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A Quick Guide to SIRIUS XM Mounting Options

Thursday, February 24th, 2011
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When installing a plug and play Sirius XM radio you may think you are limited to the vehicle mounting options included in the box, but you aren’t! There are actually several ways to mount your satellite radio to achieve a cleaner look, make it easier to use, or make it even more portable. Check out all of your options below!

Vehicle Specific Mounts

Ford Fusion 2010-2011 Custom Mount

A Vehicle Specific Mount is a forged piece of metal that is attached to existing bolts (located behind the molded dash parts in your vehicle) giving you a clean, factory like look. Vehicle Specific Mounts offer a great solution for customers who want to maintain a factory-like look in their car while retaining the portability and ease of use that comes along with a plug & play satellite radio. VSMs are available for a wide variety of vehicles, including semi-trucks and foreign cars that are often hard to find parts for.

To check out our selection of Vehicle Specific Mounts click HERE.

Vent Mounts

Sirius Universal Vent Mount

XM Vent Mount


A vent mount is an easy-to-install, unobtrusive option for installing your Sirius XM radio. The vent mount simply clips into the heat/air conditioning vent in your vehicle offering you access to your radio without blocking the view out of your windshield. The vent mount is small and easy to install or remove, making it a great option for customers who need to take their radio in and out of their vehicles regularly.

Visit our Universal Mounts section to find more information on Vent Mounts

Adhesive Mounts

Sirius Stratus 6 receiver & car kit being used with an adhesive mount

Adhesive mounts are another affordable and easy-to-install mounting option. Like the vent mount, the adhesive mount will not obstruct the view out of your windshield, but it also adds flexibility in mounting location. An adhesive mount can be applied to any clean, flat surface in your vehicle and will not damage your vehicle’s dash or interior if removed. It’s a great option for customers looking for a semi-permanent mounting solution.

Check out our Universal Mounts section to find the Sirius or XM Adhesive Mount that will work for you.

Suction Cup Mounts

Sirius Universal Suction Cup Mount

XM Suction Cup Mount


The mount Sirius XM customers are probably most familiar with are suction cup mounts. Suction cup mounts have been included with many of the most popular Sirius radios over the years and are a sturdy, easy to use mounting option. However, in some newer vehicle kits only the vent or adhesive mounts are included. Realizing that suction cup mounts work out well for many customers, we offer the option to purchase a suction cup mount for your Sirius or XM radio separately at

Suction Cup Mounts can be found in our Universal Mount Section. Click HERE to take a look at all of our options.


Portable Vehicle Kits

Sirius Universal Portable Vehicle Kit

Another option for installing your Sirius XM satellite radio is a Portable Vehicle Kit from We developed the portable vehicle kit for customers who are in need of an easy mounting option when moving their radio from vehicle to vehicle. These kits are an excellent option for local truck drivers who are constantly using different trucks, business travelers, or practically anyone else who needs to use their radio in different vehicles frequently. The Portable Vehicle Kits include a specially designed suction cup mount that has an attached metal plate for mounting your magnetic satellite radio antenna. This allows you to keep most of your components attached for quick and easy removal or installation.

Check out our Sirius or XM Vehicle Kit sections for more information on these kits, or click HERE to view the Suction Cup Mount with Antenna Pedestal separately. (Also available in a XM version HERE)

Mount Accessories

XM Mount Adapter - Required for using a XM Radio with a VSM

Swivel - Allows you to tilt the radio and provides clearance for cables when using a VSM

In addition to all of the mounting options you’ve read about, we also carry a wide array of mount accessories. Sometimes they are necessary to make a mounting option compatible, sometimes they just make things a little better. We also carry a variety of items that will allow you to use other devices (such as iPod, GPS systems, etc.) with Vehicle Specific Mounts.

Click HERE to view all of our Mount Accessories.

