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Jake Fogelnest: Part Two!

Monday, October 11th, 2010
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Without further ado… I give you Part Two if my Jake Fogelnest, Sirius XM DJ and Stern contributor!

What’s the best part of working at XMU/Alt Nation?

The people are great.  It amazes me, I’ve been at Sirius XM for four years and I’ve never had an argument once.  I love who I work with. Rob Cross and Jeff Regan, Gregg Steele, Steve Blatter. It’s like all the guys who GET IT in radio seem to come work at Sirius.

It’s also pretty damn awesome who passes through the halls.  I get to interview all these amazing bands and see them perform a few feet from my face.

And the way we produce stuff it gives me lots of free time to work on other projects.

I am really happy to be at Sirius XM – it’s the best job in radio.  I feel bad for anyone who works somewhere else!

Do you get to choose any of the music you play?

Jeff and Rob are extremely good about that. I’m always asked for my input but I don’t take advantage of it nearly as much as I should. The thing is those dudes are so great at programming there’s not a lot for me to complain about!

What have been your most memorable interviews? The good / The bad?

I got to interview DEVO this year which was a total dream come true.  I’ve been interviewing bands since I was a kid, but no band has meant more to me than Devo.  Just getting to sit down with those guys and get them to sign my energy dome was amazing.

Do you ever get to hang out with Howard?

Howard is amazing.  I’ve been lucky enough to be around the Stern show since I was 17.  The first time I called in to the show I was 13.  I made a phony phone call to a local Bible show in Philadelphia:

“Can you say a prayer for my sick daughter… and have you ordered Howard Stern’s Butt Bongo Fiesta 1-800-52-Stern?”

Howard and Robin loved it.

The whole Stern show crew have been so cool to me over the years.  I got to see a screening of “Private Parts” with them, one of the first times the whole crew had actually seen the film.  I got to go to Scores and have Lonnie take care of me on my 18th birthday.  They just recently replayed me as a guest on the Stern show when I was seventeen years-old.  Howard had me on as a guest because MTV had canceled my show, there were all kinds of rumors about me with drugs and he wanted to hear the story.

I was actually pretty amazed listening back to it a few months ago.  I was seventeen when it aired. My show had just been canceled.  I wasn’t officially hired at K-Rock yet.  That could’ve been the absolute end of my career right there.  And I found myself listening to it, almost fifteen years later… and it wasn’t the end of my career at all, but the start.  I can’t tell you the gratitude that filled me with.

One other cool Stern story: The day after he left for Sirius, I ripped the “MIC 1” button off of his radio console.  I didn’t like the idea of anyone turning on that mic besides Howard. I stole it to ensure it would never be used by anyone but him. Besides, it was easy to replace. David Lee Roth could use a replacement.

One morning I heard Howard was gloating about the demise of K-Rock and CBS Radio and he mentioned feeling a bit nostalgic about his old console. I decided it was time to return this item to Howard.  So I gave it to Tim Sabean.

Tim had the button enclosed in a glass box and gave it to Howard.  He thought it was really great and has it in his office.  I thought that was an insanely cool thing for Tim to do.  I’m glad I was able to return that little piece of history to the Stern Show.

Anything else you can think of that our TSS Contingent would want to know?

I think it’s the job of a disc jockey to be unobtrusive and as non-annoying as possible while playing the music.  There are so many DJ’s that try to force in their agenda instead of just presenting the music and some brief cool stuff with it.  Those DJ’s need to find other outlets to get that sh*t out of their system.  I hope that when people listen to me on Sirius XM I’m doing my job right — just trying to be slightly amusing and not being too much of a pain in the ass in between the songs!

TSS Radio is awesome – all you guys are so cool and such great fans of what Sirius XM does.  And it’s been a pleasure to promote it during my idiotic webcast on Friday night!!  It’s cool to talk radio stuff and Howard!  Not that I don’t love VH1 and comedy and everything, but radio is such a big part of my life.  You guys are like Sirius XM’s biggest supporters and that is AWESOME!!!!

Thanks, Jake… We think you’re alright too!

Follow Jake on Twitter at @jakefogelnest

And follow me on Twitter at @TSSKaren

:-) Karen

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Jake Fogelnest, Sirius XM DJ: Part One!

Thursday, October 7th, 2010
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In a new feature on my little section of the TSS-Radio blog, I bring you an interview that I did with Jake Fogelnest,Sirius XMU and occasional Sirius XM Alt Nation DJ.

