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SiriusXM Internet Radio

Thursday, June 21st, 2012
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Bleep blop blurp wuuurrr… Hey, your internet’s calling!  Its got a whole new set of skills.  The internet is a reliable source for just about anything you could possibly imagine.  Its a veritable genie at your finger tips.   Ask and ye shall receive.  But then you already know that.  That’s why you’re here.  You being the tech savvy consumer you are, have already figured out that TSS Radio is the best online retailer for all SiriusXM parts and accessories.  You know it, I know it, and the internet knows it.  That’s not why its calling.  The internet is calling to let you know about all of the SiriusXM content that’s available online.  With the update to Sirius 2.0 and its new Beta Player, there’s a whole lot to be excited about!

What is Sirius 2.0 you ask?  I’m so glad you did.  SiriusXM has provided online content for years, but the recent update to Sirius 2.0 it has gotten a whole lot better.  You still have the ability to listen to the online content anywhere you want, using the same username and password, on any device that can connect you to the internet.  The Internet Radio subscription gives you additional content, not available through the satellite feed, as well as the new XTRA channels.  The XTRA channels have a lot of great options, which for me, couldn’t be more perfect.  I love comedy, rock n’ roll, and sports.  With the XTRA channels, I get great new comedy selections from Carlin’s Corner and UCB RadioRockBar and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Radio provide some of the best music ever made.  And SportsCenter gives me all the latest news from ESPN.  Not to mention, Internet Radio’s ability to give you live play-by-play for just about every sport out there.  Who could ask for more? Spanish speaking listeners?  Included in the new XTRA channels is a great deal of Latin programing, including about a dozen dedicated Latin & World channels.  That’s all in addition to the online channels only available with an internet subscription.  But Sirius 2.0 is much more than just XTRA Channels.

Have you ever wished you could time travel, but lacked the Flux Capacitor?  With Sirius 2.0’s Start Now feature you can go back 5 hours from where you start listening to see what you missed.  Some channels are more limited with this feature, but most talk shows allow it.  You can pause, rewind, and fast forward live radio on any channel.  Due to bandwidth restrictions there is a limit to the number of times you can skip a song, but the ability to go back to the beginning of a show is really unbeatable.  Not only can you jump back 5 hours, but you can search to see whats on other channels all while you listen to your current station.  There is even a Show Alert function that will tell you when your favorite song or artist is playing on another channel.  If you missed the alert and flipped over too late, don’t sweat it, Sirius 2.0 has that covered as well.  With TuneStart, SiriusXM automatically starts the song from the beginning when you tune into the station… On every channel!  You can even store your favorite channels for easier access.  Want even easier access?  Try On Demand, Sirius 2.0’s newest feature.  On Demand is exactly what it sounds like, the ability to access past shows at any time, and listen whenever you’d like!  With dozens of ways to tune in, whats not to love about Sirius 2.0?!

Whoopee, you say?  (With genuine excitement, I am sure)  How can I go about obtaining this glorious Sirius 2.0?  Why, how else?  The internet!  For just $3.99 you can add an internet subscription to your existing satellite subscription.  Then, you can access SiriusXM internet radio from home, work, or anywhere you get an internet connection.  Just because the content is online, doesn’t mean you need a computer to access it.  Internet Radios like Grace Wireless and the TTR1 Sirius Tabletop are great options for indoor use.  The Grace models provide features that go well beyond the SiriusXM online content by also delivering access to thousands of Internet Radio options from around the world.  Of course, SiriusXM provides receivers can deliver Sirius 2.0 as well.  The SiriusXM Edge, for instance, operates solely on a satellite feed, but comes equipped with Sirius2.0 features such as XTRA Channels.  The Edge is a Plug and Play receiver like most others on the XM platform.  On the Sirius side, the Stiletto 2 is capable of connecting via WiFi and therefore capable of getting Sirius 2.0 within range of a router.  The nice thing about the Stiletto is its versatility.  It can be used with WiFi, as a plug and play unit in docking stations, or portably with a built in antenna and battery.  Unfortunately the Stiletto is discontinued, so its parts and accessories are becoming more and more difficult to come by, though we will carry them as long as we possibly can.  One of the most fascinating and exciting receivers that receives Sirius 2.0 is the new SiriusXM Lynx.

