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More Demand for SIRIUS outside US and Canada

Sunday, August 27th, 2006
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It seems we are getting more hits and more demands on our website for people who would like SIRIUS. Even though the main focus of the Satellites Orbits focuses on the Gulf to Mid-Canada, many people south of the States enjoy SIRIUS. In the Dominican Republic there is a SIRIUS Call Center where many customer service reps work. A number of people in Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and Mexico all are enjoying SIRIUS and spreading the word.

It seems like things will move more and more towards a way where people all over the world will be able to enjoy SIRIUS. Just months ago, Howard Stern fans did not have the opportunity to listen online, now they do. There are some people who are able to listen outside North America, if they can find a way, and there is a way…

With the introduction of the new SIRIUS Stiletto SL100 people all around the World will have the opportunity to listen to the 67 online streaming channels SIRIUS has to offer. Europe and many parts of Asia are covered much more so with Wireless Internet Connections than most of the US. As long as you have the SIRIUS Stiletto, hooked up to an American address (here is where friends and family helps) you will have the opportunity to spread SIRIUS across the globe. For servicemen in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa, listening and taking part in American Content is key to relaxing. The SIRIUS SL100 will give them that content. It will be fascinating to see in the months ahead how SIRIUS Satellite Radio over WiFi will be adopted.

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Which antenna should I choose?

Friday, August 25th, 2006
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We carry a lot more SIRIUS antennas than most other stores and are frequently asked, “which is the best deal”? The answer depends on your preferences, but hopefully the description below will be helpful:

We carry Many SIRIUS antennas for the car:

SIRIUS Radio Antenna for $16.99 – this is a cheaper antenna that is functionally the same as the directed electronics one. We buy them in bulk and they come in simpler packaging (a plastic bag with a label).

SIRIUS Dot Micro Antenna for $24.99 – this is a higher gain antenna and, if you are in an area where you get poor reception, will offer you better reception. The Dot Micro is the antena that is shipped with most modern SIRIUS radios, including the S50, the Sportster 4, etc.

SIRIUS Mobile Dot Micro Antenna for $19.99 is functionally the same as the other Dot Micro antenna – it is also a higher-gain antenna and it looks exactly the same – but we buy them in bulk and they ship in simpler packaging.

The Terk SIR-Mini SIRIUS Antenna for Older Receivers for $39.99 uses the old-style plastic FAKRA connector. This antenna is only useful if you have a SIRIUS Radio that is more than 2 years old. Check your existing antenna to see if it has the old-style connector before ordering this product.

The XACT SIRIUS Antenna for $29.99 doesn’t really have any advantages over the other antennas. We don’t usually recommend it, but some people with XAct SIRIUS radios feel more comfortable with an antenna that carries the same brand-name.

We also carry 3 antennas for use in the home:

SIRIUS Home PNP Antenna for $14.99 is the same as the antenna that comes with most SIRIUS home radio systems and the home kits for SIRIUS PNP Radios.

SIRIUS Home Outdoor Antenna for $49.95 is an antenna that plugs into your SIRIUS home system with a coaxial cable (not included), and mounts on the outside of your home. Sometimes people need the outdoor antenna because the construction of their house or the foliage around their house makes it difficult for them to get a strong signal with an antenna inside their house.

We also have 1 antenna that is specifically designed to be used in big trucks called the SIRIUS Truck antenna for $54.95. It can be mounted on a variety of places on a truck including the mirror mount, flap mount, air dam shield mount.

We also have an antenna that is designed to be mounted on boats – the TERK SIR5 SIRIUS Marine Antenna for $69.95.

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Universal Home and Car Kits in Stock

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
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We received the SUPH1 SIRIUS home kit and the SUPV1 SIRIUS vehicle kits today. Unlike past vehicle and home kits, these kiits will be compatible with most of the SIRIUS radios released in the next year.

The advantages of SIRIUS moving to a more universal docking system can’t be understated. When most of the newer Plug and Play Receivers (Sportster 4 and Newer) are able to use the same docking connection the number of accessories that can be easily produced will increase. Engineering new accessories and parts is limited by the cost to make them when the quantity is lower. This will insure more accessories and options. Many of the newer units will be a similar size allowing for companies to invest more into making carrying cases and such.

The SIRIUS products will become easier for the public to use and understand in the coming months. The S50 which was once more complicated has been nearly perfected with the Recent Firmware Update. The unit continues to sell well at retailers and is well liked by it’s users.