Jake is a regular contributor to VH1’s I Love the 80’s, I Love the 90’s, and I Love the 2000’s, and Best Week Ever. Jake’s work has been seen on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update,” the film We Hot American Summer, The John Stewart Show, Howard Stern, and Late Night With Conan O’Brian. You may also have caught his stage work with the likes of Sarah Silverman when he served as the assistant director for her one-woman show Jesus is Magic.

For us old-school fans, we remember Jake fondly as the kid that interviewed Liz Phair and Cypress Hill on his bed in the MTV show, Squirt TV:  SQUiRT TV!

Jake was nice enough to let me ask him pretty much whatever I wanted about his new digs at Sirius XM. I bring you, JAKE FOGELNEST: PART ONE: Behind the Scenes


How did you go from SQUiRT TV to VH1 to Sirius but you’re a writer/blogger/tv personality… How did you get into satellite radio?

Jake Fogelnest:

In 1996 K-Rock switched from a classic rock format to “alternative.”.  My show had just ended on MTV and I was seventeen and unemployed.  I  called the request line and a DJ named “Sluggo” picked up the phone.  I said, “Hey, it’s Jake Fogelnest! I wanna be on K-Rock!” He knew who I was and thought it was an awesome idea!  Next thing you know I was having a meeting with legendary KROQ programmer Kevin Weatherly and I was on the air.

I know, I know – I’m a terrible person. I didn’t travel around the country. I got my first job in radio over the request line…

I worked at K-Rock from like seventeen to nineteen.  I hosted a weekly new music show called “The Buzz.” Then I quit for some stupid reason.  Probably because I was angry they wouldn’t let me play a Sleater-Kinney record or something.  I got involved with comedy stuff with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Around 2004 I heard that same DJ Sluggo back on the air in New York so I called him up just to say hello.  Turns out he was being ISDN’d in from LA and that there was an awesome new program director at K-Rock, Rob Cross that Sluggo said I had to meet with.  So I met Rob and he was AWESOME.  I was quickly hired back at K-Rock and it was so much more fun the second time around.  Rob and I have very similar sensibilities so it was a blast.

Then Howard Stern announced he was leaving terrestrial radio for Sirius.

That’s when things got really interesting.

David Lee Roth showed up on Stern and they announced he’d be taking over and they were switching the format to FREE-FM in a few months.

In an act of madness I decided to get in a cab, go up to the station and ask Gary if Howard Stern knew that he’d indirectly just fired a bunch of people with his announcement.  During the cab ride up I left a voicemail for Ross Zapin who was already working at Sirius. I told Ross, “I’m on my way up to Stern… And I want a job.  Call me later”

I ended up on the Stern show that morning for almost an hour.  Howard was amazing.  I have the tape if you’d like to hear it. He thought the way management was handling things was terrible and was beyond unsupportive.

Sometime after that Rob Cross, the awesome program director I was working for decided to leave K-Rock and go work for… You guessed it, Sirius.

I was still on the air at K-Rock, but in a few months I’d be done.  A new program director came in and didn’t like the attitude I had been using on the air so he suspended me.  I had to go meet with him.  I figured he’d either pull me off the air immediately or let me back on for a few weeks after giving me a lecture.  What did it matter, I was out the door anyway?  Instead he didn’t something I wasn’t expecting.  He offered me a job.  I am the only person in the history of EVER to get offered their own talk show by getting fired by the same person who hired me.

Right as I was preparing to start this new talk show on Free FM I got a call from Sirius.   An executive named Walter Sabo called me in for a meeting. He said “You’re amazing, you should be over here with us – how would you like to EXECUTIVE PRODUCE Howard’s new years eve show?” Howard’s contract was going to expire at midnight and it would be the first time he could call in and legally be heard on Sirius.

The thing that sucked was, I had this handshake with Tom Chiusano and CBS to start the new Free FM show in a few DAYS!  So I took the gig for the weekend, but kept my name off the air.  Instantly I knew after producing that show I had to be at Sirius.

I made a deal with the folks at CBS Radio – I would do the talk show, but if I could put something together at Sirius, I’d like to do that too.  At first they were okay with it and then the whole thing with Howard’s lawsuit went down. They went back on their word.

I never signed a contract with CBS which was one of the smartest things I ever did.  David Lee Roth was s***canned and they were bringing in Opie and Anthony.  I knew I was about eleven seconds from being canceled.  So very quickly and quietly, I signed my deal with Sirius XM.  Then when CBS called to give me the bad news… I beat them to it and said “Actually, I just signed a deal with Sirius — but I’ll still take my severance since you technically “fired” me.”

