteed for 6 months. Twice as long as the factory warranty on new radios!

Common repairs Droo performs are listed below:

  • Repairing dock connectors on the Universal Sirius Radios, such as the

-Screen replacement for the Sirius XM Mirge, the XM Xpress RC and the XM Xpress RCi. If the backlight of your radio screen went dull this is what you will need.

-Replacing the Dials on XM XMP3s and XMP3is.

-Repairing the Stiletto 2 Internal Antenna. Sometimes people will drop their Stiletto 2 too many times and the internal antenna within it will no longer work. This will fix it so you are once again able to get reception in the portable mode.

-Repairing the Power and Antenna Connections on Starmate Replays (Model ST2).

Unfortunately we no longer have parts or tuners to repair older Sirius Sportsters and Sportster Replay Radios. Since these radios were discontinued more than 6 years ago we don’t have access to the parts. We would highly suggest upgrading to a newer model radio like the Sirius Starmate 8 or a SiriusXM Edge and starting over with new Home Kits or Boomboxes or Car Kits if you need them. If you end up moving to the SiriusXM Edge then you will be able to access the 20+ Xtra Channels that are now available on that receiver.

So if you need a repair on your Satellite Radio please reach out to us via email so we can help you get back to listening to SiriusXM.


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New Satellite is turned on

September 2nd, 2009
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As some of you may have heard, the new SIRIUS Satellite is up and running. Across the web, blogs and websites are announcing the new satellite being activated, however here at TSS-Radio, we would like to know: Has your Signal changed today/recently? Have you experienced any kind of signal strength increase?

We would like to find out from as many people possible,  how the new satellite is helping people enhance their signal-a simple way to judge is to check you SIRIUS Radio’s Signal Indicator.

Checking your SIRIUS Signal is simple and can help you diagnose any Signal issues you may have, here is how you check your signal:

1. Turn your SIRIUS Radio on

2. Press the Menu button (on some radios, you may have to press and hold the menu button to access the menu)


4. Select that option

5. You will now see two different gauges, One says “TER” or “T” the other is “SAT” or “S”

6. Note how many bars are filled in

The “TER” means your Terrestrial signal-basically the signal that comes from on the ground SIRIUS repeaters in your local area. The “SAT” mean Satellite signal-bascially the signal that comes from the SIRIUS Satellite orbiting overhead. The “SAT” should be the one affected with this new satellite turning on.

If you could send us your findings and the area you live in, that would be fantastic. We are curious to see the affect and what we can look to expect from the new SIRIUS Satellite. Thank You.

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A New Satellite is in the Air

July 1st, 2009
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SIRIUS FM5 Launches on June 30th 2009

What does this mean for you? As a SIRIUSXM Subscriber you can now look forward to a new high powered geostationary satellite that will enhance the SIRIUSXM service. This satellite adds of the already stellar lineup of satellites providing all of us with non-stop entertainment.

Launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, this satellite is major investment into the satellite radio industry designed to supplement the exhisting satellites and provided an enhanced service to all of us SIRIUSXM Subscribers.

According to, “The Sirius FM-5 Satellite – based on the Space Systems/Loral 1300 platform – is said to be one of the most powerful satellites ever constructed, and will be the first geostationary satellite in Sirius’ roster of satellites.”

The new satellite, which produced nearly 2.5 million pounds of thrust during its launch Yesterday at 3:10pm ET, has the ability to help fill in the outline of SIRIUSXM’s current fleet of satellites.

Mission Statement:

“SIRIUS XM Radio is America’s satellite radio company delivering
commercial-free music channels, premier sports, news, talk,
entertainment, traffic and weather to millions of subscribers.
The SIRIUS XM FM-5 satellite will supplement the existing fleet
of SIRIUS satellites with a high-power geostationary satellite
that enhances the listening experience. It will ensure SIRIUS
XM’s array of audio and data services are received robustly by
cars and mobile devices, improve the signal delivery to homes,
and bolster the continuity of our service for years to come.
SIRIUS XM is installed in vehicles of every major automaker
and available for sale at retail locations nationwide. SIRIUS
XM offers SIRIUS Backseat TV, the first live in-vehicle rear seat
entertainment, featuring Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and
Cartoon Network, as well as XM NavTraffic® service for GPS
navigation systems, delivering real-time traffic information to
markets across North America.”
Specifications of the Proton launch vehicle:

Total Height
58.2 m (191 ft)
Gross Liftoff

705,000 kg
(1,554,000 lb)
UDMH and N2O4


This satellite marks the 4th SIRIUS Satellite that has been launched on a Proton launch vehicle.

