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No More Static and No More using the Cigarette lighter: See HERE

Monday, April 6th, 2009
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You do not have to use the static filled FM transmitter anymore or the cigarette lighter adapter, all you need is………..


The XM5 will allow you to connect your 5v Sirius Satellite Radio and hardwire the audio into your car stereo. Basically plug something into your car stereo and you will get a clean looking setup and have a quality audio sound with no static at all!

If you are not familiar with Aux Input devices they work like this:

Be sure to check the compatibility list first to make sure your car is capable of using these units or just shoot us an email and I can help.

Pull the car stereo out, this is easier on some cars and harder on others. I can help you do this via email or over the phone.

Plug the XM5 into the Car stereo, some cars may need a power source to wired into a 12v line, which again I can help you do that as well.

Replace the car stereo and run the power and audio cable to the SIRIUS Radio dock and Whammy! You’re done.

This works on all 5v Sirius Radios

Most installs only take 1-1 1/2 hours of time and few tools.

Basically, Buy these units with confidence that you will receive support from the TSS-Radio Staff.  We can provide step by step instruction and award winning customer service and support. We are here before, during and after the sale to make sure you get the most out of your setup. We love this stuff and we know you do too.

This is a basic rundown of a standard install. If you need further explanation tailored to your specific vehicle just click below:


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Does your SIRIUS Radio have Static?

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
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Does your SIRIUS Radio have static? Do you want a better audio connection?

We have two simple devices that allow a direct connection of your SIRIUS Radio to your vehicle.

 The two options we offer are a FM Direct Adapter or an Auxiliary Input Device

fm directFM Direct Adapter-This device installs to the back of the car stereo(in the AM/FM antenna port- additional adapters may be required, see HERE) and allows the FM transmission to be directly connected to the stereo and blocking all static interference.  The downside to this unit is the AM radio may not work as strongly as before. FM transmission should remain the same.

aux inAuxiliary Input Device-This device also installs to the back of the car stereo( in the CD Changer/SAT port) and gives you a CD-Quality sound without any static or interference whatsoever and both AM and FM work as normal . This device give you a 1/8th” jack to plug into the dock of a SIRIUS Radio-XM Radio-iPod or any other device with an audio output. Be sure to check the compatibility guide to make sure you get the right device or give us a Call 773-772-4340 and we can find a solution for every situation.

We can usually find a solution for everyone so if you are confused on how to GET RID OF STATIC then shoot us an email at or give us a Call 773-772-4340

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New Stratus 5 and New SIRIUS Starbase System

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
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Hey everyone! I’m not at TSS-Radio today, I’m at school, but between classes I have to write this because I am very passionate about these two little beauties.

First Up:

The New SIRIUS Stratus 5

This radio has most features familiar to current SIRIUS Radio owners. It brings to the table a NEW blue display rather than the previous orange screen.

A cool sleek look makes any car’s interior shine. Still comes with the universal connector system so don’t be afraid to upgrade!

And if that wasn’t enough…..

The New SIRIUS Starbase FMSC1

This is by far one of the coolest things released this year.

The Starbase is a unit that can be installed in just about any car, really. This is a behind the dash radio and the only thing you see is the display-no wires or cords. It connects via an Auxiliary Input Device or  FM Direct Adapter. And the best thing about this is you can add a second device to it like an iPod, mp3 player, or even a portable DVD player through the Starbase’s Aux-In cable.

This is truly a underrated pair. But what these two lack in hype they make up for in functionality and performance. A must-have for the everyone!

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Convert XM to SIRIUS

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
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Looking for ways to convert you XM vehicle to SIRIUS?

We offer several solutions to Convert XM To Sirius in many cars like:

More options available at or call us at 312-846-6606

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Sirius Radio Mount

Monday, May 19th, 2008
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Here is a short guide to finding your sirius radio mount :

1.)Find the model of your unit. Check the back of your radio receiver for a number similar to SPR1, SPR2, PNP1, ST4, SP5, etc. Also check out Find your Sirius satellite radio accessories or XM Radio Accessory Finder.

2.) Decide where you would like to mount it. Take into consideration things like field of vision, reach, and angle at which you want it to sit. See below:

Sirius suction cup:

Sirius Dash mount:


3.) Another key sirius installation issue would be running the cables. Some use the sirius cigarette lighter adapter ,others use sirius hardwire kit for a cleaner, professional look. Also this brings in the issue of if you need a FM Direct Adapter. Newer units that have a weaker sirius fm transmitter will need a FMDA25.  Also to help run all the wires I would suggest the Wire Worm and Dash Removal Tool.