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SIRGM1 Finally came in, New Products to Follow

Friday, July 28th, 2006
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After months of eagerly anticipating the SIRGM1 SIRIUS GM Connect we finally received our first small batch. It was only a tenth of what we had placed orders for back in November and December. That small batch we sent out to the first group that had pre-ordered it from us. We should be getting some more in over the next few weeks.

Product availability is something that our customers don’t always understand in the manner product gets to us. We place our orders with the distributors early, very early. When the product gets imported to them, usually from Asia, it will get shipped out to the dealers that had ordered it. That’s when it’s something that is easily available or in plenty supply. When it’s a product that’s in High Demand and Low Supply things change. And this is the case with the GM Connect XM to SIRIUS kit, as was the case with the Sirius S50. If it’s very popular and in lower supply, the distributor loses some power over who get’s shipped product and SIRIUS takes over a bit more. This is a common practice. SIRIUS may have a deal with Circuit City or Radio Shack or Best Buy in which they may receive a product earlier than the smaller independent dealers such as ourselves. The problem with the big box stores is that for the product to get from the main distribution centers to the actual consumer takes far longer in terms of time. For the most part we get things faster than the big box stores. It’s just unfortunate that at times we have many customers anticipating product from us and we have no control over it getting to us despite placing those orders far in advance.

This next week we have three big products coming in. The first one will be arriving on Wednesday, which is the SIRIUS Connect Home Tuner SC-H1. This was first announced at the 2006 CES Electronics show. It’s similar to the SIRIUS Connect Units for the Cars in the sense that it allows SIRIUS in a SIRIUS-Ready Unit, but this time it’s for Home Receivers. The next two products that we will be getting in on Thursday will sell fast, they are the Home and Car Kits for the Sportster 4, and later other SIRIUS Plug and Play Receivers as well as the SL100TK1. Not only is this a sigh of relief for Sportster 4 owners but it’s also a sigh of relief for those interested in the SL100 because once the SL100 comes out they will be able to have their Home and Car Kits ready to go. The SUPH1 is the awaited SIRIUS Universal Plug and Play Home Kit for the Sportster 4 and some newer model SIRIUS Radios, but currently only the Sportster 4. It will later work with the SL100TK1, the Sportster 3 ( a toned down Sportster 4), Starmate 3, Streamer GT3, and Streamer 3. If you have had a SIRIUS Home Kit before, the kit is pretty simple. It comes with the Home Cradle for the Receiver, a Wall Power Source for it, Home Indoor/Outdoor SIRIUS Antenna, and Audio Cables. As for the Extra Car Kit for the Sportster 4, we will also have the SUPV1. It includes everything you need to Dock the Sportster 4 Radio Receiver in another car. It includes a SIRIUS Radio Car Antenna, 5V AC Power Adapter, Car Cradle, and Mounts. We will allow orders to come in on Monday or Tuesday for the Kits that will ship out on Thursday.

Other than that, this next week we are also excited about our new Shipping option of DHL Express to Canada. Oh how fast it is.

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Shipping to Canada

Monday, July 24th, 2006
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Our Shipping to Canada thus far has been through the United States Postal Service which gets handed off to Canada Post once through customs. For the most part things have been fine. We label and declare the customs value for each package honestly. Things have been shipped to Canada one of three methods, Global Priority Mail which averages 4-6 Business Days and Global Express Mail which Averages 3-5 Business Days. Global Priority does not have an official tracking system like UPS or FedEx but it comes with a Delivery Confirmation Number which will at least show that the item has been successfully delivered once it has arrived at the destination. Global Express mail does have tracking, but it’s still a step behind UPS and FedEx.

Starting very soon, we will begin shipping packages to Canada using DHL. The DHl sales rep stopped by today and I was more than blown away by the service. It should begin mid next week. Ultimately shipping a package Next Day should be more reasonable to Canada than it is within the United States using UPS. They are very competitive. It’s one of those things you’ve heard in the past but never quite taken the step to initiate anything.

All in all shipping say a SIRIUS Radio Car Antenna to Canada using DHL will take one business day and will cost roughly the same as the United States Postal Service’ Global Priority Mail which take about 4-6 Business Days. I also sincerely hope that Canadian customers take advantage of it since DHL does not have the same Brokerage fees as does UPS and FedEx.

