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SIRIUS Boombox Power Adapters

Friday, July 24th, 2009
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Sirius XM Satellite Radio has a variety of accessories that you can choose from to supplement your Plug and Play Receiver. One of those accessories is a Sirius Satellite Radio Plug and Play Boombox. These boomboxes are designed to dock your receiver and provide the ability to listen to your Sirius Receiver via the boombox’s built in speakers. Sirius Boomboxes have the ability to be powered in several different ways. The most popular way to power a Sirius boombox is the Boombox AC Adapter. This adapter is designed to plug into any standard home power outlet and connect to your boombox’s DC 12V power port in the back of the boombox. All new Sirius boomboxes come with a Home AC Adapter from the factory in the box.

Another popular way to power a Sirius boombox is via batteries. In most cases 8-D Cell batteries provide power to the boombox and plays your Sirius Receiver for a set amount of time. This does have its own obvious flaws, as the batteries can only last for a certain amount of time.

The last way to power your Sirius boombox is with the Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter. This adapter is essential for anyone who would like to use a Sirius Boombox in a vehicle. This adapter plugs right into the cigarette lighter of a vehicle and connects right to the DC12V power port on the back of the boombox.

The other key element to the Sirius boombox power adapter is that they can be damaged just like any other type of power adapter. These adapters must be replaced if they show signs of excessive wear, fraying or splintering. When a power cable is damaged and not replaced, there is a high risk of damaged to either the Sirius boombox or the Sirius receiver. When replacing these receivers be sure to shop from a trusted source and be sure that you can see a compatibility chart of some sort, that includes your boombox. If you do not see a compatiblity chart that references your boombox, when buying a Sirius boombox power adapter, you run the risk of either buying an incorrect part or damaging your Sirius boombox or Sirius receiver. “Universal” power adapters sold at many stores do not allow for proper connection or proper voltage to flow to the Sirius boombox, which could cause damage. When shopping for Sirius Boombox adapter be sure that you check for a compatiblity chart and confirm that you see your boombox listed.

Below is a compatiblity chart that includes many Sirius boomboxes. This is designed as a guide for you, to help find the proper adapter for your needs:

Boombox Model

Home AC Adapter

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

SIRIUS Universal Boombox SUBX2

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

SIRIUS Universal Boombox SUBX1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Stiletto 10/100 Boombox SLBB1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Stiletto Universal Boombox SLBB2

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Stiletto 10/100 Executive System SLEX1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Stiletto Universal Executive System SLEX2

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

SIRIUS S50 Executive System S50-EX1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

For Older Style Boomboxes

Boombox Model

Home AC Adapter

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

SIRIUS Sportster SPB1 Boombox

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Streamer Replay Boombox STRB1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Starmate Replay Boomcube STB2

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Xact Portable Boombox XS027

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Audiovox Boombox SIR-BB3

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

JVC KS-SB200 Boombox

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Xact Boombox XS075

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Xact Boombox XS097

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Other Power Adapters:

SRH-550 Home AC Power Adapter

Soloist Home AC Power Adapter

If you have questions on which power adapter to use, feel free to give us a call 773-772-4340 or Email Josh

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Need to Convert XM to SIRIUS? New GM-Honda-Toyota and Much More!

Friday, May 15th, 2009
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If you are looking to convert your vehicle from XM to SIRIUS, here is a guide based on make, model and year. Please feel free comment if you have any questions or concerns or shoot me an EMAIL


GM Sirius Connect SIRGM2L

This is a long awaited solution for Newer “Lan” Based vehicles! The compatibility includes:


  • Lesabre 2006
  • Lucerne 2007-2009


CTS Not Compatible

  • DTS 2006-2009
  • Escalade 2007-2009
  • Escalade ESV 2007-2009
  • Escalade EXT 2007-2009
  • SRX 2007


  • Avalanche 2007-2009
  • Equinox 2007-2009
  • Impala 2006-2009
  • Monte Carlo 2006-2007
  • Silverado (New Body) 2007-2009
  • Suburban 2007-2009
  • Tahoe 2007-2009


