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Buying a new Plug and play radio? Here’s a helpful guide!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
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If you are in the market for a new plug and play satellite radio, there are a few options to choose from. The real question you have to ask yourself is, “What additional functions do I want from my satellite radio?” There are several different radios that have many different functions to use that will help you enjoy your satellite radio more. Since no two radios are alike, though some do share the same functions, it is important to know what the radio is capable of doing so you can fully experience the power of your satellite radio. Here is a brief break-down of the newest 5 series radios out now and their functions.


For the heavy satellite radio listener that has to have all the bells and whistles, the Sportster 5 is ideal for you! With it’s full color customizable screen, personalized sports tracker, 30 presets and replay functions, it is the high end of all of the satellite radios. The Sportster 5’s sports tracker is a unique feature that will constantly scan the channels and will alert you when a team or car (NASCAR) you stored in memory is playing a game or running a race, or when there is a score update for a team. This feature is unique only to the Sportster radios and cannot be found on any other radio.


Now, for the moderate satellite radio user the Starmate 5 is an ideal route to go. Much like the Sportster 5 it also has 30 presets, S-Seek alerts for your favorite artists and replay functions. The Sirius replay function is highly sought after in satellite radios because it allows you to pause, rewind, and replay up to 44 minutes of content. Also, the Starmate 5 is the only radio that supports the new A La Carte programming package from Sirius.


And finally, for the easy going no fuss, no thrills user the Stratus 5 is a simple an easy route to go. The Stratus 5 only has 10 presets and even though a remote does not come with the kit, it does have the capability of being operated by a remote (T030R). Even though it is a simple no thrills radio it is still capable of receiving the full Sirius programming and can even be subscribed to the best of XM.

It is important to note that all of the 5 series plug and play radios come with a car kit.

Shopping for  new radio can sometimes be difficult, but hopefully this simple outline of the 5 series plug and play radios will give you an idea of what to look for and expect in a radio. if you have any questions concerning any of these radios or compatibility, please feel free to contact us.

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SIRIUS Boombox Power Adapters

Friday, July 24th, 2009
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Sirius XM Satellite Radio has a variety of accessories that you can choose from to supplement your Plug and Play Receiver. One of those accessories is a Sirius Satellite Radio Plug and Play Boombox. These boomboxes are designed to dock your receiver and provide the ability to listen to your Sirius Receiver via the boombox’s built in speakers. Sirius Boomboxes have the ability to be powered in several different ways. The most popular way to power a Sirius boombox is the Boombox AC Adapter. This adapter is designed to plug into any standard home power outlet and connect to your boombox’s DC 12V power port in the back of the boombox. All new Sirius boomboxes come with a Home AC Adapter from the factory in the box.

Another popular way to power a Sirius boombox is via batteries. In most cases 8-D Cell batteries provide power to the boombox and plays your Sirius Receiver for a set amount of time. This does have its own obvious flaws, as the batteries can only last for a certain amount of time.

The last way to power your Sirius boombox is with the Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter. This adapter is essential for anyone who would like to use a Sirius Boombox in a vehicle. This adapter plugs right into the cigarette lighter of a vehicle and connects right to the DC12V power port on the back of the boombox.

The other key element to the Sirius boombox power adapter is that they can be damaged just like any other type of power adapter. These adapters must be replaced if they show signs of excessive wear, fraying or splintering. When a power cable is damaged and not replaced, there is a high risk of damaged to either the Sirius boombox or the Sirius receiver. When replacing these receivers be sure to shop from a trusted source and be sure that you can see a compatibility chart of some sort, that includes your boombox. If you do not see a compatiblity chart that references your boombox, when buying a Sirius boombox power adapter, you run the risk of either buying an incorrect part or damaging your Sirius boombox or Sirius receiver. “Universal” power adapters sold at many stores do not allow for proper connection or proper voltage to flow to the Sirius boombox, which could cause damage. When shopping for Sirius Boombox adapter be sure that you check for a compatiblity chart and confirm that you see your boombox listed.

