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Lots of Changes in the World of TSS and SiriusXM

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013
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When it rains it pours. And now is one of those times, and it’s all positive.

In the past month we launched our new revamped website here at TSS-Radio. It was a tremendous amount of work and we are pleased with the overall result. We feel the website is easier to navigate and have heard that from customers as well. We’ve also added some new features such as now offering Paypal as a payment option and less expensive shipping options to Canada. One of the bigger advantages to our new website is that we have streamlined our offerings. In the past we carried every single accessory or part for Satellite Radio, which at the time was great, but we’ve changed our outlook and here’s why. We used to offer 4 different kits to Integrate Sirius into a Toyota and some of the kits worked better than others and had varying amounts of technical support from the manufacturers and us. It was redundant and overly complicated to find something simple. Our new approach is focused on the best of those products and helping you find them easier. And the important thing to remember is if you ever have trouble finding something we can always be reached by phone, 312-846-6606 or email

There also has been a lot going on at SiriusXM. Liberty Media has officially taken over majority control of SiriusXM. We feel that long run this will be a good thing. They will take the good things that Management has done and keep those and make changes to things that they feel will improve the company. For great info about all Liberty Media and the financial happenings of SiriusXM I always refer people to SiriusBuzz where they are experts as the subject and are more versed in it than myself.

One of the big changes at SiriusXM is that they have finally Merged the Billing. In the past if you had an XM Radio in your Car and bought a Sirius Radio for your home you would have to have two separate accounts that you paid full price for both. You couldn’t simply add the Sirius radio to your XM account. Now you can. And it’s explained more in depth within this thread on DRC.

The second big change is something I’m extremely excited about as well as many others. If you weren’t impressed enough with the fact that SiriusXM have an On Demand listening feature in which you can listen to shows on your time schedule and without commercials, than perhaps this new service will impress you. It’s called MyControl and it allows you to fine tune many of the stations you’ve loved listening to on the Satellite Radio spectrum. MyControl is SiriusXM’s take on Personalized Radio. And what’s so great about it is that the interface is simple and the service is tweaked the moment you take control. You don’t have to wait many songs deep before the service caters to your needs. If you enjoyed the 80s on 8 channel but didn’t like the Hits so much as the deeper tracks from the 80s, now you can tune out the hits and focus on the niche songs. DRC has a thread on MyControl for SiriusXM here. And SiriusBuzz did a story about it here.

Hopefully all the positive changes keep on this path!

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SiriusXM Internet Radio

Thursday, June 21st, 2012
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Bleep blop blurp wuuurrr… Hey, your internet’s calling!  Its got a whole new set of skills.  The internet is a reliable source for just about anything you could possibly imagine.  Its a veritable genie at your finger tips.   Ask and ye shall receive.  But then you already know that.  That’s why you’re here.  You being the tech savvy consumer you are, have already figured out that TSS Radio is the best online retailer for all SiriusXM parts and accessories.  You know it, I know it, and the internet knows it.  That’s not why its calling.  The internet is calling to let you know about all of the SiriusXM content that’s available online.  With the update to Sirius 2.0 and its new Beta Player, there’s a whole lot to be excited about!

What is Sirius 2.0 you ask?  I’m so glad you did.  SiriusXM has provided online content for years, but the recent update to Sirius 2.0 it has gotten a whole lot better.  You still have the ability to listen to the online content anywhere you want, using the same username and password, on any device that can connect you to the internet.  The Internet Radio subscription gives you additional content, not available through the satellite feed, as well as the new XTRA channels.  The XTRA channels have a lot of great options, which for me, couldn’t be more perfect.  I love comedy, rock n’ roll, and sports.  With the XTRA channels, I get great new comedy selections from Carlin’s Corner and UCB RadioRockBar and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Radio provide some of the best music ever made.  And SportsCenter gives me all the latest news from ESPN.  Not to mention, Internet Radio’s ability to give you live play-by-play for just about every sport out there.  Who could ask for more? Spanish speaking listeners?  Included in the new XTRA channels is a great deal of Latin programing, including about a dozen dedicated Latin & World channels.  That’s all in addition to the online channels only available with an internet subscription.  But Sirius 2.0 is much more than just XTRA Channels.

