Review of the Jensen Docking Station and Clock Radio for I-Pod/I-Phone

Hey everyone!

I got a chance to take the Jensen docking station and Clock Radio for I-Pod/I-Phone home this past week and incorporate it into my daily life.  First I must tell you that I am the guy that does not wake up to a little buzz or beep on a standard alarm clock, so when I learned I had the chance to both; charge my iPhone ( A task I rarely perform until it dies when I need it most) and wake up to blaring guitars of Van Halen’s: Eruption, I gladly took it.

The Clock/Docking station right out of the box is definitely a sight for sore eyes who are used to a standard alarm clock or in my case, one of those garfield alarm clocks I have had since I was 7. With a silver and black casing, it will sleekly blend in with all of your nightstand’s accoutrement and the bright blue LED lights are incredibly powerful to where I woke up a couple times in the wee hours of the morning and through cloudy,sand filled eyes exclaimed,”oh nice…6:30, I can sleep for another hour or so”.  Bright lights aren’t always good though for people trying to sleep, that’s why the dimmer switch on the radio provided me with a great way to sleep in on the weekend.

Speaking of sleep, the sleep function on the radio proved to be a great way to nap when I had the chance.  I would set the function for twenty minutes and have my iPod playing some ambient music, perhaps some Enya.  Within ten of those minutes, I was asleep like a baby. This combined with the fact that my radio had shut off when I asked it to, was a great feature on the Jensen piece.  Since I needed to wake up an hour later for a meeting, I set my alarm for 8:30pm however I didn’t need to change my normal alarm time which was 8am as the Jensen has TWO alarm settings.  The sleep and snooze functions were basic alarm clock etiquette and worked out well for this late sleeper.  One thing I also liked is the Crescendo function of the alarm that would have me gently waking up to my tunes starting at a quiet-loud volume and not blaring like a fire alarm, starting off my day right.

Let’s get to the good stuff. You wonder, “How does it sound?”.  The answer is this.  I have used several other ipod docks and this one is hands down the best.

First off,you get no interference when using with an Iphone, UNLESS someone calls you. This can easily be avoided by switching on the airplane function with your iPhone.  The sound is brilliant. Since it has two small powered subs within, it packs a little punch yet still sounds clear and crisp with no harsh popping or distortion. I listened to everything from hip hop to country on this bad boy and had a sound comparable to any smaller bose speaker system.  One thing I will tell buyers to keep in mind is that your FM antenna placement has to be pretty well placed to avoid any static through the radio function, but this sounds great as well once you correct that.
Other features were the headphone jack/aux jack which both were pretty standard but still luxuries to have on an alarm clock, as well as an automatic time zone setting which was an added bonus.

Overall, the Jensen Clock radio and iPhone/iPod dock is a great purchase for those of you who need a multifunctional speaker system or an alarm clock OR both!  You won’t be disappointed in any aspect of it’s functions and will see it might be one of the best bedroom companions you will have!

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