If you have purchased a Sirius radio recently you may have noticed the poor FM strength…..there is a solution.

The FM Direct Adapter (Wired Relay) is a great solution for overcoming poor FM signal. How this works is you pull your car stereo out and plug one end of this unit into your car stereo, then you plug your car’s FM antenna into this unit, and then there is a long cable that plugs right to the back of your docking station. It blocks out every other signal on the channel you are trying to use and taps it directly into the FM antenna so you get the best possible quality sound using the FM transmitter.Below are two videos that were created to display the function of this units.

NOTE: Some cars may need FM antenna adapters, because the car’s antenna is not the standard size. If you are unsure of which adapter you need see FM Antenna Adapters.

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