Make your Grandmother Happy – Get Her SIRIUS

Our audience skews a bit young, after all, the average satellite radio listener is 43 years old, and being an internet store, our average customer might be younger still.

Since we don’t think of older people and satellite radio together usually, I want to fill you in on a secret.  Your grandparents will FLIP OUT if you get them SIRIUS for a gift.  For example, take my Nana.  Satellite radio is perfect for her because she:

  1. has some time to kill, especially lately, as she has been recovering from shoulder surgery
  2. is used to listening to the radio a lot, most of her life has been spent during the years when FM radio was a major form of entertainment
  3. loves music (and news) and wants to access the ever-proliferating amount of content, but has NO PATIENCE for figuring out complicated technologies like internet radio, ipods, itunes, etc.  The genius of satellite radio for her is that it puts modern technology into a familiar interface.

I attached a voice mail message that she left me a couple days ago (on my birthday) where she talks about how much she likes the Tivoli Sirius table radio that I sent her a few weeks ago. Take a listen.

SIRIUS radio is a great gift for grandparents everywhere.

Nana’s MP3

Me and My Nana in Door County
Me and My Nana in Door County
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