It was one of the rare instances of show business where things worked out PERFECTLY and I did stuff right.

Part Two: Coming Soon!

:-) Karen

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Make your Grandmother Happy – Get Her SIRIUS

Friday, August 14th, 2009
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Our audience skews a bit young, after all, the average satellite radio listener is 43 years old, and being an internet store, our average customer might be younger still.

Since we don’t think of older people and satellite radio together usually, I want to fill you in on a secret.  Your grandparents will FLIP OUT if you get them SIRIUS for a gift.  For example, take my Nana.  Satellite radio is perfect for her because she:

  1. has some time to kill, especially lately, as she has been recovering from shoulder surgery
  2. is used to listening to the radio a lot, most of her life has been spent during the years when FM radio was a major form of entertainment
  3. loves music (and news) and wants to access the ever-proliferating amount of content, but has NO PATIENCE for figuring out complicated technologies like internet radio, ipods, itunes, etc.  The genius of satellite radio for her is that it puts modern technology into a familiar interface.

I attached a voice mail message that she left me a couple days ago (on my birthday) where she talks about how much she likes the Tivoli Sirius table radio that I sent her a few weeks ago. Take a listen.

SIRIUS radio is a great gift for grandparents everywhere.

Nana’s MP3

Me and My Nana in Door County

Me and My Nana in Door County

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Sad Road Trip Without SIRIUS

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009
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Mountains and Reindeer in Colorado

Two weekends ago I went to a wedding in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  I have been to Steamboat a few times before, but always in the winter to snowboard.  In the winter one of the biggest appeals of Steamboat over other ski areas out west is that it has a little airport about 20 miles away that has direct flights from Chicago – much nicer than driving out I-70 from DIA to get to Breckenridge or Vail.

However, in the summer there are no direct flights from Chicago to Steamboat / Hayden Airport and I had to drive up from Denver.  It’s about a 3.5 hour drive and my wife couldn’t come so I was doing it solo.  I rather like road trips and I took the long way, through Rocky Mountain National Park, which was beautiful, and spent the morning hanging out in Boulder, which I enjoyed as well.

I am really really cheap, especially when it comes to travel, especially when I’m not traveling with my wife (who is not that cheap).  So I completely skimped on the rental car and got a $20 / day rental from Hotwire.  The car itself wasn’t bad, a Carolla from Avis.  Because of the mountains I would have preferred something with a little more power.  But what really sucked is that it didn’t come with satellite radio.

I am also really spoiled since, as an owner of TSS-Radio, I have satellite in my car and home and I completely take it for granted.  After about 20 minutes of listening to FM I was seriously pissed off – the stations sucked, the reception was awful in the mountains, there were way too many commercials and the playlists were generic and boring.

More Mountains

More Mountains

In Boulder I hit up a cd store and bought 4 cds for about $50.  I was a pretty happy camper for the first two listens of each cd, or about 3 hours.  Unfortunately, between the drive there and the drive back (thanks to some horrible traffic on I-70 coming back) I had about 8 hours of driving total.

Lesson?  I should have paid the extra $10-15 to get a fancier rental car with satellite radio in it.

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The TSS-Radio Logo Painted Atop our Roof

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
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Here at TSS-Radio. We wanted to paint our 6000 square foot roof with our logo. That way the next time Google Maps did a satellite shot our logo would appear.

View Larger Map

It was easier said than done. Harper spearheaded the measurements and the direction of the project, and with Tish, Josh and Jimmy’s help formed the outline of our logo using masking tape on the roof. Matt, Taylor, Jimmy, and Josh all spent time priming and painting the logo. It took about 3 coats of paint and we are all proud of the accomplishment and the final product. So if you ever happen to fly above us on a commercial plane just keep an eye out for the giant TSS-Radio logo.


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A Look at Local Chicago Install Shop: ShowTime Audio

Saturday, July 11th, 2009
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I took a trip down to our local install shop and good friends, ShowTime Audio, and had a little chat with the owner Jerry.


I asked Jerry a few questions dealing with Satellite Radio and Installation, here is what I got:

Josh from TSS-Radio: How many years has ShowTime Audio been in business?

Jerry from Showtime Audio: We have been in business for over 10 years.

Josh: Do you guarantee your work?

Jerry: All our work carries a lifetime guarantee.

Josh: What type of services do you offer?

Jerry: We can do anything! Cars, Truck, SUV, Boats Motorcycles and ATVs basically we do it all. We even decked out a power wheels car(which can be found HERE).

Josh: Have you ever worked on celebrity cars? or other famous work?