  • Acadia 2007-2009
  • Sierra 2007-2009
  • Yukon 2007-2009
  • Yukon XL 2007-2009


  • Torrent 2007-2009
  • Vibe 2009
  • G8 2009 Only


  • Outlook 2007-2008
  • Vue 2008-2009


  • XL-7 2007-2009

gm1SIR-GM1 SIRIUS Connect: This will convert select 2003-UP  “Class II” GM made vehicle from the factory XM.  Chevrolet-Buick-GMC-Cadillac-Hummer-Isuzu-Oldsmobile-Pontiac-Saab-Saturn.


honda siriusHONDA and ACURA SIRIUS Connect Package:This is the conversion kit for select 2003-UP Honda and Acura made vehicles. SIRIUS HONDA and ACURA

NOTE:This Adapter does NOT work with ANY Honda or Acura vehicles with the ‘Technology Package’


toyota siriusTOYOTA LEXUS and SCION SIRIUS Connect Package:This is the connect package for select 2004+UP Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles. SIRIUS TOYOTA-LEXUS-SCION


We have a LARGE SELECTION of In Dash options including most brands of vehicles- Check here to see if you can enjoy In Dash SIRIUS Satellite Radio!

Be sure to read all the notes and compatibility charts to avoid any confusion. As always Give TSS-Radio a call and we can discuss your options!


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No More Static and No More using the Cigarette lighter: See HERE

Monday, April 6th, 2009
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You do not have to use the static filled FM transmitter anymore or the cigarette lighter adapter, all you need is………..


The XM5 will allow you to connect your 5v Sirius Satellite Radio and hardwire the audio into your car stereo. Basically plug something into your car stereo and you will get a clean looking setup and have a quality audio sound with no static at all!

If you are not familiar with Aux Input devices they work like this:

Be sure to check the compatibility list first to make sure your car is capable of using these units or just shoot us an email and I can help.

Pull the car stereo out, this is easier on some cars and harder on others. I can help you do this via email or over the phone.

Plug the XM5 into the Car stereo, some cars may need a power source to wired into a 12v line, which again I can help you do that as well.

Replace the car stereo and run the power and audio cable to the SIRIUS Radio dock and Whammy! You’re done.

This works on all 5v Sirius Radios

Most installs only take 1-1 1/2 hours of time and few tools.

Basically, Buy these units with confidence that you will receive support from the TSS-Radio Staff.  We can provide step by step instruction and award winning customer service and support. We are here before, during and after the sale to make sure you get the most out of your setup. We love this stuff and we know you do too.

This is a basic rundown of a standard install. If you need further explanation tailored to your specific vehicle just click below:


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How to update a SIRIUS Stiletto

Monday, March 23rd, 2009
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When you purchase a SIRIUS Stiletto portable series radio you first should update it. While the Stiletto is on the shelf in a store, updates are being created, so when you first receive your radio you should update it to place the current version of firmware on the unit.

The Stiletto can be updated two different ways.:

First and easiest way is to connect the SIRIUS Stiletto up to a Wi-Fi connection(Wi-Fi passkey may be required). Make sure you are able to hear the channels through the Internet Radio section on the Stiletto’s home screen. If you leave the Stiletto playing on the Wi-Fi radio after a few minutes it will begin to update itself.

The Second way to update a SIRIUS Stiletto is a little more involved, but not necessarily harder.

1. Power on your home computer and install the MSS (My SIRIUS Studio) CD that comes with the SIRIUS Stiletto. Also found here for download: My SIRIUS Studio

2. After the MSS program is installed on the computer, connect the Stiletto USB Cable to the USB port on your computer.

3. When Windows recognizes the Stiletto being connected it will ask which program you would like to manage this device with. Choose My SIRIUS Studio.

4. Open My SIRIUS Studio, if it does not open automatically, then on the Right Hand side scroll over the Stiletto picture/icon. Click on the icon that looks like a cog or gear, just to the right and below of the Stiletto icon.

5. Click on the Gear or Cog icon by the Stiletto and select Check for Update. This download will make sure that your Stiletto is running with the current update released by SIRIUS.

If you feel like you have a Stiletto problem please feel free to comment below and I will find an answer for you. Thanks for reading!

