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TSS Radio Shipping Times

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011
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People often ask us at how long it will take for an order to arrive. Since we offer several different shipping options the answer to that question depends on which option you choose. Here are the shipping options we offer and the general shipping time frames.

TSS-Radio Free Shipping (any purchase over $70 qualifies for free shipping)

Free shipping ships out from Chicago via UPS Ground. UPS Ground can take anywhere from 1-5 business days depending on where you are located within the United States. Check out the UPS service map below.

We also offer UPS expedited shipping options. We offer Next Business Day Air, 2nd Business Day Air, and 3rd Day Select. UPS does not offer weekend delivery, so please factor in lag time if ordering late in the week.

USPS Postal Priority Mail

Our most common shipping option is USPS Postal Priority Mail. Priority Mail generally takes 2-3 business days, but can often be a few days longer depending on where you are located or during heavy volume times of year. Postal Priority is an affordable, quick option for small items. Postal Priority also ships out Monday-Saturday, so if you are ordering late in the week, it is a quicker option in many cases.

UPS Mail Innovations

UPS Mail Innovations is a hybrid service between UPS and the United States Postal Service. Packages shipped by Mail Innovations leave TSS-Radio via UPS, travel to a nearby location to the destination address, and are transferred to/delivered by the Post Office. Although this option is very inexpensive, it also has the longest wait time. Packages shipped by Mail Innovations generally take 7-10 business days to arrive, but can take up to 2 weeks depending on your location. Mail Innovations is a great, inexpensive option for customers who want to pay the least amount possible for shipping but who are not in a hurry to receive their item.

Canadian Shipping Options

We offer a few different shipping options to our Canadian customers. The quickest option is UPS Worldwide Expedited. Worldwide Expedited packages generally only take about 2-3 business days to arrive. We also offer options from the United States Postal Service. Express Mail International typically takes 3-5 business days where as Priority Mail International can often take 2-3 weeks.

General Shipping Policies

  • Most orders placed before 5PM Central Time Monday – Friday will ship out from our Chicago warehouse the same day.
  • USPS Priority Mail orders placed after 5PM on Friday will often leave the warehouse Saturday.
  • UPS does NOT pick up or deliver on Saturdays/Sundays. If you are ordering late in the week, USPS may be a quicker option
  • UPS Next Day Air orders placed on Fridays will arrive the following Monday.
  • UPS 2nd Day Air orders placed on Thursdays will also arrive the following Monday.
  • UPS 3rd Day Select orders placed on Wednesdays will, again, arrive the following Monday.
  • Canadian orders are subject to Canadian import taxes and fees. These are charged upon delivery and are NOT included in the shipping charges you pay to
  • TSS-Radio will NOT mark any Canadian package as a gift to avoid tariffs.

If you have questions regarding when your order will ship out, estimated delivery times, special requests, or any other questions please contact us at or call 773.772.4340.

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New Shipping Option for Light Items

Thursday, August 13th, 2009
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Mail Innovations is Cheaper for Light Items

At TSS-Radio we always only used high-end shipping options – UPS and USPS Priority.  You won’t find us sending packages Parcel Post or First Class or using un-proven shippers and logistics companies, since they are not reliable enough.

However, for cheap and light products, like a satellite radio power cord, paying an additional $5 or in shipping stinks.

Yesterday we unveiled a new shipping option for that circumstance.  It is called UPS Mail Innovations that is as reliable as USPS Priority but much cheaper.

It works by having UPS deliver the package to your local post office and USPS delivers it to you.  Since UPS takes it almost all the way there, the reliability and speed are much better than similarly low-cost shipping methods from the USPS.

Mail Innovations is Cheaper for Light Items

This method is slightly slower than USPS Priority, but it still gets to most of the US within 3-4 days (green and blue areas).

Mail Innovations Transit Times

Mail Innovations Transit Times

Mail Innovations does not offer tracking, but it does offer delivery confirmation, which is almost as good.  In fact, it is the same delivery confirmation available on the more expensive USPS Priority option.  However, it’s confusing because you have to go to the USPS website, NOT the UPS website (even though this option has UPS in the name). See below for an example of what the delivery confirmation information looks like (on a test package that I sent to my home).

Delivery Confirmation

Delivery Confirmation

Hopefully this additional shipping option makes shopping at TSS-Radio more affordable and convenient.