Jerry: We’ve done projects for Twista,Criss Angel, Jerry Azumah, Shawn Marion, Snoop Dogg and more.

Josh: If I was in a a different town, let says Miami or LA, how would I find a good local install shop?

Jerry: Pictures. Simply look for pictures of past work, if they aren’t proud of their past work-there’s a problem.

Josh: Ok so I bring in my car to your shop, what is the turnaround time for a Sportster 5 install?

Jerry: You have to get the FM Direct Adapter, really that’s a first step, but I could get you out of here in about an hour. Maybe more if you want some customizing.

Josh: If my car was a Lease, should I be worried about Satellite Radio installation?

Jerry: No worries-anything we do, we can remove and leave no trace that it was even there.

Josh: Here in Chicago, do you get a lot of people asking for Satellite Radio?

Jerry: People really value a great service, we get a solid amount of requests for Satellite Radio. People on boats in the water don’t want to struggle finding an FM station and when we trick out the nice cars, they want to have a non-stop quality sound coming from the stereo-which Satellite Radio provides.

Josh: Where would you like to see Satellite Radio in the future?

Jerry: Video, it would be great for them to expand the video channels.

Josh: What types of Satellite Radio can you install?

Jerry: We can install the portable units as well as the fully integrated In-Dash options.

Josh:What would a standard Plug and Play SIRIUS receiver cost to be installed on standard sedan?

Jerry: It would cost about $100 to be fully installed

Josh:If a customer would like satellite radio, do they often already know what they want?

Jerry: Yes, they usually already have something picked out or already purchased.

Josh:Is there much installation difference between SIRIUS and XM?

Jerry: Not really other than the In Dash options. XM has the Direct2 which complicates things a little.

Josh:How much would In Dash SIRIUS Cost?

Jerry: About the same unless it is a labor intensive vehicle, which we would know beforehand.

Josh:How long would it take to install In Dash SIRIUS Radio?

Jerry: About an Hour

Josh: Do you guys install on Semi-Trucks?

Jerry: Of course, we just had a Semi-Truck come through recently and got setup really nice.

Josh: Do Semis pose more problems than cars?

Jerry: Not really, they are bigger vehicles so other than their size, no.

Josh:Do boats pose any challenges for you?

Jerry: As long as you can get it here, we can install on it.

Josh: And last but not least, What do you think of the SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit SCVDOC1?

Jerry: We don’t like it. It’s just hard to explain to customer what advantages it offers over the dedicated tuners. Some people like it, but these people researched it and know what it is and what it does.

I would add some more photos in here for you to see, but you have to check out their website to really appreciate the quality they put into each vehicle, Check out their Photo Gallery

Showtime Audio has won awards for their quality work, you can see all their accomplishments HERE
They can take your dream and bring it to reality- their customer service is superior and the quality is showstopping.



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Current Weather at TSS-Radio

Friday, June 19th, 2009
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Look at some pics of the incoming storm:

More to come….maybe……..

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New Whole Foods Market in Chicago!

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
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Just thought I would show everyone a new store that literally just sprouted up here in TSS-Radio’s neighborhood.  We always had a Whole Foods on North Ave , within walking distance of TSS-Radio, but now we get to bask in the glory of the New-Huge store they put up. I took a trip over there for lunch today and all I got was a can of all natural juice drink, I would have gotten food, if I had been able to get to it. There was a ton of people there. Wall to Wall people lined up during the lunch hour to partake in the Grand Opening of the new Whole Foods Market.  I plan on taking more photos of the inside to show everyone how cool it looks and more importantly how the food tastes.

I’ll keep you posted on the development of this story!

Whole Foods UPDATE! 

Hi, this is Tish. I was able to make it over to the new Whole Foods Market to check it out and take some photos! First of all, Josh isn’t exaggerating about this place being huge! Through a quick Google, we found out that this is the 3rd largest Whole Foods in the world, coming in at a massive 75,000 sq. ft.! There are 3 levels, an attached parking garage, a full food court, a wine and cheese bar, a bar with micro brews and local beers on tap, fresh nut butter grinders, a trail mix bar, plus all the other departments of Whole Foods bigger and better than ever. It’s like a grocery store mall! This is gonna make lunch time at TSS Radio so much more exciting! 

Anyways, here are some photos I was able to take through the mass of customers and  employees. 

View of the produce section, flower area, and bar from the escalators coming from the parking garage.

View of the produce section, flower area, and bar coming in from the parking garage.

In the produce section

In the produce section. Notice the "street" signs! This place is gigantic.