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LIVE Super Bowl XLIII on SIRIUS Satellite Radio

January 27th, 2009
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Sunday Feb 1st at 6PM ET SIRIUS will be broadcasting Live, Super Bowl XLIII from Tampa Bay. You can hear the Super Bowl being broadcast on 13 different channels and 10 different languages Live on SIRIUS. The Channel lineup looks something like this:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: SIRIUS 125 / XM 102 
  • Arizona Cardinals: SIRIUS 126 / XM 103
  • National broadcast: SIRIUS 124 / XM 124
  • Spanish broadcast: SIRIUS 91 / XM 104
  • BBC Radio: SIRIUS 161 / XM 105
  • Russian: SIRIUS 155 / XM 106
  • French: SIRIUS 127 / XM 107
  • Japanese: SIRIUS 121 / XM 108
  • German: SIRIUS 113 / XM 109
  • Flemish: SIRIUS 156 / XM 110
  • Mandarin Chinese: SIRIUS 90 / XM 110
  • Italian: SIRIUS 153 / XM 112
  • Hungarian: SIRIUS 130 / XM 113

The XM Channels listed above are only part of the BEST of SIRIUS plan.

And Don’t Forget to check out the Half-Time Show featuring “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen

E-Street Radio: SIRIUS Channel 10/ XM Channel 58

Also Don’t miss the Puppy Bowl V, Feb 1st at 3PM ET/PT with the Kitty Half-Time Show! Only on Animal Planet, check your local TV provider for channel listings.

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How to get the best SIRIUS/XM Satellite Signal

January 12th, 2009
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Throughout this “how to” I will discuss the tricks and tips on How to get the best Satellite Signal possible out of your SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

First to find out how to get a better signal, we need to look at how the signal is sent. SIRIUS and XM both us different Satellite Patterns so I will Discuss them individually.

How the SIRIUS Signal is delivered. SIRIUS uses satellites that are always moving in a “figure-8″ pattern. The best rule of thumb is imagine that the SIRIUS satellites are in the sky above Minnesota. That is the best direction to aim your antenna. Larger cities also have what’s called Terrestrial repeaters. These act as repeaters for areas that could not otherwise get signal, ie. behind large buildings. These cities have receivers and transmitters on the ground that blanket the area in signal.

If you check on your SIRIUS Radio menu, click SIGNAL INDICATOR or ANTENNA AIMING, you will see a SAT and TER with several boxes filled in black. This is your signal strength. SAT is the direct signal from satellites in space, TER is the signal from on-the-ground repeaters.

XM Radio works on the same principle except their satellites do not move. XM Home antennas should always be pointed towards the SOUTH as the satellites are located on the Equator.

If you are having good luck getting signal in one room and want to use your SIRIUS in another try the ECHO Repeater System or try a SIRIUS Extension Cable.These both allow you to place your SIRIUS antenna in one area and the SIRIUS Radio in another.

If you are having trouble receiving signal in your home, and you have tried all the possible antenna placements an upgraded antenna may allow you to pull in the signal better. A good SIRIUS outdoor antenna to go with is the SIRIUS Outdoor Home Antenna. The best antenna we offer works with both SIRIUS and XM Radio, the PRO-600 antenna.

In the Vehicle

In car you want to make sure your Satellite antenna is on the roof, or in a convertible on the truck lid. The magnetic antenna should always be placed 4-6 inches from the edge of the roof and clear from any roof rack or other obstruction. Make sure to route the antenna cable safely as not to crimp the cable, this can cause an Aquiring Signal error message if the cable is damaged.  If you need to remove the cable from the SIRIUS dock or receiver, be sure to pull on the plug and not the cable, the cable connector could come undone and the antenna would we useless. Standard car antennas work will in many cases, but in cases like a Big-Rig or other large vehicle the standard antenna may be ill suited due to the vehicle having a fiberglass body or other obstructions, in this case using a SIRIUS and XM Radio Truck antenna would be best.

In most cases the standard antenna you buy, or receive with your radio is suffiencet to receive Satellite Radio content, being very carefully with the antenna cable and proper aiming should prove to give you quality signal. In some limited areas with canyons, forest cover and other natural sky obstructions, upgrading to a better antenna is the only way to get Satellite radio.

If you have any questions on antenna aiming feel free to email us or gives us a call 773-772-4340, we are here to help.

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Brand New XMP3 Portable Satellite Receiver and More!

November 12th, 2008
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Just in is the New XMP3 XM Portable Receiver loaded with features that will blow your mind!

Big hit features like:

  • Record XM programming 3 ways: automatic, scheduled, 1-touch–record up to 5 channels at once!
  • With the microSD™ card slot, you can listen to your own MP3s
  • TuneSelect feature alerts users when certain songs are on-air
  • Pause, rewind and replay up to 30 minutes of live XM
  • 100 hour of internal recording space

With the receiver you also get:

  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Earbud Headphones
  • Remote Control
  • Home Dock
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • RCA Cable

Basically this is arguably the best portable satellite radio receiver ever produced. The XMP3 combines several different technologies to make for a smash hit receiver. The ability to record 5 channels at once, MicroSD card slot, and Pause/Rewind features makes this receiver a force to reckoned with. Also this receiver currently is running with a rebate so check it out at least and see why everyone is talking about the XMP3 Portable Satellite Radio!

Also in:

XM INNO2 Portable Receiver from Pioneer


XM SkyFi3 from Delphi


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