SIRIUS growing faster in Canada too

TeleClick in Canada just published an article entitled XM Radio Canada Reports 60% Growth, but Falls Behind Sirius.

Apparently SIRIUS added 100,000 subscribers in Canada from Jan1-May30 while XM added only 75,000. This is exactly the same pattern as in the US. The fact that SIRIUS is gaining in a market where Stern was not initialy as popular and the NFL has a limited fan-base shows just how deep SIRIUS’ content advantage is. Unless you are interested only in music, SIRIUS has a much wider selection of interesting programming than anyone else.

Also, these numbers are almost certainly understated, since many Canadian SIRIUS subscribers actually sign themselves up for the US programming, since it is better. They buy their radio from a SIRIUS vendor that ships to Canada and then either activate it using a friend or relative’s address in the US, or they buy a Pre-paid SIRIUS subscription card.

We really enjoy our Canadian customers and are pleased to ship any product that we sell to Canada.

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