SIRIUS Boomboxes Pt 3

Part III of III

sirbb3      Audiovox Boombox SIRBB3-This boombox works with:

xs025 xtr1 Xact Portable Boombox XS025-This boombox works with:

Note: This Boombox is offered at a very inexpensive price, and given its Audio Input, this will work with most SIRIUS Radio Home kits as an affordable speaker system using the 1/8th” Audio Cable.

s50SIRIUS S50 Executive Player S50EX1-This Boombox works with:

  • S50 Portable Receiver

LINKS to Previous Boombox Posts- Part 1 and Part 2

This completes the post on SIRIUS Boomboxes, if you still do not see your Boombox or Receiver listed, feel free to shoot us an Email.

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