4.) Install and adjust the SIRIUS XM radio receiver and Enjoy!


If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
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The Sirius Backseat TV allows you receive family programming 24/7 from channels like Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.

The SCV1 gives you the ability to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio in the front of the car and watch Sirius Backseat TV in the back(on most aftermarket and factory installed radios and video monitors that have auxiliary inputs).

You need to have an active Sirius Satellite Radio account to receive Backseat TV service, you cannot have just Backseat TV.

The Sirius Backseat TV SCV1 comes with:

  • SCV1 Audio/Video Tuner
  • Wired Display Control Unit
  • Audio Remote Control
  • Video Remote Control
  • Remote Eye(For Rear-seat Video Control)
  • FM Switching Interface
  • Two Mini Magnetic Satellite Antennas
  • Audio/Video Cables
  • User Guide

You will need an existing Video screen or you will have to place one in your vehicle to use this sirius tv tuner. This unit does not include a video screen

Many 2008 Dodge and Chrysler models will have the Sirius Backseat TV as a factory options, so check with your local dealership if you are in the market for a new vehicle.

Requires an FM Tuner or Auxiliary input and video monitor(s) with NTSC and audio outputs for the Backseat TV system (sold separately)

Please feel free to email us with any questions:

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SIRIUS for BMW, Land Rover, and Mini Cooper

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
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Note: The item listed below is now one of many options available. Please click here to see all options.

KBMWSIRV2 BMW Land Rover and Mini Cooper Package

If you are looking to put SIRIUS for BMW, Land Rover, and Mini Cooper this is the package your are looking for.

Plugs in at factory changer cable using the SoundGate KBMWSIRV2 BMW Land Rover and Mini Cooper Interface ,with Plug and Play operation and no need to splice into factory wiring.

Here is a PDF file of the Compatibility

In BMW’s and Mini Coopers the KBMWSIRV2 simply plugs into the factory CD Changer wiring. In Land Rovers, you will need an additional RVRCBLD RVRCBLA or RBRCBLF cable (sold separately Here)

Advanced Instructions

This is a slightly more advanced install so be sure to consult a professional.

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Sirius Sportster

Friday, March 21st, 2008
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This is an explanation of the Sirius Sportsters and how they interact with each other and other Sirius Radios.


The Sportster 1 works with the SIRIUS Sportster Replay and the SIRIUS Streamer Replay

Uses all the same Sirius Antenna , Sirius Power Adapter , and Sirius Accessories . The SP2R SPR2 SPR1 SP1 STRC1 all fall into this category.

SIRIUS Sportster/Streamer Replay SIRSTRV1 Car Kit

Sportster/Streamer Replay Home Kit SIR-STRH1


SIRIUS Sportster Boombox SP-B1

The Sportster 3 , Sportster 4 , and Sportster 5 all use the Universal Dock and Play equipment.

SIRIUS Universal PNP Vehicle Kit SUPV1

SIRIUS Universal PNP Home Kit SUPH1


SIRIUS Universal Plug and Play Boombox

SIRIUS Soloist Universal Sound System

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Honda and Acura SIRIUS Connect HON-SC1

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008
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Honda and Acura SIRIUS Connect HON-SC1

This is the long awaited solution for any Honda/Acura owner who wants in-dash Sirius.

This unit gives you a fully functioning replacement to XM. This is a two part system, you must have a SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Tuner SCC1 or SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit SCVDOC1.

If you would like to retain the factory XM antenna we do offer an adapter kit- Honda and Acura XM to Sirius Antenna Adapters

If you are unsure about installing this yourself, please seek a professional stereo shop. Most Big-box store installers or independent stereo shops will be able to install this product without hesitation.
The compatibility chart for this kit may be very confusing,but we are here to help and may have already come across your model or question.

Feel free to give us a call. 312-846-6606

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Monday, February 18th, 2008
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If you have purchased a Sirius radio recently you may have noticed the poor FM strength…..there is a solution.

The FM Direct Adapter (Wired Relay) is a great solution for overcoming poor FM signal. How this works is you pull your car stereo out and plug one end of this unit into your car stereo, then you plug your car’s FM antenna into this unit, and then there is a long cable that plugs right to the back of your docking station. It blocks out every other signal on the channel you are trying to use and taps it directly into the FM antenna so you get the best possible quality sound using the FM transmitter.Below are two videos that were created to display the function of this units.

NOTE: Some cars may need FM antenna adapters, because the car’s antenna is not the standard size. If you are unsure of which adapter you need see FM Antenna Adapters.

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