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Sirius Car Antennas

Thursday, January 17th, 2008
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Sirius Car Antennas

Confused by which replacement antenna you need for your Sirius Satellite Radio?

Magnetic cat antennas are a fragile breed by nature.Their life span can be significantly shortened by certain things like where the antenna cable is ran, how the antenna exits the vehicle, and where on the car the actually magnet is placed. By making sure you do not install the cable with any sharp bends or in a place where a door/window/sunroof can pinch the cable it will make sure you get all the years out of it you can.

If you do find your self in a bind needing an antenna I offer these simple suggestions and tips:

  • Dot Micro Car Antenna This Model is the industry standard. It has a low sleek profile, keeping it as far away from wind and rain as possible while giving you a 360 degrees view of the sky. It has a Higher Gain than all other antennas, which translates into better signal, making this the most cost effective choice of all the antennas.


  • Sirius Truck Antenna If you are looking for a Heavy Duty antenna built for life on the road then this is the antenna for you. It features a heavy duty steel mounting bracket,Several mounting options including mirror mount, flap mount, air dam shield mount etc. making this the most sought after antenna on the road. By getting the antenna away from obstructions gives you the best possible signal and allows you to get a satellite signal where other antennas would not. If you have a Semi or Truck this is the antenna for you!


Older radios featured a dual antenna connection. One for terrestrial signal and one for direct satellite signal. If your radio has two connections for antenna than this adapter is what you are looking for:

  • Dual Antenna Adapter This adapter gives you a single round connection to be able to use any of the other antennas listed above. It takes the two box connections you currently have and converts them into a single round plug to where you can place a newer style antenna.
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FCC hurting business

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006
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DailyTech just wrote a pretty negative article Sirius Pulls Some Radios Due to FCC Probe about how the FCC ruling that some of the FM transmitters are too strong on SIRIUS radios has caused SIRIUS to stop shipping a bunch of radios. I have three comments:

1. The picture that DailyTech attached to the article is of the Sportster4 (SP4-TK1) one of the few sirius radios that has a newer, weaker, FM transmitter and is not affected by the FCCs latest decision

2. The decision has had a significant impact on our business. A lot of the better selling radios, like the Sirius S50, are not presently available, and our radio sales have slowed – I would be very surprised if this did not affect SIRIUS’ financials

3. One great solution to this problem is to use a Wired FM modulator, to hardwire your SIRIUS signal into your car – they are not hard to install, they are only $20 and the sound quality is much better

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Antenna Fever!

Thursday, June 29th, 2006
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As usual, things have been going great here at TSS-Radio. The weather is great and its the time of year for installing that new SIRIUS system in your car or truck!
I have been taking pictures to help everyone out with their install. We have added detail pictures to all of the antennas so that you can now see what the connectors on each one are like. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion about which antenna you need for your receiver. As you may or may not know, there are 2 types of antenna connectors. The first type is the Fakra connector which is a square plastic connector and only found on much older receivers like the Kenwood and some OEM SIRIUS car receivers (i.e. Infinity). The other type is a regular SMB which is what the majority of receivers and docking stations have. The SMB can be straight or right angle. I have also added photos to the Truck antenna to make it easier to see what the mounting hardware is like.

In other TSS news, we will be getting the much sought after Home Antenna back in stock. The Home Antenna can be mounted on the outside of your house for a clearer view of the sky. We have also just added a part that will help you get a cleaner looking vehicle Installation is the 12v Power Hardwire Cable. This cable will allow you to have the power for your 12v receiver hardwired to your cars power, NO MORE CIGARETTE LIGHTER ADAPTER!
While we are on the subject of antennas and installation, we would love to see your Sirius Installation! If you live in the Chicago area and have a great Sirius Installation in your vehicle, email me at Have a great 4th!


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