Below is a compatiblity chart that includes many Sirius boomboxes. This is designed as a guide for you, to help find the proper adapter for your needs:

Boombox Model

Home AC Adapter

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

SIRIUS Universal Boombox SUBX2

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

SIRIUS Universal Boombox SUBX1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Stiletto 10/100 Boombox SLBB1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Stiletto Universal Boombox SLBB2

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Stiletto 10/100 Executive System SLEX1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Stiletto Universal Executive System SLEX2

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

SIRIUS S50 Executive System S50-EX1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

For Older Style Boomboxes

Boombox Model

Home AC Adapter

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

SIRIUS Sportster SPB1 Boombox

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Streamer Replay Boombox STRB1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Starmate Replay Boomcube STB2

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Xact Portable Boombox XS027

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Audiovox Boombox SIR-BB3

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

JVC KS-SB200 Boombox

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Xact Boombox XS075

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Xact Boombox XS097

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Other Power Adapters:

SRH-550 Home AC Power Adapter

Soloist Home AC Power Adapter

If you have questions on which power adapter to use, feel free to give us a call 773-772-4340 or Email Josh

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Sirius Power Cord

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
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One of the most frequent problems that people have with their SIRIUS setup is that they break their SIRIUS power cord.  Fortunately, we stock a replacement option for most SIRIUS radios, both for in-car setups and in-house setups.  If you need help picking out the right one for your setup go here or give us a call at 773-772-4340.

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Need to Convert XM to SIRIUS? New GM-Honda-Toyota and Much More!

Friday, May 15th, 2009
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If you are looking to convert your vehicle from XM to SIRIUS, here is a guide based on make, model and year. Please feel free comment if you have any questions or concerns or shoot me an EMAIL


GM Sirius Connect SIRGM2L

This is a long awaited solution for Newer “Lan” Based vehicles! The compatibility includes:


  • Lesabre 2006
  • Lucerne 2007-2009


CTS Not Compatible

  • DTS 2006-2009
  • Escalade 2007-2009
  • Escalade ESV 2007-2009
  • Escalade EXT 2007-2009
  • SRX 2007


  • Avalanche 2007-2009
  • Equinox 2007-2009
  • Impala 2006-2009
  • Monte Carlo 2006-2007
  • Silverado (New Body) 2007-2009
  • Suburban 2007-2009
  • Tahoe 2007-2009


  • Acadia 2007-2009
  • Sierra 2007-2009
  • Yukon 2007-2009
  • Yukon XL 2007-2009


  • Torrent 2007-2009
  • Vibe 2009
  • G8 2009 Only


  • Outlook 2007-2008
  • Vue 2008-2009


  • XL-7 2007-2009

gm1SIR-GM1 SIRIUS Connect: This will convert select 2003-UP  “Class II” GM made vehicle from the factory XM.  Chevrolet-Buick-GMC-Cadillac-Hummer-Isuzu-Oldsmobile-Pontiac-Saab-Saturn.


honda siriusHONDA and ACURA SIRIUS Connect Package:This is the conversion kit for select 2003-UP Honda and Acura made vehicles. SIRIUS HONDA and ACURA

NOTE:This Adapter does NOT work with ANY Honda or Acura vehicles with the ‘Technology Package’


toyota siriusTOYOTA LEXUS and SCION SIRIUS Connect Package:This is the connect package for select 2004+UP Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles. SIRIUS TOYOTA-LEXUS-SCION


We have a LARGE SELECTION of In Dash options including most brands of vehicles- Check here to see if you can enjoy In Dash SIRIUS Satellite Radio!

Be sure to read all the notes and compatibility charts to avoid any confusion. As always Give TSS-Radio a call and we can discuss your options!


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Get the most from your SIRIUSXM Radio

Monday, April 27th, 2009
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I’ve got a few tips for everyone on how to get the most out of your SIRIUSXM Radio.

If you love satellite radio in the car, take it in your home! Sirius Home kits and XM Home kits can bring all the music, talk and sports into your home stereo system. If you do not have an existing stereo, try a Sirius boombox or XM Boombox. A boombox can take your radio and truly give you the freedom to listen to SIRIUSXM anywhere you go!

If you want In-Dash SIRIUS Radio, give us a call, 773-772-4340. We have a large selection of In Dash options and auxiliary input devices to fit your needs.

Ever feel like you could get a better sound out of your SiriusXM when it’s in your car or home? Ever have static? We can help you find a direct connection for all budgets! Give us a call:773-772-4340

Have a Sirius Stiletto or portable XM radio? Portable units are a great way to take your subscription with you and have the convenience of a MP3 player all in one. Largest selection of protective cases in stock and screen shields to protect your investment.