If you have more questions about mounting or installing a Sirius XM radio in your vehicle please email us at: or give us a call at 773.772.4340

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How to use a SIRIUS Car Kit, in your home

Monday, September 28th, 2009
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Have you ever bought a SIRIUS Radio with car kit and only wanted to use it your home?

Since most of the radios come with a car kit, the question is, How to make a car kit- that comes with your radio, work in the home? You will need a few parts to get that car kit working in your home.

You will need:

Home AC Power adapter

Audio cables

metal antenna stand

Here’s the location of the items:

1.) Find the Model number of your SIRIUS Radio. Usually located on the back of the receiver or near the barcode on the box.
2.) Log on to
3.) In the center of the page you will see a box labeled “Find Sirius Accessories” or “Find XM Accessories“.
4.) Find and select your radio’s model number from the drop down menu or Scroll down and select your receivers picture.

For Audio cables simply click on “Home Installation Parts“, and scroll down and find the appropriate audio cables for your application.

To find the Metal Antenna stand, just click on this link: Metal Vehicle Antenna Stand. This stand allows for your magnetic antenna to sit upright and face any direction you desire, for optimal signal reception.

Of course to expedite all this-just give us a call 773-772-4340 and we can set you up with a great solution!

We found this solution out after some of our customers, who were either given a radio or purchased one from a store and wanted to use it in their home. A lot of our tricks and tips really come from our own customers providing us feedback. We love satellite radio and we know you do too!

Our Staff knows SIRIUSXM Radios and accessories inside and out and we can create a setup that is perfect for you. Have a question? Just give us a call! or Send us an Email(

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How to find a quality car audio installer

Thursday, June 4th, 2009
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Have you ever needed a car audio installer and did know where to turn? Looking for more than the Big Box cookie cutter installers?

Finding a quality installer is easier than you think if you know what to look for, and I can help you find a person you trust to handle your vehicle.

Step #1- Interview the installer/shop before you commit. Even before you look for local reviews of a shop go there, get a vibe from the place. Most shops will not allow you to enter the installation floor( for insurance reason) however if they cannot take the time to get to know you and your situation then move on.  Good installers build a relationship with each and every person that walks in the door. You might not be able to talk to the shop owner, but don’t get discouraged if you speak to the standard installer-they can tell you a lot about how the shop operates and they will  be the ones making the install happen.

Get a vibe for the shop-look around for displays or more importantly if they show off awards or certifications. If the shop you are in does not display past or future work they are doing, there might be a reason. Does the shop look clean? Safe? Do you see employees goofing off?

Step#2-Before committing to the shop, check for reviews in your local area. The Internet has given many people the ability to review everything these days, install shops are frequently reviewed because they are in the service industry. and Yahoo Local Business are great sources for reviews.

Step#3-try local independent stereo install shops, don’t get blinded by the Big Box stores. Local shops survive on Customer service, because if they gave bad service they would cease to exist, whereas if Big Box stores gave bad service they would just sell more MP3 players to make up for it.  Local shops need to have good customer service to prosper and continue to stay in business, give them a chance. Local shops also build better relationships with you, in case there is any mistakes they are more likely to resolve it to your satisfaction. Local shops most of the time have access to the same resources as larger chain store and they also can perform various installs that chain stores will not do(ie. custom boxes, lock picking a Nav Screen to play DVD’s, boats etc.)

I only go to local install shops when I need something done. They can order just about anything you need and if not they can make it. If you need help selecting a car audio installation shop in your area feel free to shoot me an email and I can help you out. Thanks!

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Get the most from your SIRIUSXM Radio

Monday, April 27th, 2009
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I’ve got a few tips for everyone on how to get the most out of your SIRIUSXM Radio.

If you love satellite radio in the car, take it in your home! Sirius Home kits and XM Home kits can bring all the music, talk and sports into your home stereo system. If you do not have an existing stereo, try a Sirius boombox or XM Boombox. A boombox can take your radio and truly give you the freedom to listen to SIRIUSXM anywhere you go!

If you want In-Dash SIRIUS Radio, give us a call, 773-772-4340. We have a large selection of In Dash options and auxiliary input devices to fit your needs.

