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This is your chance to voice your opinion about the SIRIUS-XM Merger. Anything you want, send it in we’d love to hear it. Whether it’s New SIRIUS A la carte ideas or maybe just SIRIUS merger / XM Merger feedback, tell us how you feel……..

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  1. Mark Todd says:

    I think it is about time. This took way too long, and it is unfortunate that politicians had to get involved and make sure that special interests got a piece of the pie. I am looking forward to upgrading my Sirius and getting some Major League Baseball programming.

  2. Matt says:

    I am extremely happy about the merger. Number One, it is a big Yuck Foo to the FCC, who did all they could to stop it and still failed. But, for all of us Sirius subscribers, if they do this right, we will get to hear better programming in some genres. I have had Sirius since September of 2005. When I moved to my current home, I went with DirectTV, who has XM music channels. XM’s 70’s channel is far superior to Sirius’s, “Boneyard” is a metal channel on XM, and is way better than Hair Nation. There are other examples, but those two are most relevant to me. Unfortunately, those two fags Dopie and Wankthony come with the merger, but once XMers get to hear Howard, they’ll seal those two queers’ fates. It’s like non-subscribers who were Howard fans, but once he left terrestrial, were left with crappy choices. If you were driving a new GM in early ’06, you were left with nothing after 1-9-06. I hope Wall Street pulls their heads out of their collective asses and recognizes the unlimited potential of this new venture. Over 18 million subscribers and Mel Karmizan has promised profits very soon with hard evidence to back up such a claim. This is a win-win if the powers-that-be eliminate some of Sirius’ drab music channels and allow XM’x talented programmers free reign to work their magic on some newly-created ones. One last thing, I have a Sportster Replay that I bought new in 2005, had replaced in 2007 with the same model, and I just wonder how the merger will affect my radio’s performance. Will it be compatible? Sirius and XM share the same satellites (according to the Shareholder’s Reports) and I just wonder if they’ll see an opportunity for profiteering and make us all buy “converters” to receive the “new” company’s signals…keep us posted, hmm? I will buy anything I need from you guys, seeing as you’re a sponsor on Howard’s show, and I will keep checking back to see what’s what. E-mail updates for subscribers? Food for thought…take care, guys…Matt near Cleveland, OH

  3. Josh says:

    I really like both of your opinions, thanks for sending in your thoughts. We get a really good idea on how SIRIUS Subs feel about the merger……If you guys ever want to discuss any merger changes or anything feel free to comment, I left comments open now so everyones’ opinion will be heard! Thanks again……..

  4. Ken says:

    I feel that in the end the subscriber of both services is going to get the shaft. Now there is no other satelite radio company and therefore no competition. (I dont care how much anyone thinks testicle radio or an ipod is competion, ITS NOT!) Congratulations everyone we are now a captive audience! If you dont like what happens where do you go?

  5. Martin says:

    I concur with Ken. I see this as purely self serving to the people who have a financial stake in either or both Sirius & XM. This move is typical lock step with the current administration’s view that business can regulate themselves and that the free market will drive competition. This is udder nonsense as seen by Enron, as seen by the mortgage industry, as seen by the financial industry. I can go on and on sighting examples. The FCC has failed in it’s duty of oversight and just like virtually every function in government, has failed the American people and works only to serve people and organizations that have a financial interest, their own financial interest, in getting something accomplished. This government is overrun with a lack of responsibility and a lack of accountability to the American people. The only competition Sirius had was XM. iPods and digital commercial radio is NO competition. I only wish I had the smarts to purchase a lifetime subscription. I can’t wait to get the renewal notice. I guarantee service rates will increase in the not too distant future, “As a result of increased costs that we are forced to pass on to our loyal customers.” I’ve been a loyal customer ever since I first discovered Sirius in my Hertz rental. After driving from Southern California to Las Vegas where my only choice would have been bible thumpers, I swore I would never listen to FM again. I’ve been hooked for the last almost 5 years and have no choice but to eat what they will feed me and you. I really wish some nasty disease on all five of the FCC commissioners. They are not qualified to hold such a high trusted position and are incapable of looking people in the eye and say this is whats best for their constituents. OK, so call me ignorant, but how is this any different from the proposed Echostar and Direct TV merger that was shot down? (OK, I’m done ranting now).