Give a call and find out how you can get more from your subscription!

We love SIRIUSXM and we know you do too!

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SIRIUS for your Home Theater System

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
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Here I am going to go through several cases studies to see how people can get SIRIUS in a Home Theater system.

Case Study #1- You have a Home Theater system that is NOT SIRIUS-Ready or SIRIUS Built-In.

There are a couple different options you have with this setup. Let’s say you bought a Home Receiver and it does not have any SIRIUS Radio connections or capability and you want to add SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

First off you must add a separate SIRIUS receiver. You can choose form these different options:

#1- Polk Audio SRH-1000, this is a standalone receiver that connects to the LINE IN on your Home Theater Receiver. The nice thing about the SRH-1000 is that is also has VIDEO OUT as-well so you can see the SIRIUS Channel, Artist, and other data right from your TV screen.

#2- SIRIUS Conductor, this system has a remote and base station. The base station is setup with your Home Theater receiver and the remote controls and displays all of the SIRIUS  content. The Channel name and artist info is displayed right on the remote’s LCD screen and you can walk around the room listening, controlling, and seeing all the SIRIUS content you desire.

#3- If you already have a SIRIUS Radio in your car, there might be a SIRIUS Home Kit for it that can be installed to your Home Theater Receiver. This way you do not have to add an additional subscription.

#4- We also have a couple Professional tuners that are built for Commercial use as-well.

Case Study #2- You have a SIRIUS-Ready Home Receiver

This is the more common case out of them all. You purchase a Home receiver that says “SIRIUS-Ready”. This case you have also a couple options:

#1-SCHDOC1 SIRIUS Home Connect Dock. If you already have a SIRIUS Radio that has the Universal docking style connector, then you may use this dock to allow you SIRIUS-Ready Home Receiver to connect, control, and display all of the SIRIUS content. This way you do not have to add an additional subscription.

#2-SIRIUS Connect Home Tuner SCH1– this is the standard tuner for a SIRIUS-Ready Home Receiver. This will connect via the 8-pin data cable,provided, and allow you Home Receiver to play SIRIUS right through.

Case Study #3- You have a SIRIUS Built-In Home Receiver.

This is will be the rarest of all the cases. In this case you purchase a Home Theater that is “SIRIUS Built-IN”. In this case the SIRIUS Tuner and translator  are built into the Home Receiver. So all you would need externally is an SIRIUS Antenna. This is an extremely rare case and if you are unsure at all if you fit into this category, please feel free to to Email me and I can help you decide.

Here is a link to our SIRIUS Home Antenna section.

If you have any question about how to get SIRIUS Satellite Radio in your home please feel free to shoot me an Email.

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How to get the best SIRIUS/XM Satellite Signal

Monday, January 12th, 2009
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Throughout this “how to” I will discuss the tricks and tips on How to get the best Satellite Signal possible out of your SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

First to find out how to get a better signal, we need to look at how the signal is sent. SIRIUS and XM both us different Satellite Patterns so I will Discuss them individually.

How the SIRIUS Signal is delivered. SIRIUS uses satellites that are always moving in a “figure-8” pattern. The best rule of thumb is imagine that the SIRIUS satellites are in the sky above Minnesota. That is the best direction to aim your antenna. Larger cities also have what’s called Terrestrial repeaters. These act as repeaters for areas that could not otherwise get signal, ie. behind large buildings. These cities have receivers and transmitters on the ground that blanket the area in signal.

If you check on your SIRIUS Radio menu, click SIGNAL INDICATOR or ANTENNA AIMING, you will see a SAT and TER with several boxes filled in black. This is your signal strength. SAT is the direct signal from satellites in space, TER is the signal from on-the-ground repeaters.

XM Radio works on the same principle except their satellites do not move. XM Home antennas should always be pointed towards the SOUTH as the satellites are located on the Equator.

If you are having good luck getting signal in one room and want to use your SIRIUS in another try the ECHO Repeater System or try a SIRIUS Extension Cable.These both allow you to place your SIRIUS antenna in one area and the SIRIUS Radio in another.