Have you ever wished you could time travel, but lacked the Flux Capacitor?  With Sirius 2.0’s Start Now feature you can go back 5 hours from where you start listening to see what you missed.  Some channels are more limited with this feature, but most talk shows allow it.  You can pause, rewind, and fast forward live radio on any channel.  Due to bandwidth restrictions there is a limit to the number of times you can skip a song, but the ability to go back to the beginning of a show is really unbeatable.  Not only can you jump back 5 hours, but you can search to see whats on other channels all while you listen to your current station.  There is even a Show Alert function that will tell you when your favorite song or artist is playing on another channel.  If you missed the alert and flipped over too late, don’t sweat it, Sirius 2.0 has that covered as well.  With TuneStart, SiriusXM automatically starts the song from the beginning when you tune into the station… On every channel!  You can even store your favorite channels for easier access.  Want even easier access?  Try On Demand, Sirius 2.0’s newest feature.  On Demand is exactly what it sounds like, the ability to access past shows at any time, and listen whenever you’d like!  With dozens of ways to tune in, whats not to love about Sirius 2.0?!

Whoopee, you say?  (With genuine excitement, I am sure)  How can I go about obtaining this glorious Sirius 2.0?  Why, how else?  The internet!  For just $3.99 you can add an internet subscription to your existing satellite subscription.  Then, you can access SiriusXM internet radio from home, work, or anywhere you get an internet connection.  Just because the content is online, doesn’t mean you need a computer to access it.  Internet Radios like Grace Wireless and the TTR1 Sirius Tabletop are great options for indoor use.  The Grace models provide features that go well beyond the SiriusXM online content by also delivering access to thousands of Internet Radio options from around the world.  Of course, SiriusXM provides receivers can deliver Sirius 2.0 as well.  The SiriusXM Edge, for instance, operates solely on a satellite feed, but comes equipped with Sirius2.0 features such as XTRA Channels.  The Edge is a Plug and Play receiver like most others on the XM platform.  On the Sirius side, the Stiletto 2 is capable of connecting via WiFi and therefore capable of getting Sirius 2.0 within range of a router.  The nice thing about the Stiletto is its versatility.  It can be used with WiFi, as a plug and play unit in docking stations, or portably with a built in antenna and battery.  Unfortunately the Stiletto is discontinued, so its parts and accessories are becoming more and more difficult to come by, though we will carry them as long as we possibly can.  One of the most fascinating and exciting receivers that receives Sirius 2.0 is the new SiriusXM Lynx.

The Lynx is a ground breaking new receiver for SiriusXM, that is sure to change how people listen to Satellite Radio.  It can be used portably with a WiFi signal and is optimally designed for Sirius 2.0.  With a built in speaker as well as a headphone jack, this radio is ideal for carrying around the house or office while streaming your internet subscription.  You can also use it like a Plug and Play receiver in Home Kits, Vehicle Kits, and Boomboxes where it will receive a satellite signal.  Another ground breaking feature is the ability to connect to devices via Bluetooth so your home stereo plays what the device you carry around portably displays.  The Lynx is designed on a modified version of the Andriod platform, and has a touch screen display that is very easy to use.   All of the features from Sirius 2.0 are available with this unit, as well as a few additional features.  Radio Replays, Artist and Song information, as well as some rumored updates yet-to-come such as On Demand, make this radio unparallelled to any other.  The Lynx makes one wonder why anyone would want to listen through a computer or app.

Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones are like the internet, they’re everywhere.  There’s a reason they call it the World Wide Web.  An internet subscription allows you to listen to live NFL games in Europe, MLB in Asia, and NPR in Africa.  Your only limit to the online content is internet access.  Connecting audio for these parts has never been easier.  Whether you are using the basic RCA Input, an iPod dock, or Smartphone adapter, TSS Radio has the parts you need to play your Radio at home or in a vehicle.  I’m of the opinion that SiriusXM Satellite is the way to go for road travel, and even in home with the right satellite radio home antenna.  With SiriusXM online, as with any online content, you will always be limited to internet access.  The Satellites hovering above North America ensure you will always have a signal provided you can aim an antenna in the sky.  When you do have internet access though, nothing compares to the clarity and quality of the sound on SiriusXM’s internet service.  Give it a try, you won’t regret it.  You can get a free trail right now from, where else?  The internet!  It’s a wonderful tool.  With Sirius 2.0, its even better.

