Get the most from your SIRIUSXM Radio

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I’ve got a few tips for everyone on how to get the most out of your SIRIUSXM Radio.

If you love satellite radio in the car, take it in your home! Sirius Home kits and XM Home kits can bring all the music, talk and sports into your home stereo system. If you do not have an existing stereo, try a Sirius boombox or XM Boombox. A boombox can take your radio and truly give you the freedom to listen to SIRIUSXM anywhere you go!

If you want In-Dash SIRIUS Radio, give us a call, 773-772-4340. We have a large selection of In Dash options and auxiliary input devices to fit your needs.

Ever feel like you could get a better sound out of your SiriusXM when it’s in your car or home? Ever have static? We can help you find a direct connection for all budgets! Give us a call:773-772-4340

Have a Sirius Stiletto or portable XM radio? Portable units are a great way to take your subscription with you and have the convenience of a MP3 player all in one. Largest selection of protective cases in stock and screen shields to protect your investment.

Give a call and find out how you can get more from your subscription!

We love SIRIUSXM and we know you do too!

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3 Responses to “Get the most from your SIRIUSXM Radio”

  1. Randy Parks says:

    Trying to figure out a way to use the vent mounts in my old p/u truck , it’s an 87 Chevy Scotts. dale . In the event that I need another suction cup mount , A co/worker said he had one I could keep . If I get the mount from him the only other thing I’ll need is another loading dock .Are there retail stores where I can find just a docking station for my Sportster “3” PNP ??? . Steer me in the right direction if ya will , also , could you send me info or product brochure on a Sirius Boombox . Thank You for any help you can send our way !!! . Randy

  2. Randy Parks says:

    I thought this was a support site , I typed a senario b4 this one , sorry !! Randy

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