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NEW-SIRIUS/XM Home Antenna Pro-600

Friday, January 9th, 2009
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pro 600

Pixel Technologies Pro-600 Professional Home Antenna

This Sirius/XM antenna is packed with useful features and technology. The Pro-600 can stream both SIRIUS and XM signals and can pull in the signal better than the standard SIRIUS home antenna. When paired with standard RG-6 cable (sold separately) this antenna can reach lengths up to 200ft.

The Antenna comes with:

  • High Gain Antenna Panel
  • Azimuth/Elevation Adjustable Mount
  • Pole-Mount hardware
  • 3′ F to SMB Adapter Cable
  • Weather Boot
  • Wall Mount Screws and Anchors

If you need RG-6 cable to run with this antenna see our SIRIUS Home Installation Accessories.


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Does your SIRIUS Radio have Static?

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
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Does your SIRIUS Radio have static? Do you want a better audio connection?

We have two simple devices that allow a direct connection of your SIRIUS Radio to your vehicle.

 The two options we offer are a FM Direct Adapter or an Auxiliary Input Device

fm directFM Direct Adapter-This device installs to the back of the car stereo(in the AM/FM antenna port- additional adapters may be required, see HERE) and allows the FM transmission to be directly connected to the stereo and blocking all static interference.  The downside to this unit is the AM radio may not work as strongly as before. FM transmission should remain the same.

aux inAuxiliary Input Device-This device also installs to the back of the car stereo( in the CD Changer/SAT port) and gives you a CD-Quality sound without any static or interference whatsoever and both AM and FM work as normal . This device give you a 1/8th” jack to plug into the dock of a SIRIUS Radio-XM Radio-iPod or any other device with an audio output. Be sure to check the compatibility guide to make sure you get the right device or give us a Call 773-772-4340 and we can find a solution for every situation.

We can usually find a solution for everyone so if you are confused on how to GET RID OF STATIC then shoot us an email at or give us a Call 773-772-4340

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A Guide to Power Cables

Friday, January 2nd, 2009
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Confused on which SIRIUS power cable you need for your radio or boombox? See the guide below:

5v siriusT5VCLA– This is the SIRIUS 5V vehicle adapter.

Home adapter found HERE

Will work with these SIRIUS Satellite Radios:

sirius 12v12v Power Adapter for SPTK1,SPTK2,STRC1Will work with these SIRIUS Satellite Radios: Home adapter found HERE

12V Vehicle Power Adapter for ST1/ST2/GTR/GT
Home adapter found HERE

Boombox Adapters

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Compatible Models:

sirius boomboxSIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A
Compatible Models:

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter-for use with a boombox in a vehicle SIRIUS Vehicle Power Hardwire Kit-for use when hardwiring power for a SIRIUS Radio Receiver.(not for use with boomboxes)

There is a large selection of SIRIUS Power Accessories available if you are not happy with your current power situation check some other options that may be available. If you have any questions feel free to email us at

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Last Minute Gifts for All Budgets

Monday, December 22nd, 2008
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If you are looking to score a great deal on Last Minute Shopping, check out these deals

sportster 4Sportster 4 Home and Car Kit Package- This is a great deal for anyone looking to get a complete setup. This comes with a Home Kit+Car Kit, Sportster 4 receiver, a great Discount price and everything you need right out of the box!

invInV Home Package with Boombox- If Frankenstein made Sirius Radio Kits this is what it would look like, But what this kit lacks in looks it makes up for with its Discount price. Coming in at an unheard of price of $29.99 for a Receiver, Home stand and Boombox, this is sure to make its way under everyone’s tree this year!

stratus 5Stratus 5 with Soloist Sound System- Now if you are looking for a Fancy-Schmancy High Class radio setup without the price tag this is the gift for you.  Taking two of our best sellers and pairing them with a big markdown makes you look like the Hero this Holiday Season, and little do they know you got this at a Discount price!

stiletto 2 Stiletto 2 and Car Kit Package- If you have been waiting to Buy a Stiletto 2 now is the time! This Package is on Discount for everyone who is looking to get the newest portable receiver and for those who love to spoil others this makes an all inclusive package to get them going with SIRIUS. This comes with the Stiletto 2 Receiver with standard accessories and the SLV2 Stiletto 2 Car Kit. Now is the best time to go for a Stiletto 2, Buy now and also get a FREE Leather Portfolio Case with purchase!

