We always seem to forget truly how busy it gets at this time. The Shipping Services get far behind. We trust USPS and UPS to get the job done, though at this holiday season it is difficult. Most Priority mail takes 2-3 days average. Some people think it takes a definite 2-3 days, but it’s more of an average, in fact many times, especially when things are not so hectic Priority Mail can get there the next day. Well, lot of the Priority Mail shipped out recently has been taking 3-6 days. Ugh. Also had a UPS Next Day Air to Houston that took 3 days. About 70% of the USPS has been 2-3 days but the rest hasn’t. USPS Express has been good and so has UPS 2nd Day Air.

Once a package leaves here it still depends on maybe 6 or so people to get their job done and quickly to get it to you on time.

Well, it’s almost over.

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