How to Choose a SIRIUS ANTENNA

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This is a little guide on how to choose a SIRIUS Antenna for your home, car, or boat.

For your Home:

If you are looking for a new antenna for your home, here are a few to think about

SIRIUS Home PNP Antenna

This little antenna is a powerhouse of signal strength. It gives you a great signal and allows you to keep your SIRIUS boombox or home kit more portable than a hard mounted antenna. In some cases this antenna may not be the best for your situation, in which case I recommend the antenna below………..

SiriusXM Universal Outdoor Home Antenna

 This sturdy antenna is top notch when it comes to signal and durability. This antenna, when placed on the roof or pole, will give you great SIRIUS Signal and allow you to listen to SIRIUS in places the smaller antennas would not. In terms of price this one is a winner, its cost/effective allure makes it a favorite with SIRIUS fans everywhere.

Pixel Technologies PRO-500

This antenna is a non-stop workaholic. If you have any trouble getting a SIRIUS Signal where you live, this is the antenna for you. It is built from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand even the most punishing elements. In some cases this antenna has been proved to retain signal in areas of Central and South America. So if you are having trouble getting a SIRIUS signal, this is the SIRIUS Home Antenna for you.

Antennas for your Car or Truck:

SIRIUS Mobile Antenna Dot Micro


This is a magnetic vehicle antenna that is designed to have a slim form and high signal gain.

Directed Electronics Replacement Car Antenna

This also is a magnetic antenna, this is a common antenna with some of the older car kits and receivers, but does have the standard connection to fit the newer receivers.

SIRIUS Truck Antenna

This antenna is a hard mounted antenna, that is designed for semi-rig machinery, or heavy duty truck.  It comes with an easily removable cable, in case you have a run in with tree branches or other obstructions.

Antennas for a Boat:

Terk SIRIUS SIRMarine Antenna

This SIRIUS boat antenna is designed for the open sea, lake, or river. It has a heavy-duty deck mounting style with a extremely waterproof sea. The Terk Marine Antenna works with standard 1″-14 thread brackets or the antenna mast can be mounted through deck holes.

If you need Accessories or Extensions please see here SIRIUS Antenna

SIRIUS 50ft Extension Cable


      This is a standard extension for any SIRIUS Antenna to work with any SIRIUS Satellite Radio docking station or boombox.

 SIRIUS Echo Signal Repeater System WRS1

          This little wonder is worth its weight in gold. This kit allows you to use your SIRIUS Radio in one room and have your SIRIUS Antenna in another. It will wireless send the SIRIUS Satellite Signal up to 75ft, this will not however let you use your Stiletto on that frequency.

SIRIUS Home Signal Distribution Kit

         The SIRIUS Home Signal Distribution Kit allows you to split the signal from the included  Antenna to TWO different SIRIUS Satellite Radio receivers. This kit will require RG-6 cable purchased separately to allow for proper lengths for your application.

If you have any questions feel free to email me your situation, we will be more than happy to find a product to fit your needs. Give us a call at 312.846.6606 with questions.

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5 Responses to “How to Choose a SIRIUS ANTENNA”

  1. john says:

    for the second time i am having trouble seating my stratus 4 into the docking station. it is happening on both docks, my truck and the boombox.
    the last time it happened, sirius sent me a new unit. within 2 months it is happening again. i have to jockey the unit around on the dock, sometimes shimming it at odd angles is the only way it will play. it gives me the “no antenna” prompt. any suggestions?
    john carrick

  2. Ernie says:

    I have 2 vehicles I use each vehicle for 6 months at a time. Question Can I cut the antenna cable to the docking part and use electrical quick couplers and put a new antenna on the other vehicle. And use the transmitter in both vehicles?

  3. Josh says:

    In no way would I ever purposely cut the antenna cables. It’s in instant way to ruin an antenna. The antennas are highly sensitive to crimping or cuts, the cables cannot be joined together once severed.

    The best thing to do is put an antenna on each vehicle. If I did answer your question, let me know but I think I understand what you are trying to do. Let me know. Thanks for reading.

  4. Bill says:

    I use a boombox in my work vehicle and would like to use the vehicle magnetic mount antenna. Unfortunately, the magnetic antenna is not able to be used with the boombox.

    Any Suggestions?

  5. Josh says:

    Bill, you could get the 20ft extension cable, that would allow a magnetic antenna to be used with a boombox because the extension cable has a straight plug. You would have to bind up the extra, but it wouldn’t harm the signal.

    Also you could go with something like this:

    But that would not have a built-in amplifier like the 20ft extension cable does, so you may lose a bit of signal.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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