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Monday, June 10th, 2013
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Last week’s 5th annual Garage Sale was a huge success for us and for our customers who got great buys. That being said, we at are always working to get you the best deals possible while providing you the best US-based customer service of any company in the satellite radio and accessories business. Call us any weekday between 10am and 6pm CST at 312-846-6606 if there is anything we can help you with, especially if you can’t find a product you need for your installation on our website.

We have some great promotions going on right now and we still have a sizable selection of items on sale including refurbished standalone radios at this link.

Again, we are honored to be your choice for satellite radio equipment! If you want to get on our mailing list and get notifications when we offer special sales events, click here.

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Garage Sale 2013 is less than 24 hours away!!!

Monday, June 3rd, 2013
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Folks, big savings are on the way. This year there are more parts and awesome deals than you can imagine!

If you aren’t on our mailing list, PLEASE subscribe now by clicking this TSS-Radio mailing list signup form link. We’ll be sending out the message in the morning and you’ll find out about special savings offers that include open box radios, factory-refurbished components and installation equipment and even a collection of quality used gear.

Here’s a small preview of items in the USED category (and the crazy low prices we’re able to offer them to you for this year):

Sirius Dot Micros $4.99
Sirius Home Antenna $4.99

Sirius Universal Home Dock SUPH1 $4.99
Sirius Universal Car Dock $4.99
Sirius S50 Home Dock $4.99
Sirius PowerConnect Car Dock $4.99
XM SkyDock Dock $14.99
XM XMP3i Home Dock $4.99
XM XMP3i Vehicle Dock $4.99

Sirius Xact XTR3 $4.99
Sirius S50 $19.99
XM (SiriusXM) Lynx $99.99
XM Edge $49.99
XM Onyx $19.99
XM Roady XT $9.99
XM SkyDock $19.99
XM Xpress RCi $29.99

Remember, for these USED items, you will have to call TSS-Radio directly at 312-846-6606 during the normal business hours (10AM-6PM CST). We’ll be at the phones ready to help you!

The sale runs from Tuesday 6/4 through Friday 6/7 only, so you probably should start ordering as soon as you get the email if you want to get these extremely unique deals!

So, don’t miss out. Get on the mailing list here and join in the fun this week. Perfect selection of items for Father’s Day gifts, second car radios (make the husband, wife or children happy), and spare components for yourself. If you are like me, you’ve had to replace a part here and there over the years and it would be nice to just have a spare antenna in the closet, especially at these prices, right?

Enjoy the Garage Sale, 2013 Edition!

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Monday, May 20th, 2013
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Finally, after a long delay, these customizable kits for motorcycles are available again!

As you’ll see in the video below, you can ride in style and enjoy SiriusXM at the same time.

These kits are now available with tons of options, and you get to choose which parts you want as shown in the image below. Some of you may be aware that the kits were out of stock for a long time and are in limited supply. We just got these kits today so head over to our order page and pick a couple up while you can. The page is available by clicking this link or the image below.


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Top 10 Things You Might Not Know SiriusXM Offers (and More!)

Thursday, May 16th, 2013
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SiriusXM has undergone quite a few changes in years since the merger of Sirius and XM, and there are some really cool service features that you need to know about!

  1. Multiple types of subscriptions are now available, as explained in the SiriusXM Subscription Comparison Guide at
  2. The All Access plan boils down to about $2 extra per month than the standard subscription, but it includes internet access and the premier stations. That’s a lot of value for $2.
  3. Instead of calling and waiting on hold for a person, you can add services, change services and even make payment online.
  4. You can even combine Sirius and XM accounts now.
  5. With an internet subscription, you can listen back five hours on many channels.
  6. You can listen to many programs On Demand, such as Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony or even 90s on 9’s The Back in The Day Replay (top 30 countdown).
  7. Select programming can be downloaded to your device to listen offline, such as the aforementioned Stern and O&A shows. Take a week’s worth of your favorite programming hiking where there’s no 3G data signal!
  8. There’s still a SiriusXM internet-based portable unit that makes a great plug and play radio called the SiriusXM Lynx and it’s almost gone. You can get a special bundle of this model with both the home and car kits by clicking here.
  9. SiriusXM’s new MySXM feature allows you to customize many music stations online. For example, on SiriusXM Hits 1, you can choose between varying degrees of pop & rock vs pop & rhythm, new hits vs currently hot hits and less teen pop or more teen pop. It’s the ultimate in music customization!
  10. SiriusXM puts you in the driver’s seat for all of your news and entertainment choices, whether you are a political junkie, just want to catch up on international headlines, a Howard Stern fan or ready to jam to any of the most eclectic choices in music programming available anywhere on the web.

Finally, by customer demand, SiriusXM now has Sports Play by Play online. You can listen anywhere you have internet access and a compatible browser, smartphone or tablet.

We’ll have more blogs to come, especially since our world-famous summer Garage Sale event is near! If you aren’t on our mailing list, click this link and sign up now. Note: you only have to give your email address, but add your birthday and you’ll be eligible for special offers and prizes

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