Shipping to Canada

Our Shipping to Canada thus far has been through the United States Postal Service which gets handed off to Canada Post once through customs. For the most part things have been fine. We label and declare the customs value for each package honestly. Things have been shipped to Canada one of three methods, Global Priority Mail which averages 4-6 Business Days and Global Express Mail which Averages 3-5 Business Days. Global Priority does not have an official tracking system like UPS or FedEx but it comes with a Delivery Confirmation Number which will at least show that the item has been successfully delivered once it has arrived at the destination. Global Express mail does have tracking, but it’s still a step behind UPS and FedEx.

Starting very soon, we will begin shipping packages to Canada using DHL. The DHl sales rep stopped by today and I was more than blown away by the service. It should begin mid next week. Ultimately shipping a package Next Day should be more reasonable to Canada than it is within the United States using UPS. They are very competitive. It’s one of those things you’ve heard in the past but never quite taken the step to initiate anything.

All in all shipping say a SIRIUS Radio Car Antenna to Canada using DHL will take one business day and will cost roughly the same as the United States Postal Service’ Global Priority Mail which take about 4-6 Business Days. I also sincerely hope that Canadian customers take advantage of it since DHL does not have the same Brokerage fees as does UPS and FedEx.

On a separate note, last nights Episode of “Entourage” was not what I had hoped. But next weeks episode is partly shot at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA that I used to work in called Mastro’s Steakhouse . This will have been the third episode that was shot there, and this one seems to take place in the Wine Room. There was a time a few years back where I was working there and Bill Clinton had a private party in there with many celebrities including Quincy Jones, David Spade, Owen Wilson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others. That same night, which was engraved in my memory, Conan O’Brien was there, he was hosting the Emmy’s later in the week, Britney Spears, and Joey McIntrye. I had the gumption to go up to Conan and tell him a joke based on the celebrities in the restaurant. He and his writers that he was eating with were more than kind, despite this being a fireable offense. They had told me that they’d consider the joke and play it the following week when he got back. Unfortunately the following week was the year anniversary of September 11. If you have a chance to watch “Entourage” it will be on next week on HBO usually around 11pm.

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