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The TSS-Radio Logo Painted Atop our Roof

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
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Here at TSS-Radio. We wanted to paint our 6000 square foot roof with our logo. That way the next time Google Maps did a satellite shot our logo would appear.

View Larger Map

It was easier said than done. Harper spearheaded the measurements and the direction of the project, and with Tish, Josh and Jimmy’s help formed the outline of our logo using masking tape on the roof. Matt, Taylor, Jimmy, and Josh all spent time priming and painting the logo. It took about 3 coats of paint and we are all proud of the accomplishment and the final product. So if you ever happen to fly above us on a commercial plane just keep an eye out for the giant TSS-Radio logo.


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TSS-Radio in StreetWise

Thursday, June 18th, 2009
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TSS-Radio is advertising this week in Streetwise Magazine. It’s a local magazine that supports Homeless people who instead of simply asking for money have a product to sell on the streets. The Streetwise Vendors buy the issues and then sell them back for a profit to the public. Some have really been able to change their lives with this program as seen on “Streetwise The Movie” .

This week TSS has advertised under the Miri Ben-Ari article. Miri is known as the Hip-hop Violinist. If you can find a copy in Chicago from a vendor than checkout our ad on page 12. Here are some pictures of the article.

Streetwise online can be found at


Here is a link to the StreetWise Article: StreetWise Article

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TSS Radio is now Podcasting

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
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Good News Everyone!

TSS-Radio will now be doing a weekly Podcast to keep everyone update on the news and happenings within the Satellite Radio World.

We will discuss anything from Product Update, Industry News, or even a few helpful Tips and Tricks.

Here is the first of many be sure to check back!


Links to the items mentioned in the Podcast




Soloist Universal Sound System

You can now find the TSS-Radio Podcast in iTUNES Store, just search for “TSS-Radio”.

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Ford Sync 3 with SIRIUS Travel-link

Friday, August 29th, 2008
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If you have not heard of the Ford Sync system here’s a little breakdown of the features and advantages of this in-vehicle system.

Only Available in Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles, the Sync is integrated into the vehicle and can control or manage a host of convenience devices such as:

  • Bluetooth enabled Cell Phone
  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio
  • Apple iPod
  • Traffic, Weather, and News information
  • Microsoft Zune

By Adding the SIRIUS Travel Link service, you get access to Real-Time Traffic, Full Weather Forecast, local gas station prices, Movie show times and Sport Scores from around the country.

The Sync system is voice-activated and controls many of the basic components in past vehicles.

Coming in 2008 Ford will be offering a E911 emergency system that alerts local authorities on the event of the airbags being deployed.  Also the car will be able to a system diagnostic check from a simple command, keeping you on top of routine and preventative maintenance.

If you have a late-model Ford be sure to check with your dealer to see if the Ford Sync is available.

The New Ford Sync system will be on the minds of many American Auto buyers this year and years to come.

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SIRIUS Soloist Universal Sound System and its Adapters

Friday, June 27th, 2008
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Here at TSS Radio we are getting very excited over the SIRIUS Soloist Universal Sound System. Finally, someone has brought a product to the table that is incredibly versatile and easy to use! This elegant powered speaker system has a unique interchangeable cradle system that allows you to enjoy high quality audio from your Sirius Satellite Radio in seven different formats. (Stiletto 100, Stiletto 10, Sportster 3, Sportster 4, Starmate 3, Starmate 4, and Stratus 4) This hot little number also allows you to integrate the use of an iPod. And not just one iPod folks! Any iPod that has the 30 pin connector. (Classic, mini, Nano, Touch, iPhone, etc).

First off the Soloist looks fantastic! This thing could easily fit anywhere inside a home or office no matter what your decor. And with its sleek small design could be placed anywhere. It stand only 8″ high, 12.5″ wide, and a mere 4.5″ deep.

Second is the Soloist versatility. It comes equipped with four different adapters to integrate with whatever radio you choose to use, to include an iPod! Switching out the adapters is simple and easy. The only thing to note is if you are going to use a Stiletto on this unit, you have to remove one screw and slide the docking port over to the right. Here is a detailed video for how the adapters can be changed out and the docking port moved to the right for a Stiletto.


Third, the Soloist has a line in port on the back allowing you to connect an additional device that isn’t supported by the docking port on the front. It also has a line out port on the back so this unit can be connected to an existing home audio system.