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Tailgating with SiriusXM

Thursday, June 14th, 2012
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Everybody likes to have a good time.  I’m no exception. I’ve always believed that music can take any experience to the next level.  Tailgating before sporting events or concerts with the right music gets you in the right frame of mind for the fun to be had at the event.  Musically, tailgating has come a long way from simply listening to the pre-game show on the radio – from listening to a cassette on a tape player to CDs to mp3 players today.  Each development was meant to open listening restrictions.

With cassettes, you could only listen to one side at a time, then with CDs, you could listen to one album at a time.  MP3s allowed us to listen to artists’ entire catalogs on one device, but my favorite way to get myself excited before any event is SiriusXM Radio.

The depth of music on SiriusXM is almost unmatchable by anyone’s personal library.  All the live concerts and rare outtakes are pretty much impossible to get on your own, not to mention some tracks played on satellite radio which were released direct from the artist’s personal vault.  This, to me, is the best thing about satellite radio – to be able to combine rare versions of our favorite songs unheard before by the public, the album version we all know and love, and the live version that was played just last week all in one place.  So, of course,  when I tailgate before a game or concert, SiriusXM radio is involved.

For me, on almost any occasion Bruce Springsteen and E Street Radio is appropriate.  That will be especially true when Bruce and the E Street Band come in to town and blow the figurative roof off of Wrigley Field this September.  I live on the top floor of an apartment building a few blocks from Wrigley Field.  September in Chicago usually features perfect weather for BBQ and tailgating, which go great together.  I’d love to be outside enjoying the weather and grill, but of course, I  need to be within earshot of my Sirius radio and E Street Radio.  I could grab my Sirius boombox, but I want to be able to hear it everywhere, including inside even when I might be outside tending the grill.  Unfortunately, I can’t blast my inside stereo so I can hear the music outside, so I use the Whole House FM transmitter to relay the signal to my FM boombox that I’ve got playing outside next to the grill.  With music playing everywhere, whether I have to go inside and get the burgers for the grill or I’m outside grilling them, the music is constant and I don’t miss a song.

As E Street Radio plays song after song, the debate begins as to whether or not Bruce will play that song tonight.  Then a live version of “Born to Run” comes on and of course he’s going to play that one, but the version I’m listening to is from the concert he played the previous week.  No place else can you get the kind of variety as you can on SiriusXM.  I love the genre choice on SiriusXM and then, within each channel, the variety of songs and artists played on a daily basis.

Of course, getting pumped up doesn’t just pertain to a Springsteen concert and E Street Radio.  I also used SiriusXM when I was back home in Philadelphia tailgating for a Flyers playoff game.  While I doubted I would hear the Rocky theme, “Gonna Fly Now”, on SiriusXM, (although it was possible if I was listening to Cinemagic) Classic Vinyl and some 70s on 7 did the trick.  Using my Sirius radio with the car kit playing through the car speakers along with a little portable grill and some adult beverages, our tailgate had it all.  To me, all three of those components are essential, but if I had to take one away, the last thing I’d pick would be my Sirius radio.  I don’t need to have a burger or something to eat while tailgating, nor do I have to have an adult beverage to get excited or ready for the event.  I DO, however, need to have some music playing.  Of course, I have my iPod, but there are only so many songs on there and some genres are lacking and it can’t compete with the catalog on satellite radio.  I also like the unpredictability of the songs of satellite radio as compared to my iPod.  I know the extent of my iPod library, but any song could play next (within the parameters of the channel) on SiriusXM and that is kind of exciting.

So, as Summer gets into full swing, SiriusXM is an integral part of tailgating and summer fun in general.  I’m one of those people who views music as a soundtrack to our lives.  I’d love to read your own tailgate stories and what SiriusXM channel is your favorite to listen to while tailgating.  Whether it is Jam_On before a Phish or My Morning Jacket concert, Ozzy’s Boneyard before a Metallica concert, Hip Hop Nation before Jay-Z takes the stage, or just Lithium before seeing your favorite team dominate their biggest rival, I want to know what gets your juices flowing while tailgating.