Ever feel like you could get a better sound out of your SiriusXM when it’s in your car or home? Ever have static? We can help you find a direct connection for all budgets! Give us a call:773-772-4340

Have a Sirius Stiletto or portable XM radio? Portable units are a great way to take your subscription with you and have the convenience of a MP3 player all in one. Largest selection of protective cases in stock and screen shields to protect your investment.

Give a call and find out how you can get more from your subscription!

We love SIRIUSXM and we know you do too!

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How to update a SIRIUS Stiletto

Monday, March 23rd, 2009
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When you purchase a SIRIUS Stiletto portable series radio you first should update it. While the Stiletto is on the shelf in a store, updates are being created, so when you first receive your radio you should update it to place the current version of firmware on the unit.

The Stiletto can be updated two different ways.:

First and easiest way is to connect the SIRIUS Stiletto up to a Wi-Fi connection(Wi-Fi passkey may be required). Make sure you are able to hear the channels through the Internet Radio section on the Stiletto’s home screen. If you leave the Stiletto playing on the Wi-Fi radio after a few minutes it will begin to update itself.

The Second way to update a SIRIUS Stiletto is a little more involved, but not necessarily harder.

1. Power on your home computer and install the MSS (My SIRIUS Studio) CD that comes with the SIRIUS Stiletto. Also found here for download: My SIRIUS Studio

2. After the MSS program is installed on the computer, connect the Stiletto USB Cable to the USB port on your computer.

3. When Windows recognizes the Stiletto being connected it will ask which program you would like to manage this device with. Choose My SIRIUS Studio.

4. Open My SIRIUS Studio, if it does not open automatically, then on the Right Hand side scroll over the Stiletto picture/icon. Click on the icon that looks like a cog or gear, just to the right and below of the Stiletto icon.

5. Click on the Gear or Cog icon by the Stiletto and select Check for Update. This download will make sure that your Stiletto is running with the current update released by SIRIUS.

If you feel like you have a Stiletto problem please feel free to comment below and I will find an answer for you. Thanks for reading!

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How to get the best SIRIUS/XM Satellite Signal

Monday, January 12th, 2009
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Throughout this “how to” I will discuss the tricks and tips on How to get the best Satellite Signal possible out of your SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

First to find out how to get a better signal, we need to look at how the signal is sent. SIRIUS and XM both us different Satellite Patterns so I will Discuss them individually.

How the SIRIUS Signal is delivered. SIRIUS uses satellites that are always moving in a “figure-8” pattern. The best rule of thumb is imagine that the SIRIUS satellites are in the sky above Minnesota. That is the best direction to aim your antenna. Larger cities also have what’s called Terrestrial repeaters. These act as repeaters for areas that could not otherwise get signal, ie. behind large buildings. These cities have receivers and transmitters on the ground that blanket the area in signal.

If you check on your SIRIUS Radio menu, click SIGNAL INDICATOR or ANTENNA AIMING, you will see a SAT and TER with several boxes filled in black. This is your signal strength. SAT is the direct signal from satellites in space, TER is the signal from on-the-ground repeaters.

XM Radio works on the same principle except their satellites do not move. XM Home antennas should always be pointed towards the SOUTH as the satellites are located on the Equator.

If you are having good luck getting signal in one room and want to use your SIRIUS in another try the ECHO Repeater System or try a SIRIUS Extension Cable.These both allow you to place your SIRIUS antenna in one area and the SIRIUS Radio in another.

If you are having trouble receiving signal in your home, and you have tried all the possible antenna placements an upgraded antenna may allow you to pull in the signal better. A good SIRIUS outdoor antenna to go with is the SIRIUS Outdoor Home Antenna. The best antenna we offer works with both SIRIUS and XM Radio, the PRO-600 antenna.

