S50 Car Kit and SIR-GTRV1 out!

It’s been a while since the last post. It’s been very exhausting the pace of this business but fun as well.

Okay, to the good stuff.

Got two items in and as far as I’m aware we may be the first to carry these two items.

S50 Car Kits. If you need another car kit for your S50 so as to easily move from car to car then this is the answer. Also for those who’ve been waiting forever for the Home Docks and have been using the adapter to play the S50 at Home you may want to get one of these vs. the Home Dock. Also the Home Dock does not have an FM Transmitter and the Car Dock does.

This is the custom Vehicle Installation Kit that works with the Starmate Replay and Streamer GTR. It’s made for a specific kind of vehicle console that has a large DIN space in which to fit the Streamer GTR or Starmate Replay. The kit includes the plastic Vehicle Interface Kit, a hardwire setup, Wired FM Modulator, and Audio Cables for $29.99. Under Brix it is called SIR-GTRV1 for Directed it is STV2 and SDVK1. As of this point as a dealer we still can’t order it from Directed, and it’s likely not to be out for a few weeks. The FM Modulators are a piece that is often on back order from the Factory and because that piece is included in this kit, I can guarantee this item will go in and out of stock in many places quite often. That being said we bought as many as possible from Brix and will likely to sell them all out by the end of the week.

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