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SIRIUS for your Home Theater System

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
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Here I am going to go through several cases studies to see how people can get SIRIUS in a Home Theater system.

Case Study #1- You have a Home Theater system that is NOT SIRIUS-Ready or SIRIUS Built-In.

There are a couple different options you have with this setup. Let’s say you bought a Home Receiver and it does not have any SIRIUS Radio connections or capability and you want to add SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

First off you must add a separate SIRIUS receiver. You can choose form these different options:

#1- Polk Audio SRH-1000, this is a standalone receiver that connects to the LINE IN on your Home Theater Receiver. The nice thing about the SRH-1000 is that is also has VIDEO OUT as-well so you can see the SIRIUS Channel, Artist, and other data right from your TV screen.

#2- SIRIUS Conductor, this system has a remote and base station. The base station is setup with your Home Theater receiver and the remote controls and displays all of the SIRIUS¬† content. The Channel name and artist info is displayed right on the remote’s LCD screen and you can walk around the room listening, controlling, and seeing all the SIRIUS content you desire.

#3- If you already have a SIRIUS Radio in your car, there might be a SIRIUS Home Kit for it that can be installed to your Home Theater Receiver. This way you do not have to add an additional subscription.

#4- We also have a couple Professional tuners that are built for Commercial use as-well.

Case Study #2- You have a SIRIUS-Ready Home Receiver

This is the more common case out of them all. You purchase a Home receiver that says “SIRIUS-Ready”. This case you have also a couple options:

#1-SCHDOC1 SIRIUS Home Connect Dock. If you already have a SIRIUS Radio that has the Universal docking style connector, then you may use this dock to allow you SIRIUS-Ready Home Receiver to connect, control, and display all of the SIRIUS content. This way you do not have to add an additional subscription.

#2-SIRIUS Connect Home Tuner SCH1– this is the standard tuner for a SIRIUS-Ready Home Receiver. This will connect via the 8-pin data cable,provided, and allow you Home Receiver to play SIRIUS right through.

Case Study #3- You have a SIRIUS Built-In Home Receiver.

This is will be the rarest of all the cases. In this case you purchase a Home Theater that is “SIRIUS Built-IN”. In this case the SIRIUS Tuner and translator¬† are built into the Home Receiver. So all you would need externally is an SIRIUS Antenna. This is an extremely rare case and if you are unsure at all if you fit into this category, please feel free to to Email me and I can help you decide.

Here is a link to our SIRIUS Home Antenna section.

If you have any question about how to get SIRIUS Satellite Radio in your home please feel free to shoot me an Email.

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Need SIRIUS Satellite Radio for a Business?

Saturday, May 10th, 2008
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If you are looking to install a SIRIUS Satellite Radio for Business , I have two suggestions.

  1. The Sirius Connect Home Tuner for Professional Installation.This unit is packed with features that no other radio can offer for a Business.With Features like:
    • Three control options: RS232, Sirius-Ready 8-pin DIN, IR input (wired or wireless)
    • Front-panel channel indicator and up/down adjustment
    • Analog audio and optical digital outputs
    • Bar-graph LED signal indicators
    • Integrated power supply
    • F antenna connector
    • Half-rackmount enclosure with accommodation for two units to make a single-rack system
    • Includes tuner, outdoor pro F antenna, AC power supply

    This unit makes a great addition to any retail or office area.


  2. The Sirius Radio for Business or Home Sound Systems – Basic Bundle
    • Everything you need to play Sirius through your sound system.
    • Perfect for those who don’t care about features.
    • Less than $20!
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((NEW))Polk Audio Designs Sirius Home Tuner((NEW))

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
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Polk Audio Designs Sirius Home Tuner

Are you a home theater nut looking to jazz up your TV room?

The Polk Audio Designs Sirius Home Tuner is the product you’re looking for. It has that sleek, contemporary look to match your theater, but has the functionality to perform tasks beyond regular Sirius home tuners

It has integrated RS232 control for use with high-end theater systems and a 6-line panel display and the ability to display information right on your TV!

Incorporates features like:

  • Sirius Replay with 44 minutes of rewind
  • Presets and S-Seek Alert, GameAlert, and My GameZone
  • Connects via RCA stereo cable(included)
  • 5-12v remote trigger input
  • Rack Mounts

Only a picture can really give you the real feel of how this unit looks, sadly my words can only do so much. So here’s a picture:

Josh wrote a review of the
Audio SR-H1000
on The
Father’s Life, a blog for fathers

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Sirius Radio Amplifier

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008
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Sirius Radio Amplifier

Sirius fans who have trouble acquiring a satellite signal, there is hope.The Sirius Echo Repeater is the product you’re looking for. It allows you to put the antenna in one room(where you get a good satellite signal) and the receiver in another(where you would not normally get a satellite signal).This is great for anyone who wants their receiver in the basement, but does not want antenna extensions running through their home.

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