A Look at Local Chicago Install Shop: ShowTime Audio

I took a trip down to our local install shop and good friends, ShowTime Audio, and had a little chat with the owner Jerry.


I asked Jerry a few questions dealing with Satellite Radio and Installation, here is what I got:

Josh from TSS-Radio: How many years has ShowTime Audio been in business?

Jerry from Showtime Audio: We have been in business for over 10 years.

Josh: Do you guarantee your work?

Jerry: All our work carries a lifetime guarantee.

Josh: What type of services do you offer?

Jerry: We can do anything! Cars, Truck, SUV, Boats Motorcycles and ATVs basically we do it all. We even decked out a power wheels car(which can be found HERE).

Josh: Have you ever worked on celebrity cars? or other famous work?

Jerry: We’ve done projects for Twista,Criss Angel, Jerry Azumah, Shawn Marion, Snoop Dogg and more.

Josh: If I was in a a different town, let says Miami or LA, how would I find a good local install shop?

Jerry: Pictures. Simply look for pictures of past work, if they aren’t proud of their past work-there’s a problem.

Josh: Ok so I bring in my car to your shop, what is the turnaround time for a Sportster 5 install?

Jerry: You have to get the FM Direct Adapter, really that’s a first step, but I could get you out of here in about an hour. Maybe more if you want some customizing.

Josh: If my car was a Lease, should I be worried about Satellite Radio installation?

Jerry: No worries-anything we do, we can remove and leave no trace that it was even there.

Josh: Here in Chicago, do you get a lot of people asking for Satellite Radio?

Jerry: People really value a great service, we get a solid amount of requests for Satellite Radio. People on boats in the water don’t want to struggle finding an FM station and when we trick out the nice cars, they want to have a non-stop quality sound coming from the stereo-which Satellite Radio provides.

Josh: Where would you like to see Satellite Radio in the future?

Jerry: Video, it would be great for them to expand the video channels.

Josh: What types of Satellite Radio can you install?

Jerry: We can install the portable units as well as the fully integrated In-Dash options.

Josh:What would a standard Plug and Play SIRIUS receiver cost to be installed on standard sedan?

Jerry: It would cost about $100 to be fully installed

Josh:If a customer would like satellite radio, do they often already know what they want?

Jerry: Yes, they usually already have something picked out or already purchased.

Josh:Is there much installation difference between SIRIUS and XM?

Jerry: Not really other than the In Dash options. XM has the Direct2 which complicates things a little.

Josh:How much would In Dash SIRIUS Cost?

Jerry: About the same unless it is a labor intensive vehicle, which we would know beforehand.

Josh:How long would it take to install In Dash SIRIUS Radio?

Jerry: About an Hour

Josh: Do you guys install on Semi-Trucks?

Jerry: Of course, we just had a Semi-Truck come through recently and got setup really nice.

Josh: Do Semis pose more problems than cars?

Jerry: Not really, they are bigger vehicles so other than their size, no.

Josh:Do boats pose any challenges for you?

Jerry: As long as you can get it here, we can install on it.

Josh: And last but not least, What do you think of the SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit SCVDOC1?

Jerry: We don’t like it. It’s just hard to explain to customer what advantages it offers over the dedicated tuners. Some people like it, but these people researched it and know what it is and what it does.

I would add some more photos in here for you to see, but you have to check out their website to really appreciate the quality they put into each vehicle, Check out their Photo Gallery

Showtime Audio has won awards for their quality work, you can see all their accomplishments HERE
They can take your dream and bring it to reality- their customer service is superior and the quality is showstopping.



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