How to mount a Sirius Satellite Radio

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How to mount a Sirius Satellite Radio

There are several different ways to mount a Sirius Satellite Radio.There are as many standard mounting options as there are custom options for placing a satellite radio. It can be as simple as a suction cup on the windshield to a piece of ABS plastic cut to fit and placed in an open DIN.

Depending on you level of skill, you can mount Sirius Radios any way you see fit,but here are a few suggestions based on my experience:

  • Suction Cup Mount-This is the simplest way to mount your radio. It’s pretty self-explanatory, push the cup onto the windshield in an area where it will give you the best view of your radio and more importantly the road. This is a beginner skill option.
  • Vent Mount-This is an option if all others are not available. This is a slightly more difficult install, but does give a nice clean OEM look. A great feature to this option is that you can run the Sirius power adapter, Sirius Antenna, and audio cable from your Sirius Radio through the vents behind the dash, making this a cheap and effective mounting option. Also a beginner-moderate skill option.
  • Vehicle Specific Mount-This is the best way to mount your Sirius Radio, hands down. These brackets are tested and made to fit your specific radio. The brackets are made to fit in a specific spot on your dash and cannot be moved elsewhere. They typically use a factory screw or bolt that is already in your car holding you dash in. You simply unscrew the screw or bolt, place the bracket, and then replace the screw and dash. It is a firm hold and fitted with a Swivel it can be angled to be viewed from different seats in the car. A moderate skill option.
  • Like I always say if you have any questions please feel free to call us up and we’ll give you the best advice our collective minds can give.

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4 Responses to “How to mount a Sirius Satellite Radio”

  1. Kevin Hackford says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I purchased a Toyota Sienna Van 2004-2008 Sirius Radio Mounting Bracket Part number: TOY-300-05 last week, and received it 2 days ago. The description says

    “Easy to install vehicle specific mount from Brackerton will give your SIRIUS install a clean and sharp look. ect…

    Installation Difficulty: (1/4) this is a basic installation. Anybody with little mechanical know-how can install one of these mounts. ”

    This is all false information… The bracket does work and line up with the input holes on the radio docking station but once on it covers up the FM Output hole and the AUX Output hole. I had to cut the bracket up just so that outputs holes were exposed. With out these holes exposed the radio is useless. Also when the every thing is in place the Van bracket that need to be removed in order to mount the bracket as shown in the description, the plastic cover is near impossible to put back on with out having to bend the bracket out if shape.

    I am very disappointed with this product and it is not as easy to install if you do not have any mechanical know how.

    Disgruntled Customer


  2. Josh says:

    Hey, thanks for the post. I saw that you had some trouble installing your bracket. Those things are tricky, really tricky especially in newer cars. The installation is usually rather simple, but some newer cars have odd dashes or dash piece that do not remove very easy. I saw that you had some clearance issues as well, we do suggest the swivel to add about a half inch or so and it allows you to swivel the radio in any direction. If you have any questions about better enhancing your sirius setup. give me a reply back at or call me at 773-772-4340 as I realize some of this stuff is very confusing.

    Joshua Kincaide

  3. Don says:

    Josh…. how about a bracket for the Pontiac G8….. does one exist yet?? I have a Sirius Stiletto 2 that I cant find a mount for anywhere.


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