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Switching To XM: Why Now May Be the Time

Thursday, April 7th, 2011
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Since SIRIUS and XM Radio merged a little while back there has been some confusion about the lingering differences between the SIRIUS and XM hardware and subscriptions. As we’ve mentioned before, the merged company, Sirius XM, has discontinued some popular Sirius radio models and have continued to merge the channel lineups to create a more streamlined product line and service. With these changes some subscribers have been asking us at whether or not they should purchase a XM radio when it’s time to upgrade. In short, the answer is Yes. Current XM radios present the most features and programming options for the Satellite Radio customer. Here are some explanations of XM hardware and service and the future of SIRIUS Radio to help you decide which radio is right for you.

  • XM Radios provide the most flexible combination of features and programming. What that means is, a XM Radio is capable of carrying more channels than any current SIRIUS model – so you’ll always be able to get more content with a XM receiver. For example, every MLB game is available on XM with a standard subscription package, but MLB play-by-play isn’t available at all on SIRIUS radios, even with the “Best of XM” package.
  • Although XM receivers are the future of Satellite Radio, some SIRIUS models will continue to be produced and available as we move forward, but availability may be limited. TSS-Radio should still be able to carry radios like the SIRIUS Starmate 5, the SCC1 vehicle tuner and the SR-H2000 home tuner for some time. However, if you are insistent on having a SIRIUS-branded radio, it is best to act fast on purchasing it, as some models will not be available after the current stock is depleted.
  • Don’t worry about SIRIUS going away. IT’S NOT. In fact, SIRIUS is launching a new satellite in 2011 and will continue producing in-dash radios for the auto industry. Many vehicles will still have SIRIUS as a factory option (rather than XM) and if you have a SIRIUS radio currently, you will be able to continue using it. These changes will not effect service on any SIRIUS radio that you may currently have or buy.

Since Sirius XM is continuing to produce XM branded radios, there are several options depending on the features, use and price you are looking for. To put the available models in terms of the SIRIUS radios you may be familiar with, here is a quick comparison of models and features:

(Red text denotes feature exclusive to that SIRIUS model, Green text denotes feature exclusive to that XM model)

Now that we’ve covered the differences between SIRIUS and XM branded hardware, here are a few notes on subscriptions. First of all, we are a separate, independent company and don’t have all of the fine details on subscriptions but in our opinion a XM subscription with the Best of SIRIUS package offers Satellite Radio customers the most programming at the best value. For $16.99 per month (+ taxes & fees) XM subscribers get every MLB game, every NFL game (home team broadcasts only), every NASCAR event, NBA, NHL, PGA, as well as premium talk content like Howard Stern, Oprah Radio, Martha Stewart Living Radio, Playboy Radio, and more! In addition, customers subscribing to the XM also have access to the Sirius XM smartphone app and Sirius XM Internet Radio for only $2.99 more per month. Having the XM Everything plus the Best of SIRIUS package with Internet Listening gives you practically everything Sirius XM has to offer and provides flexible listening options all for less than $20 per month (before taxes & fees).

For more information on subscriptions please visit

We hope at that we’ve been able to clear up some of the confusion surrounding XM subscriptions and hardware. If you are a current SIRIUS customer and are looking to upgrade your radio switching to XM is a great option. Also, if you are new to XM there is currently a $30 Mail-In Rebate available on all new XM radios. With the MLB season getting underway and $30 back (Plus FREE ‘Best Of’ and Internet Listening), there’s never been a better time to switch!

If you have questions about XM radios, accessories, or basic subscription questions, please contact us at or call 773.772.4340. For detailed subscription questions or questions about your existing Sirius or XM subscription, please contact Sirius XM at or 1-866-635-2349.

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My Rosie Review of Rosie O’Donnel’s Sirius XM Show

Thursday, May 27th, 2010
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When I heard that Rosie O’Donnell would be adding a Sirius XM talk show to her repertoire, I couldn’t wait.

She had been so friendly and kind on her television show but we never really heard much about her personal life.  After her show ended we got to see a different, more vocal, Rosie O’Donnell.  She came out as a huge advocate for the gay community and, of course, made waves for a while on The View.

