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XM Antenna Buying Guide

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
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When choosing an antenna for your XM radio, you may be confused about the different models and what is best for your setup. This short guide will go over some of the common XM antenna models and help you figure out what you need.

Vehicle Antennas

Mini XM Car Antenna

The Mini XM Car Antenna is the smallest satellite radio antenna on the market. At around 1 square inch, it is probably the most unobtrusive antenna you’ll find. High gain and  a 20ft. antenna cable make this antenna a great solution for customers looking for a small and strong antenna. Works with any single-input XM radio.

XM Car Antenna

XM Car AntennaThe XM Car Antenna is included with most XM Plug and Play Radio models. It is a low profile, high gain antenna that works with all single-input XM radios. It features rubber feet on the bottom to protect your vehicle’s finish and has a 23 ft. attached cable that can easily routed under interior molding for a clean look.

Browning Magnetic Car Antenna for XM

This antenna from Browning features a slightly thicker cable that tends to be more durable than some of the XM branded antennas. It has the same high gain and 20ft. cable, and utilizes the standard SMB connection, making it compatible and ideal for any single input XM radio. It also includes an adhesive pad for customers who would like a more permanent mounting solution.

XMicro XM Magnetic Vehicle Antenna

The XMicro is a versatile antenna that can be used with older FAKRA style XM Radios or standard, single input SMB antenna connections. It features a low profile, 23 ft. cable, magnetic base, and rubber feet to protect your vehicle’s finish. It’s a great option for customers who currently have an older radio, but who may be considering upgrading.

XM Home Antennas

XM Home Antenna

The XM Home Antenna is the most common type of XM antenna for home use. It is included with all current XM boomboxes and home kits, and is sold separately as a replacement. This antenna has a 20ft. cable and can be easily mounted indoor or outdoor for use. Compatible with most XM single input docking stations or radios.

Terk XM Outdoor Home Antenna XM6

The Terk XM6 is a weather resistant, high performance outdoor antenna for use with most XM Radios. The XM6 uses standard RG6 coaxial cable for extra durability and longer cable runs (can drive up to 100ft.) It includes a F to SMB adapter cable to plug into any standard single input XM docking station or boombox.

Pixel Technologies Pro-500 or Pro-600

The Pixel Pro-500 and Pro-600 are professional grade antennas that work with both Sirius and XM satellite radios. Featuring 12 and 8.5 dBi Gain (respectively) these Pixel antennas are the strongest on the market. Both antennas utilize standard RG6 coaxial cable and include F to SMB adapter cables to plug into your satellite radio. In addition, both antennas can drive up to 200ft. of cable without any additional external amplifiers.

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NEW-SIRIUS/XM Home Antenna Pro-600

Friday, January 9th, 2009
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pro 600

Pixel Technologies Pro-600 Professional Home Antenna

This Sirius/XM antenna is packed with useful features and technology. The Pro-600 can stream both SIRIUS and XM signals and can pull in the signal better than the standard SIRIUS home antenna. When paired with standard RG-6 cable (sold separately) this antenna can reach lengths up to 200ft.

The Antenna comes with:

  • High Gain Antenna Panel
  • Azimuth/Elevation Adjustable Mount
  • Pole-Mount hardware
  • 3′ F to SMB Adapter Cable
  • Weather Boot
  • Wall Mount Screws and Anchors

If you need RG-6 cable to run with this antenna see our SIRIUS Home Installation Accessories.


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Starmate Home Antenna

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008
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Starmate Home Antenna

Here I will discuss the several different Antenna options you have for your SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

SIRIUS CAR ANTENNA-scroll down for Home Antennas

The industry standard antenna is the SIRIUS Mobile Antenna Dot Micro

This is the standard SIRIUS Truck Antenna for Heavy Duty applications.

This is the SIRIUS Marine Antenna, built for boats and other watercraft.

These are the common vehicle antennas that are on the market. If you have something else in mind please feel free to give us a call 412.846.6606.


This is the common SIRIUS Home PNP Antenna. This antenna will work with SIRIUS Home Kits and  SIRIUS Boomboxes.

SIRIUS Outdoor Home Antenna– This antenna is built to withstand the elements and designed to be placed on the side of the house, on the roof or being mounted on a pole.

Pixel Technologies Pro-500– This is the BEST SIRIUS antenna we sell. This antenna has the internal parts inside of it to pull in the signal better than any other antenna.

Pixel Technologies Pro-600-This is the little brother to the Pro-500 antenna. This antenna may not pull in the signal as well( only a difference of about 2.5dBi), but this antenna boasts a stunning feature beyond comparison. This antenna can stream SIRIUS Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio.

If you still do not see an antenna that you like or need more information give TSS-Radio a call 312.846.6606

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SIRIUS Starmate Antenna

Monday, September 8th, 2008
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SIRIUS Starmate Antenna

If you are looking for SIRIUS Starmate Antenna look no further. Below is a the guide to help you find your sirius starmate antenna

SIRIUS Starmate Antenna: for the Home

SIRIUS Starmate Antenna: For the Car

The sirius Starmate antenna is universal for all models of sirius Starmate . You can use ALL SIRIUS Starmate ANTENNA with every sirius Starmate , the connections are all the same.

We have a whole section of our site devoted to SIRIUS Antennas so stop by and check it out.

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