The Lynx is a ground breaking new receiver for SiriusXM, that is sure to change how people listen to Satellite Radio.  It can be used portably with a WiFi signal and is optimally designed for Sirius 2.0.  With a built in speaker as well as a headphone jack, this radio is ideal for carrying around the house or office while streaming your internet subscription.  You can also use it like a Plug and Play receiver in Home Kits, Vehicle Kits, and Boomboxes where it will receive a satellite signal.  Another ground breaking feature is the ability to connect to devices via Bluetooth so your home stereo plays what the device you carry around portably displays.  The Lynx is designed on a modified version of the Andriod platform, and has a touch screen display that is very easy to use.   All of the features from Sirius 2.0 are available with this unit, as well as a few additional features.  Radio Replays, Artist and Song information, as well as some rumored updates yet-to-come such as On Demand, make this radio unparallelled to any other.  The Lynx makes one wonder why anyone would want to listen through a computer or app.

Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones are like the internet, they’re everywhere.  There’s a reason they call it the World Wide Web.  An internet subscription allows you to listen to live NFL games in Europe, MLB in Asia, and NPR in Africa.  Your only limit to the online content is internet access.  Connecting audio for these parts has never been easier.  Whether you are using the basic RCA Input, an iPod dock, or Smartphone adapter, TSS Radio has the parts you need to play your Radio at home or in a vehicle.  I’m of the opinion that SiriusXM Satellite is the way to go for road travel, and even in home with the right satellite radio home antenna.  With SiriusXM online, as with any online content, you will always be limited to internet access.  The Satellites hovering above North America ensure you will always have a signal provided you can aim an antenna in the sky.  When you do have internet access though, nothing compares to the clarity and quality of the sound on SiriusXM’s internet service.  Give it a try, you won’t regret it.  You can get a free trail right now from, where else?  The internet!  It’s a wonderful tool.  With Sirius 2.0, its even better.

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Hot Times in the City

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010
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There are two products that TSS-Radio carries that you may not be aware of but I really think you’ll like. One is the Stiletto 2 Armband and Case, which TSS-Radio had specially made. The other is the Sony Portable Travel Speaker.

If there is one thing that Chicagoans do really well, it’s complain about the weather. 75% of the year, it’s subzero and we all fear that our faces will freeze off. The other 25% of the year is spent in the humid seventh circle. The north-side of Chicago is currently residing in that 25% so our manager, Harper, decided to go for a jog… with his Stiletto 2.

Harper was able to comfortably jog the 400-degree streets of Chicago using the Stiletto 2 Armband and Case. The cool part of the product is that it’s made of neoprene, so you can strap it to your arm and not have to worry about your Stiletto 2 getting damaged if the strap gets wet!. The Stiletto 2 Armband and Case basically protects your Stiletto 2 from sweat, from rain and from the sun. It also holds the receiver away from your body so you can use earbuds.

There is also an Armband and Case for the XMp3!

The product I’m really into these days is the Sony Portable Travel Speaker. I just moved from one apartment to another and one of the first things to get packed was my home stereo.  So, I got one of the Sony Portable Travel Speakers so I could still rock out while packing up, moving my stuff, and then the subsequent five hours of cleaning. The next day, I brought my Sony Portable Travel Speaker out to the back deck with me so my friends and I could listen to Sirius XM Alt Nation while grilling out with friends who I had kinda sorta forced into helping me move… But you’ve already read that blog 😉

:) Karen

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SIRIUS Stiletto 2 and XM XMp3

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
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What options does the SIRIUS Stiletto 2 have? What options does the XM XMp3 have?

