Garage Sale 2014 – Less Than 24 Hours Away!

This is truly our biggest sale EVER! We have great deals on everything in our store. If you aren’t on our mailing list, PLEASE subscribe now by clicking this TSS-Radio mailing list signup form link. We’ll be sending out the message in the morning and you’ll find out about special savings offers that include open box radios, factory-refurbished components and installation equipment and even a collection of quality used gear.

Here’s a small preview of items in the USED category (and the crazy low prices we’re able to offer them to you for this year):

Delphi SkyFi  $30
Delphi SkyFi 2  $30
Edge  $30
Lynx  $250
Refurbished XM Snap  $10
Roady  $15
Roady 2  $15
RoadyXT  $10
Samsung Nexus 25 with base  $20
Sirius One  $MAKE OFFER
Sirius Starbase Display  $5
Sportster 4  $45
Sportster 5  $85
Starmate 1  $5
Starmate 2  $10
Starmate 5  $25
Starmate 8  $40
Stiletto 100  $CALL
Stiletto 2  $CALL
Stratus 3  $5
Streamer Orbiter  $5
XM Snap  $10
XMP3  $
XMP3 Stand Alone  $150
XMP3 With Home Kit (Refurb)  $200
Xpress EZ Stand Alone  $MAKE OFFER
Xpress R  $15
Xpress RCi  $35
Xpress RCi  $20
XR9  $10

We’ve also got accessories, cables, mounts and tuners/interfaces for many popular car manufacturers right on the same page of Open Box Specials!

Father’s Day is just around the corner and our guaranteed delivery services from FedEx can give you peace of mind, knowing your order will arrive in time. 

Remember, for these USED items, you will have to call TSS-Radio directly at 312-846-6606 during the normal business hours (10AM-6PM CST). We’ll be at the phones ready to help you! 

The sale runs from Tuesday 6/10 through Friday 6/13 only, so you probably should start ordering as soon as you get the email if you want to get these extremely unique deals! 

So, don’t miss out. Get on the mailing list here and join in the fun this week. Perfect selection of items for Father’s Day gifts, second car radios (make the husband, wife or children happy), and spare components for yourself. This is also a great time to buy spare parts for your cherished (but hard-to-find) radio. 

The employees of look forward to helping you meet all of your satellite radio needs so this can be the best Garage Sale ever!

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