Buying a SIRIUS Radio for a GIFT?

If you are thinking of buying a SIRIUS Satellite Radio as a gift for someone, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First off think about the primary use that the radio will be used for:
SIRIUS Portable-like a walkman,where someone can listen to LIVE SIRIUS Radio walking around using headphones.

SIRIUS In-Dash Car-if you know the person does not like cords and cables the in-dash SIRIUS is the best way to go, where everything runs through the car stereo with no visible signs of a SIRIUS tuner.

SIRIUS Dock and Play-if you like the convenience of taking SIRIUS from Car to Home, a Dock and Play radio is the way to go. With an additional car or home kit you can put a Dock and Play radio in a car, home, or even a boat!

Component SIRIUS Home Tuner-if the person you are buying for loves their home stereo a SIRIUS home tuner is the way to go. The SRH-1000 or an SCH1 will integrate with an existing home stereo be sure to refer to the descriptions or email me at Josh from TSS-Radio if you have an questions.

Also look at the radio many have the option to add a prepaid subscription card. If you have any questions feel free to email me
Josh from TSS-Radio

Some Accessories to think about

SIRIUS Cases– to help protect and keep your SIRIUS radio from any accidents a case is the way to go. If you are moving your radio from car to home or if you have a Stiletto Series radio ,then getting a case for your radio is solid investment in the future of you radio.

SIRIUS Memory card– for your Stiletto 2. You can add up to 16gb of MP3s to your Stiletto so that your music selection never ends.Also loading up a memory card will keep all those songs off the internal memory of your stiletto keeping it running as fast as the day you bought it.

SIRIUS VSM or Vehicle Specific Mount– these will allow a dock and play radio to be mounted on the dash and no longer have to use the suction cup or vent mounts. Most people find that this small investment is very worth it, because the mount is hard mounted and will not shake or move while the car is moving, so you can see the SIRIUS more clearly.

SIRIUS Boombox– a boombox is a great gift. It gives someone with a Dock and Play radio the freedom to move the radio throughout the home,yard, or beyond. Most boomboxes can run off batteries, which allows you to take SIRIUS anywhere you go!

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