Satellites and Stern…

So things are looking good for our favorite Satellite radio provider SIRIUS. They have just announced that they have signed up with Loral Space & Communications Ltd. who built the 3 currently orbitting satellites and the 1 backup satellite, to build 1 more satellite that will be unleashed into space in 2008. That means far better reception for all in the SIRIUS universe!

On another note, Howard Stern fans may have heard a conversation today on the show pertaining to the GM SIRIUS connect (SIR-GM1). Stern and the gang mentioned that they had the unit and that a friend had purchased one at a store. We just wanted to set the record straight by saying that SIRIUS GM Connect is still NOT available. After speaking to the Directed Electronics rep today, the release date has been pushed back again to July. We think that it will really be released closer to August due to the fact that it is not even production yet. In the mean time, we have our own fix for those who cannot wait . Check it out here TSS-RADIO. It is more expensive than the GM SIRIUS Connect, but it will work with some models.

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