Live from the Detroit Auto Show

I’m here finally!

Ok, First up, right off the bat the Audi setup is eye catching. All Bright white cars and the R8 5.2 FSi.  Also from Audi is the R10 TDI displayed behind glass. Next I’m headed over to Smart and Mercedes, I’ll keep you posted on how those are! Check Back Soon!

The Mercedes site was full of sedans and the prized McLaren, which the kept well behind glass, sadly. Smart had a very informative booth that was very approachable with questions. Smart also displayed a plug-in electric vehicle, which seems to be big hit, telling by the crowd of people surrounding it. I passed through the Ford, Lincoln and Honda lines and I did not see too much other than a concept Lincoln sedan with a Euro inspired interior, and a variety of hybrid Fords. Ford did have an all black Bullitt Mustang with “simulated” brushed steel dash panels, a true hot rod!. I have some great photos I will share tomorrow, but as for now on to GM, Chrysler, and Dodge!.

GM brought the full house and took a pretty big chunk of the showroom floor. The GM section has slightly partitioned off from the others and it really gave me a sense of being at a GM only show while I was in there. They had several of their new models out on rotating display with speakers giving presentations on them every few minutes. Chevy really showed up big at the Auto Show, with additions to their lineup and improvements to the old standbys, they really did make a full effort to display their “greener” side.Chevy brought out models like the Chevy Beat, a small sub-compact and the Chevy Cruze, a standard mid size.

GM had out several Hybrids including Sierra, Yukon and Escalade. Hummer also had their New H3T on display. Pontiac also showed off their new G8 GXP, a sport inspired Sedan. Chevy also had on a large display for its Volt, plug in electric car. The Volt can go 40 miles on a single battery charge and then swtich over to a 4 cyl electric generator, extending it’s range. A single charge can be done in about 8hrs on a  110v outlet and only 3hrs on 220v outlet. The Volt seemed to be a crowd favorate and many people stood to hear the whole presentation and ask questions.

After Leaving GM, I walked straight into heaven….I mean the Chrysler Dodge Jeep display. They had a simple setup, but had a massive amount of square footage. It looked like they really wanted people to be able to have plenty of space to check out every single model on the floor. There was no big fancy display(most of the Automakers display were more informative than flashy, information seemed to be the common theme throughout) they just let the cars do the talking and let everyone get hands on with them even the Viper.  Dodge had the Circuit and the new ENVI hybrid series on display.

More to come……..check back soon……..

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