Stiletto 100 Gift Bundle- This is a complete setup, No questions asked. You get the Stiletto 100 portable receiver, Soloist Home Sound System(that also docks iPods in addition to SIRIUS Radios),  a Stiletto SLV1 Car Kit, and $12.95 Sirius Gift Card plus a FREE Leather Portfolio Case! This kit is a Screaming, Out-of-the-Ball Park Home Run SIRIUS Setup.

XMp3XMp3 XM Portable Satellite Radio-This is the newest XM Portable Radio and has been built to the brim with high-tech features.

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SIRIUS Stiletto

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
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If you are searching for items related to the SIRIUS Stiletto look no further.

The Receivers:

sirius stiletto -This is the SIRIUS Stiletto 2

sirius stiletto -This is the SIRIUS Stiletto 100

sirius stiletto 10-This is the SIRIUS Stiletto 10

The SIRIUS Stiletto 10 and SIRIUS Stiletto 100 both use the same car kit, home kit, and boombox. The SIRIUS Stiletto 2 uses its own equipment.

sirius stiletto car kitSIRIUS Stiletto 10 and SIRIUS Stiletto 100 Car Kit: SLV1

sirius stiletto home kitSIRIUS Stiletto 10 and SIRIUS Stiletto 100 Home Kit: SLH1

stiletto sound systemSIRIUS Stiletto 10 and SIRIUS Stiletto 100 Sound System: SOLOD1 NOTE:This sound system can also be used with the Stiletto 2.

SIRIUS Stiletto 2 Kits and Boomboxes

sirius stiletto 2 car kit– This is the SIRIUS Stiletto 2 Car Kit: SLV2

sirius stiletto 2 home kit-This is the SIRIUS Stiletto 2 Home Kit: SLH2

sirius stiletto 2 boombox-This is the SIRIUS Stiletto 2 Boombox: SLBB2

NOTE:This boombox can be used with the SIRIUS Stiletto 10 and SIRIUS Stiletto 100.

All Stilettos use the same power and antenna cables, the difference is the Stiletto 10/100 use a different dock than the Stiletto 2

We have a whole section of our site devoted to all parts for the SIRIUS Stiletto series. Find it HERE

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SIRIUS Sportster 5 Home Antenna

Monday, December 15th, 2008
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SIRIUS Sportster 5 Home Antenna

All SIRIUS Sportsters use the same Home antenna. The connections are universal for the antenna.

There are a couple different types of SIRIUS Sportster 5 home antenna on the market so I will go into each one.

These antennas will work for the SIRIUS Sportster 5 SP5TK1/SP5.

SIRIUS HOME PNP ANTENNA-This is the standard antenna that comes with most SIRIUS home kits and Boomboxes. These work quite well when placed in the proper direction to receive SIRIUS signal(always face your home antenna towards Minnesota, no matter when you live in the country, this is the optimal direction).This antenna can be placed outside, but for optimal outdoor reception, the SIRIUS Outdoor Home Antenna would be best.

SIRIUS Outdoor Home Antenna– This is the industry standard outdoor antenna. Designed to weather the elements and pull in the SIRIUS signal, this antenna is used by many for rooftop or pole mounted installations.

Pixel Technologies Pro-500-This is an Outdoor Home antenna built for SIRIUS Satellite Radio. This antenna pulls in the signal with better gain(12dBi, which is 5dBi more than standard antennas) .

Pixel Technologies Pro-600-This is the updated version of the Pro-500. It only has about 8.5dBi, but this antenna can stream SIRIUS and XM at the SAME TIME! So if you have both a SIRIUS and XM radio this is a great antenna.

If you are looking for more options, or maybe a SIRIUS Antenna Extension cable, we have a variety of different solutions for any kind of situation. From simple to custom we can help, give us a call 773-772-4340.

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