On a separate note, last nights Episode of “Entourage” was not what I had hoped. But next weeks episode is partly shot at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA that I used to work in called Mastro’s Steakhouse . This will have been the third episode that was shot there, and this one seems to take place in the Wine Room. There was a time a few years back where I was working there and Bill Clinton had a private party in there with many celebrities including Quincy Jones, David Spade, Owen Wilson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others. That same night, which was engraved in my memory, Conan O’Brien was there, he was hosting the Emmy’s later in the week, Britney Spears, and Joey McIntrye. I had the gumption to go up to Conan and tell him a joke based on the celebrities in the restaurant. He and his writers that he was eating with were more than kind, despite this being a fireable offense. They had told me that they’d consider the joke and play it the following week when he got back. Unfortunately the following week was the year anniversary of September 11. If you have a chance to watch “Entourage” it will be on next week on HBO usually around 11pm.

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A week of Plugs

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006
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Somehow in the last week we got a lot of on Air Plugs. Maybe it just all landed on that one week. I’d love for it to always be like that. I was briefly interviewed by George Flowers on the Howard 100 News, Craig Gass mentioned us on the Jim Breuer show, and Steve Covino, “Covino” mentioned us as well on Octane. Thanks to all those for helping keep the SIRIUS sales up.

My personal weekend which only seems to last hours can always be frustrating for a number of reasons. It’s a balance of getting things together combined with working combined with attempting to relax. During the weekend always look forward to Monday-Friday since at least some solid work is getting done, not to mention new Stern shows breathing life into me.

Also Mondays is particularily good recently because of my new favorite show, “Entourage.” Artie Lange recently filmed an “Entourage” episode out in Los Angeles and that will definetely be a bonus. The show has some of the best cliff hangers ever.

This week we look forward to receiving our first batch of GM Sirius Connect Units on Wednesday. Of many many pieces we placed orders for back in 2005, we are getting a small batch. We have many customers who are eagerly awaiting their units but the supply is quite limited, which is very frustrating and once again, we have no control over getting more or not.

In a month things will be moving far faster with the introduction of the SIRIUS new Live Portable the SL100TK1, the new Universal Kits, the SUPH1, SUPV1, and SUBX1. For retailers, the Holiday Season is just around the corner.

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FCC hurting business

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006
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DailyTech just wrote a pretty negative article Sirius Pulls Some Radios Due to FCC Probe about how the FCC ruling that some of the FM transmitters are too strong on SIRIUS radios has caused SIRIUS to stop shipping a bunch of radios. I have three comments:

1. The picture that DailyTech attached to the article is of the Sportster4 (SP4-TK1) one of the few sirius radios that has a newer, weaker, FM transmitter and is not affected by the FCCs latest decision

2. The decision has had a significant impact on our business. A lot of the better selling radios, like the Sirius S50, are not presently available, and our radio sales have slowed – I would be very surprised if this did not affect SIRIUS’ financials

3. One great solution to this problem is to use a Wired FM modulator, to hardwire your SIRIUS signal into your car – they are not hard to install, they are only $20 and the sound quality is much better

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Tuesday, December 20th, 2005
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Lots to catch up on.

To summarize for some people real quick. Still awaiting SIRIUS S50s and S50 Home Docks. Ugh. We are thoroughly disenchanted. But it clearly is something nobody expected would be this huge. Don’t want this to be all about that so I will quickly change the subject.

As for those stockholders who like to be informed of sales. All I can say is WOW! Lots and lots of radio sales here and everywhere. Monday December 19 was crazy in retail everywhere, but that da in particular felt as if the amount of people who were at the Stern Rally decided to mob every store that sold SIRIUS and cleaned them out like the Tazmanian Devil. Almost everywhere has sold out of the Sportster Replays and many are out of the Starmate Replays. Check out They have been cleaned out. We wish people knew that the Streamer Replays are just like the Sportster Replays. We ran out of a lot but are now in stock of a lot of Starmate Replays, Streamer Replays, Streamer GTRs, Streamer GTs, and SIRIUS Ones. Note to SIRIUS, please make more distinguished names that don’t start with an S. :)

As for the rally, only I went. Sean did not go. I got into JFK really late on Friday the 16th. It was raining and actually got a ride into the city from the gentleman who sat next to me on the flight. He was very kind and I thank him (Jorge) for that. I got into my room at about 2am. I had about 4 hours of sleep in the combined 2 nights and didn’t get any sleep on the plane. My eye was very irritated from little sleep and sleeping with contacts in and not eating much or drinking much due to the stress of the business. My irritated, red eye was quite frustrating.

