Announcement: Booey Ball Auction on eBay!

We at TSS-Radio are proud to announce today’s start of the Booey Ball auction on eBay:

Want to own a piece of Howard Stern Show history?? Well, we’ve had the pleasure of owning (and showing off) the “Booey Ball” for years now and it’s time to pass along that thrill to another deserving fan. We’ve even made it possible for anyone to get in on the action. Bidding begins at just $5 and there is no reserve. We don’t expect it will sit at a low amount for long, but that’s no reason not to dive in headfirst – you might just get lucky!
A little history: Gary Dell’Abate, world famous producer of the Howard Stern Show and butt of jokes (but super nice guy who can give as good as he takes, and that’s pretty dang good) was asked to throw out the first pitch for the New York Mets (Gary’s favorite baseball team) at the new Citi Field on May 9, 2009. Boy was it a wild one! To cut Gary some slack, it wasn’t the first “bad” pitch and it certainly won’t be the last one (just ask 50 Cent, a guy who doesn’t make a habit of being the butt of jokes but also rolled with the punches on his recent wild one).

When Gary tried to redeem himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the pitch (nearly?) hit an audience member. To frustrate our lovable Booey, Robin Quivers, Howard’s sidekick and newslady for most of his career, went on Kimmel and threw almost perfectly. Check out this link to see the pitches, side-by-side.

The signed ball and the jersey Gary wore on that date which will live in infamy is offered in this auction. As a bonus, the Kimmel ball, signed by Jimmy Kimmel and Gary is included!
That’s right, two balls, one jersey, and bids that start at 5 bucks with no reserve. Deal? Get to bidding, win this auction and a baba booey to y’all!

Click here for the eBay auction.

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