Sirius Connect Vehicle Dock(SCVDOC1)

SCVDOC1 Sirius Connect Vehicle Dock

If you’re a Sirius nut like me, this new toy is a got-to-have item!

This dock is different from all others. It allows you to use your Dock and Play radios SIRIUS Stilettos, through your compatible head unit. You can now control your unsightly Sirius receiver from your head unit and leave the receiver in the glove box. It uses the Sirius Dock and Play Universal connector giving you the flexibility to use any of the newer Sirius Radio Receivers.

Comes with the

  • SCVDOC1 dock
  • 3 interchangeable adapters for all the Dock and Play radios
  • Sirius Connect interface cable
  • magnectic mount satellite antenna
  • dash mount with adhesive base

Please before you decide to purchase this item, make sure the car stereo is Sirius Ready and has the appropriate translator for you radio.
If you are not sure please feel free to refer to our website for further reference.

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