A Sirius Install Example in a Honda Odyssey

I am going to try to post a nice example of a SIRIUS installation, along with instructions every week. We will kick it off with an install of a Sportster Replay in a 2006 Honda Odyssey. This install was done by jimmyha from SiriusBackStage and was originally posted Here.
Jimmy bought his Odyssey with the Nav system and DVD player, but Honda only integrates that system with XM. Unlike for General Motors cars, there does not exist a GM Sirius Connect equivalent to adapt the Honda system from XM to SIRIUS. Hopefully SIRIUS will release such a system in the future but as of today we are not aware of any such plans.
This install began with the installation of the antenna. As highlighted in red in the image below, Jimmy attached the sirius antenna above the windshield and routed it down under the rubber molding to the door where he squeezed it into the rubber molding around the mirror and through the door jam without kinking the antenna wire.

Then he ran the antenna under the glove box and stuffed it under the console and through the small storage area at the bottom of the console. This storage area is right below the accessory outlets, so running the power to it was easy.

When the radio is removed, the docking station and power cable tuck neatly into the storage compartment.

In tihs install the sound is transmitted from the Sirius radio to the radio in the car using the FM transmitter that is built into all SIRIUS radios. Better sound quality could have been achieved by hardwiring the audio connection using a Wired FM Modulator Relay or a Aux Input Adapter.
The advantages of this install are 1. that it was quick and 2. that it did not require any modification to the vehicle and can be removed in an instant if necessary.

Thanks to Jimmyha from SIRIUSBackstage for letting us post his install on our blog.

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