In a Head to Head breakdown of features here is what I found:

Radio Sirius Stiletto 2
Satellite Service Sirius Satellite Radio XM Satellite Radio
Screen Size 2 1/4” 2 3/4”
WiFi Compatible



Internal Storage Space 2gb 2gb
Memory Card Compatible up to 16gb on a MicroSD Card up to 16gb on a MicroSD Card
Weight 4.3oz 2.5oz
Music Files Supported Mp3/WMA Mp3/WMA
Simultaneous Channel Recording Only 1 Satellite Channel at a time Up to 5 Satellite Channels at a time
Home or Car Kit Included No Home Kit Included

So who wins in the battle? You do. Both receivers are quality products that both have something different to bring to the table. I couldn’t pick one or the other to say, “it’s a better receiver”. Each receiver is designed to carry different attributes, so don’t think of them as rivals, but more as teammates.

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How to update a SIRIUS Stiletto

Monday, March 23rd, 2009
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When you purchase a SIRIUS Stiletto portable series radio you first should update it. While the Stiletto is on the shelf in a store, updates are being created, so when you first receive your radio you should update it to place the current version of firmware on the unit.

The Stiletto can be updated two different ways.:

First and easiest way is to connect the SIRIUS Stiletto up to a Wi-Fi connection(Wi-Fi passkey may be required). Make sure you are able to hear the channels through the Internet Radio section on the Stiletto’s home screen. If you leave the Stiletto playing on the Wi-Fi radio after a few minutes it will begin to update itself.

The Second way to update a SIRIUS Stiletto is a little more involved, but not necessarily harder.

1. Power on your home computer and install the MSS (My SIRIUS Studio) CD that comes with the SIRIUS Stiletto. Also found here for download: My SIRIUS Studio

2. After the MSS program is installed on the computer, connect the Stiletto USB Cable to the USB port on your computer.

3. When Windows recognizes the Stiletto being connected it will ask which program you would like to manage this device with. Choose My SIRIUS Studio.

4. Open My SIRIUS Studio, if it does not open automatically, then on the Right Hand side scroll over the Stiletto picture/icon. Click on the icon that looks like a cog or gear, just to the right and below of the Stiletto icon.

5. Click on the Gear or Cog icon by the Stiletto and select Check for Update. This download will make sure that your Stiletto is running with the current update released by SIRIUS.

If you feel like you have a Stiletto problem please feel free to comment below and I will find an answer for you. Thanks for reading!

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SIRIUS Stiletto

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
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If you are searching for items related to the SIRIUS Stiletto look no further.

The Receivers:

sirius stiletto -This is the SIRIUS Stiletto 2

sirius stiletto -This is the SIRIUS Stiletto 100

sirius stiletto 10-This is the SIRIUS Stiletto 10

The SIRIUS Stiletto 10 and SIRIUS Stiletto 100 both use the same car kit, home kit, and boombox. The SIRIUS Stiletto 2 uses its own equipment.

sirius stiletto car kitSIRIUS Stiletto 10 and SIRIUS Stiletto 100 Car Kit: SLV1

sirius stiletto home kitSIRIUS Stiletto 10 and SIRIUS Stiletto 100 Home Kit: SLH1

stiletto sound systemSIRIUS Stiletto 10 and SIRIUS Stiletto 100 Sound System: SOLOD1 NOTE:This sound system can also be used with the Stiletto 2.

SIRIUS Stiletto 2 Kits and Boomboxes

sirius stiletto 2 car kit– This is the SIRIUS Stiletto 2 Car Kit: SLV2

sirius stiletto 2 home kit-This is the SIRIUS Stiletto 2 Home Kit: SLH2

sirius stiletto 2 boombox-This is the SIRIUS Stiletto 2 Boombox: SLBB2

NOTE:This boombox can be used with the SIRIUS Stiletto 10 and SIRIUS Stiletto 100.

All Stilettos use the same power and antenna cables, the difference is the Stiletto 10/100 use a different dock than the Stiletto 2

We have a whole section of our site devoted to all parts for the SIRIUS Stiletto series. Find it HERE

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SIRIUS Soloist Universal Sound System and its Adapters

Friday, June 27th, 2008
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Here at TSS Radio we are getting very excited over the SIRIUS Soloist Universal Sound System. Finally, someone has brought a product to the table that is incredibly versatile and easy to use! This elegant powered speaker system has a unique interchangeable cradle system that allows you to enjoy high quality audio from your Sirius Satellite Radio in seven different formats. (Stiletto 100, Stiletto 10, Sportster 3, Sportster 4, Starmate 3, Starmate 4, and Stratus 4) This hot little number also allows you to integrate the use of an iPod. And not just one iPod folks! Any iPod that has the 30 pin connector. (Classic, mini, Nano, Touch, iPhone, etc).