Another shot of the wine area. Who says Whole Foods is too expensive? Bottles of wine for $6.99

Another shot of the wine area. Who says Whole Foods is too expensive? Bottles of wine for $6.99

Prepared food area. They aren't pictured, but there's a sub shop, pizza stand, taqueria, diner, smokehouse, and noodle shop in the food court!

Prepared food area. They aren't pictured, but the street signs point you to the taqueria, diner, sub shop, and other food court offerings. You can also see the 2nd floor seating area.

It's hard to see, but this is the wine and cheese bar. There's seating behind the service area.

It's hard to see, but this is the wine and cheese bar. There's seating behind the service area.

Looking down on the bar

Looking down on the bar


Live plants and more produce out front

Live plants and more produce out front


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How do you take your Media? DVDs? MP3s? Blu-Ray? Radio?

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
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comcastdish networkhd dvdnetflixsirius xmpandora musictivoitunes ipodblockbusterdirect tvhd radiozuneslacker radioclear channelcompuserveaollaserdiscblu ray

Long has media been a part of our lives. We use media every day; Magazines, DVD’s, or Radio, we use these tools to either get information or the entertainment that we need/desire. The types of media that is available to people is so numerous to even begin counting. But there has to been one media you use that you rely on more. For some TV is the largest media device in their lives for others Radio either Satellite or Terrestrial. We all find a devices and medias to suit our needs and desires.

I am asking you, the readers of the TSS-Radio Blog, What media do you use and how do you like it? I asked several of the employees here at TSS-Radio to see what media they use and how the feel about it. Here is what I got:

netflix Myself(Josh): I just got Netflix for my Xbox360. It streams right to my HDTV and displays the movie’s full glory. The amount of instant content on Netflix is a little lacking(around 12,000 titles), but the quality of the stream(variable by ISP of course, I use just standard cable internet) is outstanding. As my colleague on Digital Radio Central, Sgip2000, pointed out, you have to preselect the content you want to see on from your computer first and then it becomes available on your Xbox360. Other than the preselection of the content, I would suggest to anyone who has both an Xbox360 and Netflix to check it out. It’s a great way to watch the Netflix Instant content on your TV and in HD.

siriusTish:I have a lot of stuff. Specifically, I have a lot of entertainment options.  From an iPod and Wii to DJ equipment and digital cable, I can never legitimately be bored.  There are two things, though, that have really simplified my media consumption.  First is the Tivo.  Tivo allows me to watch whatever I want whenever I have time.  I love that I can set the Tivo to record some obscure movie that only plays once at 3 A.M. on Wednesday night and then watch it at my leisure–which is definitely NOT 3 A.M. on a Wednesday night!

The second media device that has made my life a lot easier is my SIRIUS Satellite Radio.  I currently live in Chicago but my family lives in Southwest Ohio, so I travel back and forth several times a year by car.  The SIRIUS radio allows me to listen to commercial free music, with a wide variety of musical genres represented, without changing the channel or dealing with static for the entire 500 mile trip.  Besides the music, I LOVE the NPR stations!  I always try to schedule my trip so I can catch Talk of the Nation Science Friday and The Splendid Table on the weekends. In addition to the great programming–SIRIUS has that traditional radio feel that is missing from the iPod or Slacker experience.  I actually really like hearing DJs and top of the hour news reports and the variety of talk programs.  I love music, but the human element is really missing from most of the other portable media options. There is something special about the personal feel you get with talk or terrestrial radio and I feel SIRIUS offers that without all of the repetitive junk and commercials.

All in all, the Tivo and SIRIUS Radio both offer diversity in your programming options and the ability to enjoy only what you are interested in without all of the filler.  So, if you haven’t already….Check ’em out!!

memorexRoss:I put the Memorex cassette mix tape into my GE walkman and then put my Koss over ear headphones on (need to replace that damn missing foam on one ear).

We will be adding a few more opinions from TSS-Radio Staff, but now we want to hear from You. Just Click Below to COMMENT and tell us about your media!

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More websites to check out!

Friday, January 23rd, 2009
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A while back I posted a few website that I frequent and I thought people would like. Here is a few more that I think everyone can enjoy:

Digital Radio Central– a great forum for all forms of digital content.– a cool site that posts a daily deal top computer and computer related retailer worth checking out.“Your place to Buy and Sell all things Handmade”.– “your source for some of the hottest gadgets on the planet. We post useful, and interesting information about gadgets and technology.”

If anyone has any cool sites they visit, feel free to post them in the comments!

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