In the Vehicle

In car you want to make sure your Satellite antenna is on the roof, or in a convertible on the truck lid. The magnetic antenna should always be placed 4-6 inches from the edge of the roof and clear from any roof rack or other obstruction. Make sure to route the antenna cable safely as not to crimp the cable, this can cause an Aquiring Signal error message if the cable is damaged.  If you need to remove the cable from the SIRIUS dock or receiver, be sure to pull on the plug and not the cable, the cable connector could come undone and the antenna would we useless. Standard car antennas work will in many cases, but in cases like a Big-Rig or other large vehicle the standard antenna may be ill suited due to the vehicle having a fiberglass body or other obstructions, in this case using a SIRIUS and XM Radio Truck antenna would be best.

In most cases the standard antenna you buy, or receive with your radio is suffiencet to receive Satellite Radio content, being very carefully with the antenna cable and proper aiming should prove to give you quality signal. In some limited areas with canyons, forest cover and other natural sky obstructions, upgrading to a better antenna is the only way to get Satellite radio.

If you have any questions on antenna aiming feel free to email us or gives us a call 773-772-4340, we are here to help.

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A Couple Tips to avoid Auto Theft

Saturday, January 10th, 2009
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This is a little off topic from what I usually post, but very useful information nonetheless. This is more of a concern on summer nights, but this should always be on everyone’s mind.

According to, 1,192,809 cars were stolen in 2006

Here are a few tips to avoid losing your Car, Satellite Radio and other precioius belongings:

1.)  Bring the satellite radio/GPS down from the suction cup at the end of the day. No use advertising to bypassers that you have expensive stuff. Also be sure to remove the face of your aftermarket if applicable.

2.) If you have space in your glove box or center console stash it in there overnight. It’s not the best solution,but its better than leaving it out in the open.

3.) Keep you doors locked and windows up while away from the car. If you have a convertible put the top up, some car alarms have add-ons you can install like a motion sensor built for convertibles.

4.) Invest in a car alarm with starter-kill. These alarms will kill the car’s engine starter if you car is broken into, rendering it undriveable. Some thieves will steal cars take them to a remote location and gut them, they can’t gut a car that won’t leave your driveway.

5.) Install a motion sensing light in your driveway, no thief likes an audience.

6.)  If you drive a truck be sure to lock the back window, if you can, it’s a small window and is often overlooked. If you have a sunroof be sure to close it fully also.

7.) Always park in a well-lit area if possible, like I said no thief likes an audience.

8.) NEVER boobey-trap your vehicle, even though everyone would like to. It is actually illegal in most states and if the thief is hurt you can be held liable in some cases.

The best tip I can give is use your own common sense and never think “It could never happen to me”.

If anyone has any tips, helpful stories or helpful comments on how people can keep their cars and belongings safe, feel free to comment! Thanks!

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How to Find a SIRIUS Part You Need

Friday, October 17th, 2008
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When you are surfing the Interent looking for a SIRIUS Accessory, TSS-Radio will probably be a name you’ll see or hear most often. This is because we offer Eveything SIRIUS. We carry the small parts to most SIRIUS Radios. Anything from SIRIUS power cables to SIRIUS Antennas, we carry it all. But what happens when you get to our site and need to find something.

Well we have devised a few simple-easy to use guide to help you find what you need such as:

SIRIUS Accessory FinderThis beatuy is found on EVERY page of our website to the right-hand side. It will show you how to find the model number on your SIRIUS Radio, and let you select that model number to search for all the parts available.

Vehicle Specific Mount Finder This is a guide to help you find a mount for your specific car. No more wacky suction cups, use one of these to mount your radio without the hassle.

These two can help you find everything you need on our site, but as always give us a call up here at (773)772-4340 if you want to discuss your options or if you cannot find something you need. We’re Here to help with Everything SIRIUS

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Tip of the Week with a Surprise Interview!

Friday, October 10th, 2008
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Here’s a maiden voyage on a new idea I’d like to try, Tip of The Week from ours truly JoshI will give, each week, a new tip ranging from Portable Radios to Car Kit Installs. Also I’m am going to try to get interviews with relevant people throughout the Satellite Radio World to make this blog a little more interesting to read.

