How to use a SIRIUS Car Kit, in your home

Have you ever bought a SIRIUS Radio with car kit and only wanted to use it your home?

Since most of the radios come with a car kit, the question is, How to make a car kit- that comes with your radio, work in the home? You will need a few parts to get that car kit working in your home.

You will need:

Home AC Power adapter

Audio cables

metal antenna stand

Here’s the location of the items:

1.) Find the Model number of your SIRIUS Radio. Usually located on the back of the receiver or near the barcode on the box.
2.) Log on to
3.) In the center of the page you will see a box labeled “Find Sirius Accessories” or “Find XM Accessories“.
4.) Find and select your radio’s model number from the drop down menu or Scroll down and select your receivers picture.

For Audio cables simply click on “Home Installation Parts“, and scroll down and find the appropriate audio cables for your application.

To find the Metal Antenna stand, just click on this link: Metal Vehicle Antenna Stand. This stand allows for your magnetic antenna to sit upright and face any direction you desire, for optimal signal reception.

Of course to expedite all this-just give us a call 773-772-4340 and we can set you up with a great solution!

We found this solution out after some of our customers, who were either given a radio or purchased one from a store and wanted to use it in their home. A lot of our tricks and tips really come from our own customers providing us feedback. We love satellite radio and we know you do too!

Our Staff knows SIRIUSXM Radios and accessories inside and out and we can create a setup that is perfect for you. Have a question? Just give us a call! or Send us an Email(

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