If you are having trouble receiving signal in your home, and you have tried all the possible antenna placements an upgraded antenna may allow you to pull in the signal better. A good SIRIUS outdoor antenna to go with is the SIRIUS Outdoor Home Antenna. The best antenna we offer works with both SIRIUS and XM Radio, the PRO-600 antenna.

In the Vehicle

In car you want to make sure your Satellite antenna is on the roof, or in a convertible on the truck lid. The magnetic antenna should always be placed 4-6 inches from the edge of the roof and clear from any roof rack or other obstruction. Make sure to route the antenna cable safely as not to crimp the cable, this can cause an Aquiring Signal error message if the cable is damaged.  If you need to remove the cable from the SIRIUS dock or receiver, be sure to pull on the plug and not the cable, the cable connector could come undone and the antenna would we useless. Standard car antennas work will in many cases, but in cases like a Big-Rig or other large vehicle the standard antenna may be ill suited due to the vehicle having a fiberglass body or other obstructions, in this case using a SIRIUS and XM Radio Truck antenna would be best.

In most cases the standard antenna you buy, or receive with your radio is suffiencet to receive Satellite Radio content, being very carefully with the antenna cable and proper aiming should prove to give you quality signal. In some limited areas with canyons, forest cover and other natural sky obstructions, upgrading to a better antenna is the only way to get Satellite radio.

If you have any questions on antenna aiming feel free to email us or gives us a call 773-772-4340, we are here to help.

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NEW-SIRIUS/XM Home Antenna Pro-600

Friday, January 9th, 2009
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pro 600

Pixel Technologies Pro-600 Professional Home Antenna

This Sirius/XM antenna is packed with useful features and technology. The Pro-600 can stream both SIRIUS and XM signals and can pull in the signal better than the standard SIRIUS home antenna. When paired with standard RG-6 cable (sold separately) this antenna can reach lengths up to 200ft.

The Antenna comes with:

  • High Gain Antenna Panel
  • Azimuth/Elevation Adjustable Mount
  • Pole-Mount hardware
  • 3′ F to SMB Adapter Cable
  • Weather Boot
  • Wall Mount Screws and Anchors

If you need RG-6 cable to run with this antenna see our SIRIUS Home Installation Accessories.


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Does your SIRIUS Radio have Static?

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
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Does your SIRIUS Radio have static? Do you want a better audio connection?

We have two simple devices that allow a direct connection of your SIRIUS Radio to your vehicle.

 The two options we offer are a FM Direct Adapter or an Auxiliary Input Device

fm directFM Direct Adapter-This device installs to the back of the car stereo(in the AM/FM antenna port- additional adapters may be required, see HERE) and allows the FM transmission to be directly connected to the stereo and blocking all static interference.  The downside to this unit is the AM radio may not work as strongly as before. FM transmission should remain the same.

aux inAuxiliary Input Device-This device also installs to the back of the car stereo( in the CD Changer/SAT port) and gives you a CD-Quality sound without any static or interference whatsoever and both AM and FM work as normal . This device give you a 1/8th” jack to plug into the dock of a SIRIUS Radio-XM Radio-iPod or any other device with an audio output. Be sure to check the compatibility guide to make sure you get the right device or give us a Call 773-772-4340 and we can find a solution for every situation.

We can usually find a solution for everyone so if you are confused on how to GET RID OF STATIC then shoot us an email at or give us a Call 773-772-4340

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A Guide to Power Cables

Friday, January 2nd, 2009
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Confused on which SIRIUS power cable you need for your radio or boombox? See the guide below:

5v siriusT5VCLA– This is the SIRIUS 5V vehicle adapter.

Home adapter found HERE

Will work with these SIRIUS Satellite Radios:

sirius 12v12v Power Adapter for SPTK1,SPTK2,STRC1Will work with these SIRIUS Satellite Radios: Home adapter found HERE

12V Vehicle Power Adapter for ST1/ST2/GTR/GT
Home adapter found HERE

Boombox Adapters

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Compatible Models:

sirius boomboxSIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A
Compatible Models:

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter-for use with a boombox in a vehicle SIRIUS Vehicle Power Hardwire Kit-for use when hardwiring power for a SIRIUS Radio Receiver.(not for use with boomboxes)

There is a large selection of SIRIUS Power Accessories available if you are not happy with your current power situation check some other options that may be available. If you have any questions feel free to email us at

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