I can’t say that I caught many episodes of The View but I always caught the, er, highlights on The Soup each weekend; especially when she flipped her hair over and impersonated Donald Trump. I knew that, on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, she could do and say anything she wanted so I was definitely intrigued to find out about the real Rosie.

I’ve been recording her shows daily with myXM XMP3i Portable Radio and after hearing her for the last few months, I’ve been blown away almost every show.  Her guests have included not only other Sirius XM hosts like Howard Stern and Covino and Rich, but also award winning authors, child advocates, comediennes like Kathy Griffin, Broadway stars, and even women she met at the grocery store. She crafts, she sings, she discusses her divorce, her kids, her new relationship, her struggles with weight, her political views, her childhood, her love of her new squirrel friend, Shady (whom she named after rapper Eminem – who knew?!), and, well, the daily doings of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Rosie is, hilariously and unapologetically, who she is.

In addition to her Sirius XM duties, rumor has it that Rosie will be starting up a new tv show in the coming months. I, for one, am looking forward. I imagine it’ll be similar to Oprah’s After Show or Howard Stern’s Wrap Up Show, in that, Rosie will interview her guest and then take to the radio to give her real thoughts and opinions on that day’s program.

You won’t want to miss the Real Rosie! You can hear her on Sirius channel 108, XM channel 155 from 10-Noon Eastern.

:-) karen [at]

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SIRIUS Channel Presets for your workout

Thursday, September 17th, 2009
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I’ve have compiled a list of 10 Presets on SIRIUS to use for your workout. If you own/work at a gym try these out and see how people react.

Preset 1-Channel 38 Area 38: features mainstream electronic dance mixes. Peppy and upbeat great for a cardio workout or circuit training.

Preset 2-Channel 1 SIRIUSXM Hits 1- features Pop to Hip-Hop and Rock to R&B. Great for free weights or stair steppers.

Preset 3-Channel 19  Boneyard-Hard and Heavy classic rock-Great for when you need to dig deep and finish that last set.

Preset 4– Channel 50 The Heat- Mainstream R&B- Great station for any kind of workout.

Preset 5-Channel 71 Watercolors- Contemporary Jazz. Great of stretching, yoga or slower paced workouts.

Preset 6– Channel 105 Laugh USA-Comedy for everyone. Great, if you like to burst out laughing while in the middle of the workout.

Preset 7– Channel 133 HLN-News and Views- Great for people who like to keep up-to-date with world news, while in the gym.

Preset 8– Channel 120 ESPN Radio- Love the gym and sports? Keep on the cutting edge of Sports talk with ESPN Radio.

Preset 9-Channel 36 BPM-Today’s Dance music hits. Upbeat and driving music to keep you going.

Preset 10– Channel 12 The Pulse-Pop music from the 90’s and Now. Great for any workout.

These are just a few presets that I think could help you with your workout in the gym. If your gym plays normal FM radio, ask them to try out SIRIUSXM Radio (besides cutting out commercials they may find people flock to their gym just to listen to SIRIUSXM!).

If you do not already have a SIRIUS portable Radio, Check out the Stiletto 2 Receiver or hit me back in the comments for a special deal!

And if you have a Stiletto 2 already, do you have an Armband Case?

Thanks Everyone!

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Photos from the Detroit Auto Show

Monday, January 19th, 2009
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Here are a few Highlights of my trip to the Detroit Auto Show:

The Audi Display

A look into the Hyundai hybrid system “Blue Drive”

A Plug in electric SMART

A new Lincoln concept

The Dodge Circuit

A look at the Lotus display

VW had an interestingly designed display

Hybrid Sierra

All of my trips photos can be seen here:

Detroit Auto Show 2009 | Facebook

Auto Show part II | Facebook

Auto Show part III | Facebook

Auto Show part IV | Facebook

Auto Show part V | Facebook

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Live from the Detroit Auto Show

Sunday, January 18th, 2009
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I’m here finally!

Ok, First up, right off the bat the Audi setup is eye catching. All Bright white cars and the R8 5.2 FSi.  Also from Audi is the R10 TDI displayed behind glass. Next I’m headed over to Smart and Mercedes, I’ll keep you posted on how those are! Check Back Soon!

