How to Use Your Sirius & XM PowerConnect Car Dock at Home

Did you know your Sirius and XM PowerConnect car dock can also be used at home?

At, we sell a specially made PowerConnect AC Power Adapter that is compatible with your PowerConnect car dock, basically allowing your car dock to double as a home dock.

You would treat the car dock as any other home dock. Connect to a home stereo through RCA cables (sold separately) and receive the satellite signal with the assistance of a home antenna (also sold separately).

Please note that this particular Home Power Adapter is only compatible with PowerConnect vehicle docks. The model number on the back of your dock must be either SDPIV1, XDPIV1, or XDPIV2. Otherwise, this AC Adapter will not work.

This PowerConnect Power Adapter ($19.99) is a great accessory to pick up if you have a PowerConnect vehicle dock and want to utilize it at home.


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