This Week’s Tip:

How to get A la Carte SIRIUS Programming on your SIRIUS Radio

First, you need to purchase a SIRIUS Radio that is A la Carte compatible. Currently the Starmate 5 is the only SIRIUS Radio that can receive A la Carte Programming.

Second, Go online to and Click Install and Activate at the Top of the page.

Third, Follow the steps through and activate your SIRIUS Radio. and BAM your Done!

Fourth, Enjoy the programming YOU pick and control!

Interview of the Week: Jamie from TSS-Radio

Josh: How do you feel people reacted to the merger?

Jamie: I feel a lot of people didn’t even know that the merger happened. The people who did know were really confused about what that meant to them.

Josh: What do you think of A la Carte programming?

Jamie:It’s pretty much sweet but the options don’t make it a very attractive choice. I think this is also an issue people are confused on. If all you really want is music or just some talk radio it’s great. If you want any premium station you might as well get a full subscription.

Josh: Do you listen to SIRIUS at home? If so what is your favorite channel or SIRIUS celebrity?

Jamie: Yeah. I love Sirius actually. I don’t have cable and it’s the next best thing. My favorite channel is Sirius OutQ 109 for DNR and Diana Cage. My favorite music stations are Sirius Disorder, Boombox, Outlaw Country, The Beat, Alt Nation, Left of Center, any of the Decades Channels….. Come to think of it, there aren’t very many music stations I don’t like.

Josh: You’re a younger guy, do you see your peers with Satellite Radio?

 Jamie: I don’t. Not because they wouldn’t like it but because they don’t understand why anyone would pay for radio when there is free internet radio. It’s such a great substitution for cable. If someone is looking for an MP3 player that isn’t an iPod, a Stiletto is great substitution. If someone has an office job and they are able to set it up, a soloist and any radio that will dock on it is AbFab.

Josh: Why not? What keeps them from buying SIRIUS?

Jamie: The thing that keeps a lot of people from buying Sirius is because they don’t know how much they would love it until they get it. Here are the people whose life sucks because they don’t have SatRad:1.People who drive in cars.2.People who sit at desks.3.People who walk. 4.People who take public transportation.5.People who are sad.6.People who have ears.7.People with Ebeneezer Scrooge hearts.

Josh: How would you get younger people to try SIRIUS? I know me being a young guy myself I do not see many of my peers with SIRIUS, but after you get it you can’t go back to the “other” radio, it’s so worth it.

 Jamie: Yeah. I think you just answered your own question, Champ.

Josh: Last Question, When do you plan to release a comedy album? You’re a big comedy star here in Chicago, so when are you going to cut a few tracks?


Let me know how you guys feel about the new “Tip of the Week” and who you would like to see Interviewed?

 Submit your suggestions: Send Suggestions

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What happens when a product is out-of-stock?

Thursday, August 7th, 2008
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When you see an out-of-stock message on our website, there are a couple of reasons that it is unavailable.


Reason 1. Items are just temporarily out-of-stock. This means that the manufacturer or distributor has not received a shipment or that we ordered too few and sold out. Using the Link below the out-of-stock message on the product page, “Click Here to Join the Notification List“, is a great way to be notified when a product is received, same day!

Reason 2. In some cases items have been discontinued but we are in the process of trying to find them from another source. In rare instances, we may receive a small batch or refurbished items, in which case getting on the Notify List by clicking the blue link on the product page is the best way to be notified if we get them in. In some cases also we put a link in the description to a product that may act as a replacement.

In any case get on the Notify List or Call/Email and ask to be placed on the Notify List. This is the only way you can be updated on the status of a product or given a replacement suggestion.

These are the two main reasons that you might see . But we do always ask that if you have any questions about the status of a certain product to call us at 312-846-6606 or email us at sales@tss-radio. We will be glad to give you the status or time frame if available.

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