Being a Generalist is More Fun

One thing that makes TSS-Radio unique and, I hope, a good place to work, is that everyone here has multiple jobs.  Unlike many companies that have armies of customer service reps, who handle 100s of calls per day and are judged on how quickly they “resolve” the calls, at TSS-Radio almost everyone answers the phone and works on other projects between calls.  Other projects include: researching complicated issues for customers, artwork for the website, descriptions on the website, answering questions on sirius-related forums, researching new products, etc. Even the bosses – managers and founders of the company – answer customer phone calls and emails.  Here are some reasons why we think this is a good idea:

1. Better customer service – because we are not exhausted and under pressure to maximize the number of calls we answer we have more time and patience for our customers.  Lots of us have worked in the “other” kind of customer service job and know from experience how much it sucks.

2. It makes us smarter – the same people writing content for our website and ordering new products are also talking to customers.  This allows us to write content and order products that our customers are telling us they want.

3. Training – those of us who have been here the longest, can better teach our new employees by example.

BusinessWeek recently wrote an article about a sports clothing company in Canada called Lululemon, that is much bigger than TSS-Radio, but where every employee, even the CEO, needs to spend a full day each month doing “front-line” work like customer service or sales.

Alexander the Great, one of history’s most successful leaders and warriors,  is also famous for leading from the front, fighting like any other soldier.

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