First off the Soloist looks fantastic! This thing could easily fit anywhere inside a home or office no matter what your decor. And with its sleek small design could be placed anywhere. It stand only 8″ high, 12.5″ wide, and a mere 4.5″ deep.

Second is the Soloist versatility. It comes equipped with four different adapters to integrate with whatever radio you choose to use, to include an iPod! Switching out the adapters is simple and easy. The only thing to note is if you are going to use a Stiletto on this unit, you have to remove one screw and slide the docking port over to the right. Here is a detailed video for how the adapters can be changed out and the docking port moved to the right for a Stiletto.


Third, the Soloist has a line in port on the back allowing you to connect an additional device that isn’t supported by the docking port on the front. It also has a line out port on the back so this unit can be connected to an existing home audio system.

Another advantage found on the back of the Soloist is the USB cable port. This can be used to sink up your Stiletto 100 to your computer!

And fourth and final, the SIRIUS Soloist Universal Sound System is one of the more affordable universal sound systems on the market with a price of only $69.99. This little baby can’t be beat! Plus, the unit is equipt with an alarm clock with sleep function, LCD display, and music timer functions. Very few products on the market are as versatile, powerful, small, and easy to use as this one. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a sound system to go just about anywhere that can play just about anything!


TSS Radio

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A Stiletto Buyers Guide

Monday, June 2nd, 2008
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So you’re thinking of buying a Stiletto or have already bought one. What accessories or tips do you need to get the most out of your Stiletto?

With this guide I will show you a few products and tips to help you get the most out of your investment.

First I will address the folks who have not yet purchased a Stiletto, so if you already have one please feel free to skip this section. Ok, you’re most likely looking at Stiletto’s because the are new, portable, and incredibly enjoyable, but being as there are technically three Stilettos it can be confusing as to which one is right for you.

First off we’ll look at the Stiletto 10. This unit was developed as a base model portable live Sirius radio. It has an internal memory of 10 hours and is not expandable with a memory card. The Stiletto 10 (SL10) does not support WiFi. It has been discontinued.

The Stiletto 100: Physically identical to the Stiletto 10, but offers more features including Up to 100 hours of storage (2 GB),Schedule up to 6 hour blocks of recording from SIRIUS’ Commercial Free Content,and SIRIUS Replay™—Pause, rewind and replay 44 minutes of live radio. It does have WiFi built in, with the WiFi feature, you will be able to listen SIRIUS inside any building were there is an accessible WiFi connection.

The Stiletto 2: Brand new and sleek looking the SL2 is a fan favorite. It brings all the features of the SL100 plus the ability to use a Micro-SD memory card and use both B and G WiFi. This unit is slightly small and different color, and has an internal battery rather than an external battery like the SL10/Sl100. The SL2 uses the same internal interface menus as the SL10/Sl100. It however does not use the same docks and cradles as the SL10/Sl100. If you are upgrading from the Stiletto 10/100 to the Stiletto 2 you can use the power and antenna cables from the previous car/home kit and just use the Stiletto 2 car dock or Stiletto 2 home dock.

Ok, so you have your Stiletto, now here are a few suggestions to help you protect, customize,and enhance you new toy.

Stiletto Cases:There are many cases out there for your Stiletto, Leather cases,  ruggedized cases, and Neoprene cases to name a few. Choosing one is a personal choice, based on intended use. If you’re a runner, a stiletto armband case is perfect. If you’re a professional, a sleek stiletto leather case touches your Stiletto off nicely, and for you construction workers, a stiletto ruggedized case will protect it from any accidental drops or bumps.


Stiletto Headphones: The Stiletto does come with a set of Antenna Headphones, but if you get the SL10/Sl100 you may want to upgrade to the Stiletto 2 Antenna Headphones, which are made by Altec Lansing, padded and comfortable. Also Stiletto come with standard SIRIUS earbud headphones which DO NOT have an antenna built inside.

