Editorial:Inteview with Matt from TSS-Radio

Continuing my series of interviews, next up is Matt from TSS-Radio, a valued member of our staff and local comedian.

Josh:When did you get into satellite radio or electronics?
Matt:I have been into electronics all of my life. My grandfather was one of the first people to bring Pioneer electronics to America and helped make them a household name. So I was born into the home and car electronics business. I got into Sirius when I worked at a retail store that played it all day long.

Josh:If you could add one feature to the Stiletto 2 what would it be?
Matt:I love the Stiletto 2 the way it is. I mean, it would be great if a little arms popped out of the top and wiped my nose when I sneezed, but other than that I like it the way it is.

Josh:Who is your favorite Sirius or Xm celebrity or personality?
Matt:Jim Brewer is great. I listen to his show a bunch and I love hearing him talk about his days at SNL.

Josh:Do you have any tips or tricks for people that own sirius or satellite radio?
Matt:Yep, save your receipts for tax time. And not just your Sirius stuff, but all receipts. You never know what could be deductible!

 Josh:Now you and Jamie both have a pretty good comedy career here, do you guys ever think about collaborating?
Matt:Nope, Jamie and I don’t see eye to eye. And it’s not on just comedy stuff, it’s normal stuff. The other day we got into an argument about a certain brand of beer. I said it I drank it because it was less filling but he insisted that he drank it because it taste great. We almost got into a fist fight. I guess I am trying to say that most comedy duos are supposed to go together like peas and carrots.

Josh:What’s the best thing about working for TSS Radio?
Matt:Well, there are a lot of things really. We are a small company, we have some fun employees, and our owners really care about making the customer happy. It’s cool to work for an honest company.

Next week will be a surprise guest, but you must wait til then. Also next week will be giving away a prize, so be sure to tune in!

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