One of the first things I noticed when in NYC so late was pointed out to me by Jorge on the way in which was the Viacom building from which Stern broadcasts (broadcasted). It was great even to drive past it. Also surprised at how the garbage in Manhattan just sits outside in the middle of the night. Obviously that makes sense not to pick it up in the day. Shortly after I got into the room, Mariann from Brooklyn called. I got so excited there was no way I would have gotten much sleep in. I ran down 57th St. in the pouring rain and arrived at the Viacom Building. There must have been about 50 people at the base of the building at that point. I had just missed out on getting the bracelet to be in the front of the crowd. I met Mariann and must say she really is hard on herself with the way she looks. She looks great and seems younger than I thought. Also saw Jeff the Vomit guy at that point.

The whole crowd looked very New York to me, but I think that was since everyone had on winter gear it just reminded me of that style. I must have hung around for about 45 minutes or so and then decided to go back to the hotel room. I went back around 3:30am and turned on the TV to coincedently catch Howard Sterns “Private Part’s” movie on USA Network. It made the night or morning all the more exciting. I promised Mariann and myself I would get back to the Viacom Building by 5am to get a good spot. I dosed off and was sure since this was so big that I would not sleep in. … Well, I woke up at 5:50am and wanted to kill myself. I ran my butt over to the Viacom building to see that quite a crowd had joined and they were escorting people through baracades to get to the closer part of the stage. They did a slight patdown for security and I proceded into the rally which was just starting. I had lost Mariann since she had gotten in the front.

SIRIUS was handing out signs with the date of 1-9-06 to the crowd. I eagerly took one, which I later discarded, most likely would not have done that if it weren’t raining. I must have hung out in the rally area standing in the middle of the crowd for about an hour. I was listening to the show on my headphones but many in the crowd couldn’t hear it. Where I was you couldn’t see anything. People had umbrellas up and people were yelling to take them down just to see the stage, but you still couldn’t see it. Eventually I gave up and headed back just enjoying listening to the show and being near the action. SIRIUS was handing out these black cards with the Stern Logo on them with a scratch off piece on them. I felt like the last person to get one, everyone was grabbing them in an aggressive way while I was just sort of waiting for it. Eventually I got one and headed back to the hotel room. Before I got far, I heard from Jeff, Michigan Made from SBS and BenDee from SBS. I hung around them trying to find a way in and walking around looking for stuff. I was exhausted, Jeff was pumped and BenDee was like a kid on coffee, he was on fire, just pumped to be there and tons of energy. I wish I had the energy but was so tired.

We went into a Starbucks near the rally and I scratched off the Howard Logo. It was an invitation to the Hard Rock Party. This was cool. But at that point I didn’t realize how cool.

I will continue the story soon….

We’ve added some new things, Streamer GTR Package Xact Stream Jockey Car Kit XS021, iPod Cradle Kit for Executive Desktop Docking Station, and the Streamer GTR Home Kit which is exactly the same as the Starmate Replay Home Kit except for the pictures on the package.

Again, for the stockholders out there, the stuff is moving VERY VERY Fast. Also, still meeting a Lot of people who are going to get the SIRIUS service for Howard but still haven’t gotten anything. There will be a lot of stragglers. I would highly recommend they purchase before the end of the year and get it set up by the 3rd of January. I surely hope they learn how SIRIUS works prior to January 9th and can set things up so it will be smooth then. For SIRIUS this is a momentus period between Howard leaving FM, Holiday Sales, CES 2006, and January 9th. It’s quite a lot. I would also recommend people activating their radios at off times. I would suspect that SIRIUS customer service 1-888-539-7474 will be getting tens of thousands of calls if not more on Christmas Day. Just know that they will be quite busy then. Patience is key.

Take Care,


I got back to the Hotel and listened to the show from there.

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Busy Time

Friday, December 16th, 2005
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I apologize that we have not had a post in some time. We have been so busy with getting these SIRIUS S50s in and out. We’ve shipped out about 460 of them and still have about 160 that have to come in and go out. Unfortunately none of the S50 Home Kits have seen stores yet and we sure hope they do.

As for the title of the Blog. December 16, 2005. Howard Stern fans will know exactly what that date is. Howard Sterns historic last day on FM radio. I started this business because of Stern in the first place. That is why I will be flying to NYC the night of the 15th. December 16 also happens to be my birthday. I have talked to Mariann from Brooklyn and am excited to see her as well as High Pitch Eric and Jeff the Drunk, a few of the wackpackers I stay in touch with. I will be with the many thousands of Stern fans at his final day in FM radio history. My birthday combined with Stern’s last day and excuse to visit my Mom in CT. I will not have time to take off for the Holidays and this will be a subsitition for that time. Surely, it will be a great trip and a great thing to be a part of, their is no doubt that if I didn’t do this I would regret it.

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