With Stiletto you can use a variety of aftermarket earbuds to get the best quality sound from you Stiletto.  We have a variety of headphone that can be found HERE

If you have a Stiletto 2 this is a feature exclusive to you. Adding a MicroSD card will let you store more of your own mp3 music files to play at your leisure.   We’d recommend the 8gb Kingston Flash Memory Card

 Stiletto Screen Protectors: You just made a SIRIUS investment( no pun intended) and you want to keep it nice and clean and free of scratches, I suggest the Sirius Stiletto 2 Screen Shield for Stiletto 2 and Sirius Stiletto 100/10 Screen Shield for Stiletto 10/100 these are applied like standard car window tint and are designed to protect you stiletto screen from any unwanted scratches and nicks.

TIPS and TRICKS for Stilettos:
Tips for both SL100/Sl2:

  • Use a Screen shield, please, you will thank me after the first time you accidentally put your Stiletto in the same pocket as your car keys, I’ve done it :(
  • Fully Shutdown the Stiletto before you remove the battery.
  • Shut down often, especially at night if not in use.
  • Update often, use the USB cable and connect it up to your computer or alternatively connect it to WiFi.
  • When 80% of internal memory is used, the Stiletto may start to glitch. The easiest fix is to clean out your recordings.
  • After you purchase a Stiletto, UPDATE IT!. It will put the newest version on you Stiletto and fix a few bugs that may have been present when you unit was purchased.
  • Use My Sirius Studio software

If you have a Stiletto 2 this is specific for you:

  • Format your MicroSD card

This is pretty much everything I can think about Stiletto that will help you the consumer be satisfied and give you a long lasting, quality product.

If you have any addition or comment feel free to email me at:

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Who does what? SL2 vs. SL100

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
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In the portable SIRIUS satellite radio world there are only two serious pun intended.

SIRIUS Stiletto 100
This radio is was revolutionary for its time. Combining the ability to listen to live satellite radio via the built in satellite antenna and battery and the ability to connect to Wi-Fi wireless internet. When the Stiletto came out it was long sought after by Sirius fans and prized by the individuals who owned them. The few downsides to the glorious Stiletto 100 are its limited 100 hour internal memory and painful antenna headphones(both remedied by the Stiletto 2).

SIRIUS Stiletto 2
The Stiletto 2 is a vision into portable Sirius radio’s future. It combines all the Stiletto 100 strengths and none of its weaknesses. A MicroSD card slot for expanded MP3 storage and a set of comfortable and stylish Altec Lansing antenna headphones adds to its already awesome arsenal. Only after holding the Stiletto 2 can you really appreciate its eminence and glory.

Both are a wise choice if your thinking about upgrading, but if you want to be on the forefront of Sirius’s technology the Stiletto 2 is the way to go!

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Stiletto available for pre-order

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006
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We are now making the Sirius Stiletto available for pre-order. This is the email that we sent to our pre-order customers yesterday:

Thank you for joining our Sirius Stiletto pre-order notification list.

As promised, we will keep you updated as we learn more about timing and the details of the Stiletto’s capabilities.

Timing / Order Process

Based upon our latest conversations with SIRIUS and Directed, we expect that the Stiletto will first become available to retailers, including us, near the end of September or in early October.

As a member of our notification list, you have the opportunity to reserve one of the first Stilettos by following this link:

– we expect significant demand for the Stiletto and recommend that, if you want to be one of the first to get one, you reserve it now.

Simply proceed to the above link, add the Stiletto to your card, and checkout. Your credit card will not be charged, we just store your credit card information so that we can charge you when the Stilettosarrive. This process also checks with your bank to ensure that your credit card has capacity for the charge.

We have placed a very large order of Stilettos from SIRIUS and expect to be one of the first retailers to receive them. Upon receiving them we will ship all orders in the order they were received. If you are one of the first several hundred to pre-order, yours will be shipped the day that we receive them, if you are later on our pre-order list yours will probably ship the next day. We expect to ship all pre-ordered Stilettos within 2 days after they arrive.

