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SIRIUS Stiletto 2 and XM XMp3

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
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What options does the SIRIUS Stiletto 2 have? What options does the XM XMp3 have?

In a Head to Head breakdown of features here is what I found:

Radio Sirius Stiletto 2
Satellite Service Sirius Satellite Radio XM Satellite Radio
Screen Size 2 1/4” 2 3/4”
WiFi Compatible



Internal Storage Space 2gb 2gb
Memory Card Compatible up to 16gb on a MicroSD Card up to 16gb on a MicroSD Card
Weight 4.3oz 2.5oz
Music Files Supported Mp3/WMA Mp3/WMA
Simultaneous Channel Recording Only 1 Satellite Channel at a time Up to 5 Satellite Channels at a time
Home or Car Kit Included No Home Kit Included

So who wins in the battle? You do. Both receivers are quality products that both have something different to bring to the table. I couldn’t pick one or the other to say, “it’s a better receiver”. Each receiver is designed to carry different attributes, so don’t think of them as rivals, but more as teammates.

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How do you take your Media? DVDs? MP3s? Blu-Ray? Radio?

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
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comcastdish networkhd dvdnetflixsirius xmpandora musictivoitunes ipodblockbusterdirect tvhd radiozuneslacker radioclear channelcompuserveaollaserdiscblu ray

Long has media been a part of our lives. We use media every day; Magazines, DVD’s, or Radio, we use these tools to either get information or the entertainment that we need/desire. The types of media that is available to people is so numerous to even begin counting. But there has to been one media you use that you rely on more. For some TV is the largest media device in their lives for others Radio either Satellite or Terrestrial. We all find a devices and medias to suit our needs and desires.

I am asking you, the readers of the TSS-Radio Blog, What media do you use and how do you like it? I asked several of the employees here at TSS-Radio to see what media they use and how the feel about it. Here is what I got:

netflix Myself(Josh): I just got Netflix for my Xbox360. It streams right to my HDTV and displays the movie’s full glory. The amount of instant content on Netflix is a little lacking(around 12,000 titles), but the quality of the stream(variable by ISP of course, I use just standard cable internet) is outstanding. As my colleague on Digital Radio Central, Sgip2000, pointed out, you have to preselect the content you want to see on from your computer first and then it becomes available on your Xbox360. Other than the preselection of the content, I would suggest to anyone who has both an Xbox360 and Netflix to check it out. It’s a great way to watch the Netflix Instant content on your TV and in HD.

siriusTish:I have a lot of stuff. Specifically, I have a lot of entertainment options.  From an iPod and Wii to DJ equipment and digital cable, I can never legitimately be bored.  There are two things, though, that have really simplified my media consumption.  First is the Tivo.  Tivo allows me to watch whatever I want whenever I have time.  I love that I can set the Tivo to record some obscure movie that only plays once at 3 A.M. on Wednesday night and then watch it at my leisure–which is definitely NOT 3 A.M. on a Wednesday night!

The second media device that has made my life a lot easier is my SIRIUS Satellite Radio.  I currently live in Chicago but my family lives in Southwest Ohio, so I travel back and forth several times a year by car.  The SIRIUS radio allows me to listen to commercial free music, with a wide variety of musical genres represented, without changing the channel or dealing with static for the entire 500 mile trip.  Besides the music, I LOVE the NPR stations!  I always try to schedule my trip so I can catch Talk of the Nation Science Friday and The Splendid Table on the weekends. In addition to the great programming–SIRIUS has that traditional radio feel that is missing from the iPod or Slacker experience.  I actually really like hearing DJs and top of the hour news reports and the variety of talk programs.  I love music, but the human element is really missing from most of the other portable media options. There is something special about the personal feel you get with talk or terrestrial radio and I feel SIRIUS offers that without all of the repetitive junk and commercials.

All in all, the Tivo and SIRIUS Radio both offer diversity in your programming options and the ability to enjoy only what you are interested in without all of the filler.  So, if you haven’t already….Check ’em out!!

memorexRoss:I put the Memorex cassette mix tape into my GE walkman and then put my Koss over ear headphones on (need to replace that damn missing foam on one ear).

We will be adding a few more opinions from TSS-Radio Staff, but now we want to hear from You. Just Click Below to COMMENT and tell us about your media!

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SIRIUS Backseat TV w/Review

Friday, February 6th, 2009
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The Sirius Backseat TV allows you to receive family programming 24/7 from channels Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network Mobile, right from your car,truck or boat.

Tests on this unit reveals that it loads slightly quicker than expected and has decent picture quality for the size screen used. You cannot watch full shows from Cartoon Network Mobile, only shows 2-8 mins in duration and on a selected basis. All other channels act as normal. I tested it with a rear-view mirror monitor, but a more traditional application maybe more beneficial.

The Unit’s Display is sufficient and the double remote feature is clever. The rear seat TV is controlled by either a small display panel up-front or an oversized remote built for small, apple juice covered hands.

