A week of Plugs

Somehow in the last week we got a lot of on Air Plugs. Maybe it just all landed on that one week. I’d love for it to always be like that. I was briefly interviewed by George Flowers on the Howard 100 News, Craig Gass mentioned us on the Jim Breuer show, and Steve Covino, “Covino” mentioned us as well on Octane. Thanks to all those for helping keep the SIRIUS sales up.

My personal weekend which only seems to last hours can always be frustrating for a number of reasons. It’s a balance of getting things together combined with working combined with attempting to relax. During the weekend always look forward to Monday-Friday since at least some solid work is getting done, not to mention new Stern shows breathing life into me.

Also Mondays is particularily good recently because of my new favorite show, “Entourage.” Artie Lange recently filmed an “Entourage” episode out in Los Angeles and that will definetely be a bonus. The show has some of the best cliff hangers ever.

This week we look forward to receiving our first batch of GM Sirius Connect Units on Wednesday. Of many many pieces we placed orders for back in 2005, we are getting a small batch. We have many customers who are eagerly awaiting their units but the supply is quite limited, which is very frustrating and once again, we have no control over getting more or not.

In a month things will be moving far faster with the introduction of the SIRIUS new Live Portable the SL100TK1, the new Universal Kits, the SUPH1, SUPV1, and SUBX1. For retailers, the Holiday Season is just around the corner.

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