Sirius Radio Mount

Here is a short guide to finding your sirius radio mount :

1.)Find the model of your unit. Check the back of your radio receiver for a number similar to SPR1, SPR2, PNP1, ST4, SP5, etc. Also check out Find your Sirius satellite radio accessories or XM Radio Accessory Finder.

2.) Decide where you would like to mount it. Take into consideration things like field of vision, reach, and angle at which you want it to sit. See below:

Sirius suction cup:

Sirius Dash mount:


3.) Another key sirius installation issue would be running the cables. Some use the sirius cigarette lighter adapter ,others use sirius hardwire kit for a cleaner, professional look. Also this brings in the issue of if you need a FM Direct Adapter. Newer units that have a weaker sirius fm transmitter will need a FMDA25.  Also to help run all the wires I would suggest the Wire Worm and Dash Removal Tool.

4.) Install and adjust the SIRIUS XM radio receiver and Enjoy!


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