Honda and Acura SIRIUS Connect HON-SC1

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Honda and Acura SIRIUS Connect HON-SC1

This is the long awaited solution for any Honda/Acura owner who wants in-dash Sirius.

This unit gives you a fully functioning replacement to XM. This is a two part system, you must have a SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Tuner SCC1 or SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit SCVDOC1.

If you would like to retain the factory XM antenna we do offer an adapter kit- Honda and Acura XM to Sirius Antenna Adapters

If you are unsure about installing this yourself, please seek a professional stereo shop. Most Big-box store installers or independent stereo shops will be able to install this product without hesitation.
The compatibility chart for this kit may be very confusing,but we are here to help and may have already come across your model or question.

Feel free to give us a call. 312-846-6606

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5 Responses to “Honda and Acura SIRIUS Connect HON-SC1”

  1. Juan Bernal says:

    I just ordered a SCVDOC1 for a 2005 Acura RL,is the antenna adapter included,or it has to be ordered separate?

  2. Stacie Miller says:

    I purchased the Acura SIRIUS Connect HON-SC1 to replace the XM that was originally in the car. I had it professionally installed and have not been happy with it. The volume when the sirius is on is so much lower than my regular radio or cd player. I practically have to turn my volume all the way up to hear it. I took it back to the location where it was installed and they called the manufacturer. The manufacturer stated that they have had this complaint before and there is nothing they can do about it. Wouldn’t recommend this product unless you like constantly adjusting your volume.

  3. Josh says:

    The volume is low because of a factory preset on the HON-SC1 piece; this can be resolved by:
    1. Turn stock audio system on, switch to SAT operation.
    2. Rapidly enter on the stock radio PRESET buttons the following code: “162534”.
    3. The audio level will toggle to the new setting, which you will hear immediately if the code is entered correctly and quickly enough.
    4. If no audible change, enter the code again.
    5. Check the audio level on similar channel from Sirius vs. FM, then try CD.
    The HON-SC1 ships with a factory setting of HIGH, but it may have been toggled into LOW by accident. If you have any questions or if this does not work feel free to email me directly

  4. Josh says:

    There is two audio levels for the HON-SC1 and the TOY-SC1. A HIGH and LOW setting is built into these units.Which is toggled back and forth with the steps above. This procedure will work with a TOY-SC1 as well, but the TOY-SC1 will ship from the factory with a LOW setting.

  5. Stacie Miller says:

    Thanks again Josh for getting back to me so quickly regarding this issue. I guess we should have called TSS-Radio instead of the manufacturer. Your quick response is greatly appreciated!! Great service!!

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