The Mercedes site was full of sedans and the prized McLaren, which the kept well behind glass, sadly. Smart had a very informative booth that was very approachable with questions. Smart also displayed a plug-in electric vehicle, which seems to be big hit, telling by the crowd of people surrounding it. I passed through the Ford, Lincoln and Honda lines and I did not see too much other than a concept Lincoln sedan with a Euro inspired interior, and a variety of hybrid Fords. Ford did have an all black Bullitt Mustang with “simulated” brushed steel dash panels, a true hot rod!. I have some great photos I will share tomorrow, but as for now on to GM, Chrysler, and Dodge!.

GM brought the full house and took a pretty big chunk of the showroom floor. The GM section has slightly partitioned off from the others and it really gave me a sense of being at a GM only show while I was in there. They had several of their new models out on rotating display with speakers giving presentations on them every few minutes. Chevy really showed up big at the Auto Show, with additions to their lineup and improvements to the old standbys, they really did make a full effort to display their “greener” side.Chevy brought out models like the Chevy Beat, a small sub-compact and the Chevy Cruze, a standard mid size.

GM had out several Hybrids including Sierra, Yukon and Escalade. Hummer also had their New H3T on display. Pontiac also showed off their new G8 GXP, a sport inspired Sedan. Chevy also had on a large display for its Volt, plug in electric car. The Volt can go 40 miles on a single battery charge and then swtich over to a 4 cyl electric generator, extending it’s range. A single charge can be done in about 8hrs on a  110v outlet and only 3hrs on 220v outlet. The Volt seemed to be a crowd favorate and many people stood to hear the whole presentation and ask questions.

After Leaving GM, I walked straight into heaven….I mean the Chrysler Dodge Jeep display. They had a simple setup, but had a massive amount of square footage. It looked like they really wanted people to be able to have plenty of space to check out every single model on the floor. There was no big fancy display(most of the Automakers display were more informative than flashy, information seemed to be the common theme throughout) they just let the cars do the talking and let everyone get hands on with them even the Viper.  Dodge had the Circuit and the new ENVI hybrid series on display.

More to come……..check back soon……..

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Chicago Gas Prices:WHERE DOES IT END?

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008
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Gas prices have risen in the City of Chicago to almost $4.50 a gallon, making most cars fill-up costing over $65. According to ,the average gallon of regular unleaded cost $3.62 last May and $2.88 last October. Now the average gallon of gas in Chicago cost over $4.11.  Other hard hit areas are Southern IL, New York, Most of California and parts of Michigan. While some states stay rather cool in comparison like Arizona, Iowa, and Missouri. How are we supposed to take those all important summer vacations with prices this high? Here are a few tips from to help you get the most out of your gas tank: Top Ten Fuel Saving Tips  
1 Avoid High Speeds As your speed increases, your aerodynamic drag increases in an exponential fashion. Driving 62 mph (100 km/h) vs 75 mph (120 km/h) will reduce fuel consumption by about 15%.
2 Do Not Accelerate or Brake Hard By anticipating the traffic and applying slow steady acceleration and braking, fuel economy may increase by as much as 20%.
3 Keep Tires Properly Inflated Keep tire air pressure at the level recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. A single tire under inflated by
2 PSI, increases fuel consumption by 1%.
4 Use A/C Sparingly When the air conditioner is on it puts extra load on the engine forcing more fuel to be used (by about 20%). The defrost position
on most vehicles also uses the air conditioner.
5 Keep Windows Closed Windows open, especially at highway speeds, increase drag and result in decreased fuel economy of up to 10%.
6 Service Vehicle Regularly Proper maintenance avoids poor fuel economy related to dirty air filters, old spark plugs or low fluid levels.
7 Use Cruise Control Maintaining a constant speed over long distances often saves gas.
8 Avoid Heavy Loads Remove the sand bags from your trunk in the spring and pack lightly for long trips.
9 Avoid Long Idles If you anticipate being stopped for more than 1 minute, shut off the car. Restarting the car uses less fuel than letting it idle for this time.
10 Purchase a Fuel Efficient Vehicle When buying a new vehicle examine the vehicle’s rated fuel efficiency. Usually choosing a small vehicle with a manual transmission will
provide you with great fuel economy.

View my page on People who enjoy SIRIUS

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