The BackSeat TV can offer more than ever expected with a Sirius tuner. The ability to stream TV over Sirius’s satellites is beyond compare with most other media. It remains cost efficient and satisfying to the general user. All you HDTV fans be weary it does not come in 1080i or 720p. You can expect to have quality sound and video with the added standard Sirius radio bandwidth and reception.

Imagine never again have to worry about entertaining the kids in the car and you can still listen to your favorite SIRIUS  music, news or entertainment station.

Many 2008-2009 Dodge, Jeep  and Chrysler models will have the Sirius Backseat TV as a factory option, so check with your local dealership if you are in the market for a new vehicle.

Below is a more detailed break down of the SIRIUS BackSeat TV SCV1

The SCV1 gives you the ability to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio in the front of the car and watch Sirius Backseat TV in the back(on most aftermarket and factory installed radios and video monitors that have auxiliary inputs).

The Sirius Backseat TV SCV1 comes with:

  • SCV1 Audio/Video Tuner
  • Wired Display Control Unit
  • Audio Remote Control
  • Video Remote Control
  • Remote Eye(For Rear-seat Video Control)
  • FM Switching Interface
  • Two Mini Magnetic Satellite Antennas
  • Audio/Video Cables
  • User Guide

You will need an existing Video screen or you will have to place one in your vehicle. This unit does not include a video screen

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SIRIUS Sportster Replay Home Antenna

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008
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SIRIUS Sportster Replay Home Antenna

All SIRIUS Sportsters use the same Home antenna. The connections are universal for the antenna.

There are a couple different types of SIRIUS Sportster Replay home antenna on the market so I will go into each one. All of these Antennas will work for the Sportster Replay SPR2/SP2R

SIRIUS HOME PNP ANTENNA-This is the standard antenna that comes with most SIRIUS home kits and Boomboxes. These work quite well when placed in the proper direction to receive SIRIUS signal(always face your home antenna towards Minnesota, no matter when you live in the country, this is the optimal direction).This antenna can be placed outside, but for optimal outdoor reception, the SIRIUS Outdoor Home Antenna would be best.

SIRIUS Outdoor Home Antenna– This is the industry standard outdoor antenna. Designed to weather the elements and pull in the SIRIUS signal, this antenna is used by many for rooftop or pole mounted installations.

Pro-500Technologies Pro-500-This is an Outdoor Home antenna built for SIRIUS Satellite Radio. This antenna pulls in the signal with better gain(12dBi, which is 5dBi more than standard antennas) .

Pixel Technologies Pro-600-This is the updated version of the Pro-500. It only has about 8.5dBi, but this antenna can stream SIRIUS and XM at the SAME TIME! So if you have both a SIRIUS and XM radio this is a great antenna.

If you are looking for more options, or maybe a SIRIUS Antenna Extension cable, we have a variety of different solutions for any kind of situation. From simple to custom we can help, give us a call 773-772-4340.

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The often overlooked SIRIUS Stratus

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008
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The Sirius Status has been the workhorse of the Sirius line-up since its creation.


It gives you the most basic of features, but with an outstanding service record and a extremely low return rate. The SIRIUS Stratus has been the economy-level Sirius Satellite Radio receiver and has proved itself with SIRIUS radio veterans. It has the most basic of features of all the SIRIUS radios out there and keeps you listening without any frills, long after the more complex devices become in need of service or repair. This isn’t to say the other radios are poorly made, I am just saying the tried and true SIRIUS Stratus holds up very well under conditions other electronics would not. Maybe call the Stratus the Ugly Duckling of SIRIUS radios or the lumberjack-quality radio, being of tough,but simple design. Whatever you call the Stratus Radios be sure that you consider them in situations you would not want to put a Stiletto or Sportster 5 (ie. a boat or snowmobile).


Also be looking out for the New Stratus 6 and Starmate 8 coming soon……….


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Customer Review of the Stiletto 2 Armband and Case

Monday, July 21st, 2008
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How do you make a portable device like the Sirius Stiletto 2 truly portable?  That was my goal when I realized I was spending all my time juggling this small radio between hands, pockets already overfilled with keys, wallet and cell phone.  So, just in time for vacation, I ordered a Stiletto 2 Armband and Case, SLPK2, from TSS-RADIO.COM.
The armband is very generous in size, but not akward.  It features a small 1×2 inch “hook” patch, the rest of the band is a strechy “loop” material.  This construction allowed me to not only wear it as a traditional armband, but also allowed me to wrap it around the arm on my beach chair. The case has a very finished construction,  stitching is neat and clean.  The neoprene material is just what’s needed to protect the radio. There are cut-outs for power, volume and wheel selector.  The bottom has large opening to accommodate the larger antenna headphones and the top has an opening for the built in antenna. I haven’t used the belt clip attachment yet.  It looks similar to the type of clip that some cell phone cases use.  It is detachable, as is the armband, leaving a loop to simply attach the case to your belt. I highly recommend the SLPK2, protect your investment, call TSS-RADIO today. (773)772-4340

Review by Jim Szwede of Little Silver, NJ

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