  6. mario says:

    I can’t believe how naive some people are!Does anyone really think MLB will be GIVEN to us?We will have to pay extra,
    no doubt about it.A lot more.I agree with Martin and Ken.This is a disaster waiting to happen.If I can get my music channels,fine.I have the feeling
    that is all I wil get for my money when(if?) I renew. Good luck to us all.

  7. WTF says:

    It does 0 for us. Listening to Mel Karmazin talk about it was so dissappointing. Soooo if someone has an xm radio in their new car, they have to pay for XM PLUS more for sirius? WTF is that about? So much for combining services and doing an a la carte.

    It’s bs. Basically it’s great for them, does nothing for us.

  8. WTF says:

    how long before they reveal that Stern will be part of some bs package that only has a few music stations, thus making us buy his package PLUS a music package. It’s a real smack in the face.

  9. Brian says:

    I currently have 1 Sirius sub (Starmate series, use in the car and in the house) and 1 XM Sub (in a GM car I got recently, went to paid to prevent any reactivation fee after the merger).

    As of right now I’m screwed. I get no discount, and have 2 accounts paying for a primary radio each. Let me have a 2 device discount like either individually provides or dump one of the platforms already.

  10. Bob says:

    I agree with the earlier poster…. when they were separate, they fought for subscribers with service, price, and offerings.
    Now there is no competition. Now we the subscriber will be paying for the merger.

    The XM folks that want Stern, they have to pay or switch over to an Sirius radio. Want MLB, pay of get XM.
    So for about the price / month of a second same Sirius radio, you can get some of the prime features on the other service.. I don’t see the win except for the monopoly.

    I agree with the earlier poster, WTF, when I 1st heard of the merger, that’s what went thru my mind. If it goes thru, sooner or later they will adopt the XM policies of the menu pricing. Sirius didn’t, so they could compete against XM. Well…. now they don’t need to.
    After the time frame is up (don’t remember , 3years?) , open up your wallet real wide, or throw out your Sat Radios.
    I know I’ll be chucking them when the 1st price increase comes.

    Why do you think the gov’t made them provide terms of securing fixed pricing for a time period for existing subscribers. Of course there wont be another sat radio company that’s going to be able to start up in such a short period of time and try and compete against their 20m combined subscribers.

    So the merger has formed one monopoly that will say, if you don’t like it , the don’t pay it…. and they wont worry about loosing that subscriber over to the other “sat company” ..
    The Ipod and testicle radio are not competition for sat radio.. I drive a lot in and out of rural areas.. no FM and the Ipod gets boring. Yup gottem both.
    Had lots of Cds before the Ipod. Had Sat radio before an Ipod.
    Sat radio fills the time when I’d get nothing for hours but white noise on the FM band.

    The only competition sat radio may get, is if we get a true country wide wi-fi or wireless broadband that as the same coverage as Sat radio.. but that’s not going to happen. For all we’re paying for cell service….. and for all the dropped calls and dead spots….. that’ll give you a peak into broadband broadcasting and the limitations we’ll get there.
    Basic FM testicle radio has better over all coverage then present and planned internet access.

  11. PAUL says:

    I agree, Mel K said on Howard Stern, when he first spoke about a possible merger over a year ago, that a merger would mean better quality programming at a cheaper rate. No more duplicating manufacturing cost, programming cost, and avertising cost. He said that savings could be past on to subscribers with better service at a cheaper price. Since the merger announcement, in his first day on the air with Howard he talked about the 3-year price agreement with no increae in price. What happened to our lower rate? 3-years from now watch out for increases. With the first increase in price I will cancel all four radio subscritions.

  12. jeff says:

    Sirius now sounds like terrestrial FM broadcast. They changed the play list formats on channels 14 Classic vinyl, 15 Classic rewind, 16 The vault.
    Same artists, same songs over and over all day long. Its not unusual to switch between these three channels and hear the same artist on two of the channels at the same time!
    Any solo or group Eric Clapton ever sang a song with, additionally Pink Floyd, U-2, Queen, Santana, Deep Purple, Tull, David Bowie, The cars, The Police, Beetles, and Frank Zappa??.
    Also they have added too much self promotion between songs. I expect it won’t be long till commercials will be added in the music channels because of their satellite radio monopoly.
    There is only one improvement. The disk jockeys don’t blabber on as much as they use too.

  13. Ken says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! I seriously (no pun intended) that Mel realizes how many people are not happy here.
    I forgot all abut the satalite TV merger that the department of justice shot down. It just goes to show, if throw enugh money to the rite poeple you can do whatever the hell you want to.

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