Another advantage found on the back of the Soloist is the USB cable port. This can be used to sink up your Stiletto 100 to your computer!

And fourth and final, the SIRIUS Soloist Universal Sound System is one of the more affordable universal sound systems on the market with a price of only $69.99. This little baby can’t be beat! Plus, the unit is equipt with an alarm clock with sleep function, LCD display, and music timer functions. Very few products on the market are as versatile, powerful, small, and easy to use as this one. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a sound system to go just about anywhere that can play just about anything!


TSS Radio

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Being a Generalist is More Fun

Monday, June 9th, 2008
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One thing that makes TSS-Radio unique and, I hope, a good place to work, is that everyone here has multiple jobs.  Unlike many companies that have armies of customer service reps, who handle 100s of calls per day and are judged on how quickly they “resolve” the calls, at TSS-Radio almost everyone answers the phone and works on other projects between calls.  Other projects include: researching complicated issues for customers, artwork for the website, descriptions on the website, answering questions on sirius-related forums, researching new products, etc. Even the bosses – managers and founders of the company – answer customer phone calls and emails.  Here are some reasons why we think this is a good idea:

1. Better customer service – because we are not exhausted and under pressure to maximize the number of calls we answer we have more time and patience for our customers.  Lots of us have worked in the “other” kind of customer service job and know from experience how much it sucks.

2. It makes us smarter – the same people writing content for our website and ordering new products are also talking to customers.  This allows us to write content and order products that our customers are telling us they want.

3. Training – those of us who have been here the longest, can better teach our new employees by example.

BusinessWeek recently wrote an article about a sports clothing company in Canada called Lululemon, that is much bigger than TSS-Radio, but where every employee, even the CEO, needs to spend a full day each month doing “front-line” work like customer service or sales.

Alexander the Great, one of history’s most successful leaders and warriors,  is also famous for leading from the front, fighting like any other soldier.

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It was nuts here during the holidays

Thursday, January 24th, 2008
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The holiday season for TSS-Radio peaks about two weeks before christmas and subsides at the end of the January.  It is a fun time for us because we help lots of people, the adrenaline flows and we are on the top of our game, but everyone is a bit wiped right now and are glad that it is beginning to slow.

Here is a video of a busy day at TSS-Radio –


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Shipping to Canada

Monday, July 24th, 2006
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Our Shipping to Canada thus far has been through the United States Postal Service which gets handed off to Canada Post once through customs. For the most part things have been fine. We label and declare the customs value for each package honestly. Things have been shipped to Canada one of three methods, Global Priority Mail which averages 4-6 Business Days and Global Express Mail which Averages 3-5 Business Days. Global Priority does not have an official tracking system like UPS or FedEx but it comes with a Delivery Confirmation Number which will at least show that the item has been successfully delivered once it has arrived at the destination. Global Express mail does have tracking, but it’s still a step behind UPS and FedEx.

Starting very soon, we will begin shipping packages to Canada using DHL. The DHl sales rep stopped by today and I was more than blown away by the service. It should begin mid next week. Ultimately shipping a package Next Day should be more reasonable to Canada than it is within the United States using UPS. They are very competitive. It’s one of those things you’ve heard in the past but never quite taken the step to initiate anything.

All in all shipping say a SIRIUS Radio Car Antenna to Canada using DHL will take one business day and will cost roughly the same as the United States Postal Service’ Global Priority Mail which take about 4-6 Business Days. I also sincerely hope that Canadian customers take advantage of it since DHL does not have the same Brokerage fees as does UPS and FedEx.

On a separate note, last nights Episode of “Entourage” was not what I had hoped. But next weeks episode is partly shot at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA that I used to work in called Mastro’s Steakhouse . This will have been the third episode that was shot there, and this one seems to take place in the Wine Room. There was a time a few years back where I was working there and Bill Clinton had a private party in there with many celebrities including Quincy Jones, David Spade, Owen Wilson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others. That same night, which was engraved in my memory, Conan O’Brien was there, he was hosting the Emmy’s later in the week, Britney Spears, and Joey McIntrye. I had the gumption to go up to Conan and tell him a joke based on the celebrities in the restaurant. He and his writers that he was eating with were more than kind, despite this being a fireable offense. They had told me that they’d consider the joke and play it the following week when he got back. Unfortunately the following week was the year anniversary of September 11. If you have a chance to watch “Entourage” it will be on next week on HBO usually around 11pm.

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