Customer Review of the Stiletto 2 Armband and Case

How do you make a portable device like the Sirius Stiletto 2 truly portable?  That was my goal when I realized I was spending all my time juggling this small radio between hands, pockets already overfilled with keys, wallet and cell phone.  So, just in time for vacation, I ordered a Stiletto 2 Armband and Case, SLPK2, from TSS-RADIO.COM.
The armband is very generous in size, but not akward.  It features a small 1×2 inch “hook” patch, the rest of the band is a strechy “loop” material.  This construction allowed me to not only wear it as a traditional armband, but also allowed me to wrap it around the arm on my beach chair. The case has a very finished construction,  stitching is neat and clean.  The neoprene material is just what’s needed to protect the radio. There are cut-outs for power, volume and wheel selector.  The bottom has large opening to accommodate the larger antenna headphones and the top has an opening for the built in antenna. I haven’t used the belt clip attachment yet.  It looks similar to the type of clip that some cell phone cases use.  It is detachable, as is the armband, leaving a loop to simply attach the case to your belt. I highly recommend the SLPK2, protect your investment, call TSS-RADIO today. (773)772-4340

Review by Jim Szwede of Little Silver, NJ

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