SIRIUS Channel Presets for your workout

I’ve have compiled a list of 10 Presets on SIRIUS to use for your workout. If you own/work at a gym try these out and see how people react.

Preset 1-Channel 38 Area 38: features mainstream electronic dance mixes. Peppy and upbeat great for a cardio workout or circuit training.

Preset 2-Channel 1 SIRIUSXM Hits 1- features Pop to Hip-Hop and Rock to R&B. Great for free weights or stair steppers.

Preset 3-Channel 19  Boneyard-Hard and Heavy classic rock-Great for when you need to dig deep and finish that last set.

Preset 4– Channel 50 The Heat- Mainstream R&B- Great station for any kind of workout.

Preset 5-Channel 71 Watercolors- Contemporary Jazz. Great of stretching, yoga or slower paced workouts.

Preset 6– Channel 105 Laugh USA-Comedy for everyone. Great, if you like to burst out laughing while in the middle of the workout.

Preset 7– Channel 133 HLN-News and Views- Great for people who like to keep up-to-date with world news, while in the gym.

Preset 8– Channel 120 ESPN Radio- Love the gym and sports? Keep on the cutting edge of Sports talk with ESPN Radio.

Preset 9-Channel 36 BPM-Today’s Dance music hits. Upbeat and driving music to keep you going.

Preset 10– Channel 12 The Pulse-Pop music from the 90’s and Now. Great for any workout.

These are just a few presets that I think could help you with your workout in the gym. If your gym plays normal FM radio, ask them to try out SIRIUSXM Radio (besides cutting out commercials they may find people flock to their gym just to listen to SIRIUSXM!).

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Thanks Everyone!

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