Live Portable excitement and confusion…

I hope everyone out there had a terrific 4th! The illegal fireworks here in Chicago were like nothing I have ever seen. It sounded like a war was going on…Anyway, I posted a banner on the front page of the other day about the new Sirius Live Portable after seeing Mel Karmazin, CEO of Sirius flash one at the at the Convergence 2.0 Conference. This has already caused some confusion, and I just wanted to clear it up. We put up this banner to encourage people to email us so that we could keep them informed of new information as it becomes available, not so that people could “pre order” this unit that may or may not be available this year. Unfortunately our website shows any item that is not currently available as some thing that can be pre ordered. This is not the case, although we will order enough of the Live Portable when it does come out so that anyone who has sent us email will be able to get one.

Now, what you really want to know is what do we actually know about this Live Portable unit? Well we know that it may be out AROUND August and that the projects name has been changed from Belagio to Stiletto. Also, we know that the working model number is SL100TK1. That is just about all we got for now, but if you email us, we will let you know more when we do. On another note, if anything on says it is on backorder or out of stock, you can email us at or add yourself to the products notify list and we will email you as soon as we receive more!

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