SIRGM1 Finally came in, New Products to Follow

After months of eagerly anticipating the SIRGM1 SIRIUS GM Connect we finally received our first small batch. It was only a tenth of what we had placed orders for back in November and December. That small batch we sent out to the first group that had pre-ordered it from us. We should be getting some more in over the next few weeks.

Product availability is something that our customers don’t always understand in the manner product gets to us. We place our orders with the distributors early, very early. When the product gets imported to them, usually from Asia, it will get shipped out to the dealers that had ordered it. That’s when it’s something that is easily available or in plenty supply. When it’s a product that’s in High Demand and Low Supply things change. And this is the case with the GM Connect XM to SIRIUS kit, as was the case with the Sirius S50. If it’s very popular and in lower supply, the distributor loses some power over who get’s shipped product and SIRIUS takes over a bit more. This is a common practice. SIRIUS may have a deal with Circuit City or Radio Shack or Best Buy in which they may receive a product earlier than the smaller independent dealers such as ourselves. The problem with the big box stores is that for the product to get from the main distribution centers to the actual consumer takes far longer in terms of time. For the most part we get things faster than the big box stores. It’s just unfortunate that at times we have many customers anticipating product from us and we have no control over it getting to us despite placing those orders far in advance.

This next week we have three big products coming in. The first one will be arriving on Wednesday, which is the SIRIUS Connect Home Tuner SC-H1. This was first announced at the 2006 CES Electronics show. It’s similar to the SIRIUS Connect Units for the Cars in the sense that it allows SIRIUS in a SIRIUS-Ready Unit, but this time it’s for Home Receivers. The next two products that we will be getting in on Thursday will sell fast, they are the Home and Car Kits for the Sportster 4, and later other SIRIUS Plug and Play Receivers as well as the SL100TK1. Not only is this a sigh of relief for Sportster 4 owners but it’s also a sigh of relief for those interested in the SL100 because once the SL100 comes out they will be able to have their Home and Car Kits ready to go. The SUPH1 is the awaited SIRIUS Universal Plug and Play Home Kit for the Sportster 4 and some newer model SIRIUS Radios, but currently only the Sportster 4. It will later work with the SL100TK1, the Sportster 3 ( a toned down Sportster 4), Starmate 3, Streamer GT3, and Streamer 3. If you have had a SIRIUS Home Kit before, the kit is pretty simple. It comes with the Home Cradle for the Receiver, a Wall Power Source for it, Home Indoor/Outdoor SIRIUS Antenna, and Audio Cables. As for the Extra Car Kit for the Sportster 4, we will also have the SUPV1. It includes everything you need to Dock the Sportster 4 Radio Receiver in another car. It includes a SIRIUS Radio Car Antenna, 5V AC Power Adapter, Car Cradle, and Mounts. We will allow orders to come in on Monday or Tuesday for the Kits that will ship out on Thursday.

Other than that, this next week we are also excited about our new Shipping option of DHL Express to Canada. Oh how fast it is.

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