Details on the Stiletto

The SIRIUS Stiletto SL100PK1 is SIRIUS’ first truly portable device. Unlike previous devices, which can only receiving programming when docked, the Stiletto can receive live programming while undocked. That means that you can listen to SIRIUS live while you are jogging, riding the bus, grocery shopping, etc. However, to receive live programming you must be in an area where you can get reception.

If you are in a big office building, or a very solid home with lots of trees around it, or a concrete bunker, you will not be able to receive  live programming from the satellites.

However, for situations where you cannot get reception, Stiletto can receive live programming via a wireless internet connection. There are two limitations to using the Stiletto in this way. First, you must have access to a wireless network (WiFi, also known as 802.11)We expect that most people will find the

Stiletto’s wireless internet capabilities most useful in their homes and offices where they have a wireless internet connection but would not otherwise get reception.

The Stiletto contains 2GB of flash memory to allow storage of up to 100 Hours of SIRIUS content. By connecting the Stiletto to your PC you can also upload, store and manage MP3 and WMA files for later listening on your Stiletto.

The Screen is brighter and has twice the resolution of the S50 screen.

We have spent significant time playing with a demo Stiletto from SIRIUS and we really like the interface. The navigation on the unit is easy and intuitive, essential for a device of such complex functionality.

Based on our early experiences, we expect there will be far fewer initial problems with the Stiletto than there were with the S50.

Future Firmware updates allow the device to get even better over time.

A big advantage of the Stiletto is that it can download firmware updates from a wireless internet (WiFi/802.11) connection. That means that, if you like, you can use the full functionality of the Stiletto without ever connecting it to a PC (Apple-users will love this).

Firmware updates are optional.

While you don’t need any accessories to get the full functionality of your Stiletto, there are a wide variety of accessories that will allow you to get SIRIUS content in a wide variety of contexts:

The Stiletto Vehicle Kit will allow you to connect the Stiletto to your car stereo and will be available at the same time as the Stiletto

for $69.99 you can pre-order your vehicle kit here –

The Stiletto Home Kit will allow you to connect the Stiletto to your home stereo and will be available at the same time for $69.99 you can pre-order your home kit here –

The Sirius Soloist is a small docking station with built-in cutting edge NXT flat-panel speakers and will be available shortly after the Stiletto for $149.99. The Soloist is perfect for using with your Stiletto in an office or a small room in your house that does not already have a stereo system. You can pre-order your Soloist here

The Stiletto Boombox is a standard SIRIUS boombox that works with the Stiletto and will be available shortly after the Stiletto for $99.99. The Boombox is useful for the deck, a boat, camping or other environments where you want a solution that is rugged and portable. You can pre-order your Stiletto Boombox here –

Keep in mind that the Stiletto does not come with any of the above accessories. We expect that the accessories will be in short supply as well; if you would like one, please reserve it by following the above links and proceeding to checkout.

We will continue to keep you updated as we learn more about the timing and functionality of the SIRIUS Stiletto.

Thank you,

TSS-Radio Team


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Live Portable excitement and confusion…

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
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I hope everyone out there had a terrific 4th! The illegal fireworks here in Chicago were like nothing I have ever seen. It sounded like a war was going on…Anyway, I posted a banner on the front page of the other day about the new Sirius Live Portable after seeing Mel Karmazin, CEO of Sirius flash one at the at the Convergence 2.0 Conference. This has already caused some confusion, and I just wanted to clear it up. We put up this banner to encourage people to email us so that we could keep them informed of new information as it becomes available, not so that people could “pre order” this unit that may or may not be available this year. Unfortunately our website shows any item that is not currently available as some thing that can be pre ordered. This is not the case, although we will order enough of the Live Portable when it does come out so that anyone who has sent us email will be able to get one.

Now, what you really want to know is what do we actually know about this Live Portable unit? Well we know that it may be out AROUND August and that the projects name has been changed from Belagio to Stiletto. Also, we know that the working model number is SL100TK1. That is just about all we got for now, but if you email us, we will let you know more when we do. On another note, if anything on says it is on backorder or out of stock, you can email us at or add yourself to the products notify list and we will email you as soon as we receive more!

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