SIRIUS Satellite Antenna

SIRIUS Satellite Antenna

Here I will discuss the several different Antenna options you have for your SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

SIRIUS CAR ANTENNA-scroll down for Home Antennas

The industry standard antenna is the SIRIUS Mobile Antenna Dot Micro

This is the standard SIRIUS Truck Antenna for Heavy Duty applications.

This is the SIRIUS Marine Antenna, built for boats and other watercraft.

These are the common vehicle antennas that are on the market. If you have something else in mind please feel free to give us a call 412.846.6606.


This is the common SIRIUS Home PNP Antenna. This antenna will work with SIRIUS Home Kits and  SIRIUS Boomboxes.

SIRIUS Outdoor Home Antenna– This antenna is built to withstand the elements and designed to be placed on the side of the house, on the roof or being mounted on a pole.

Pixel Technologies Pro-500– This is the BEST SIRIUS antenna we sell. This antenna has the internal parts inside of it to pull in the signal better than any other antenna.

Pixel Technologies Pro-600-This is the little brother to the Pro-500 antenna. This antenna may not pull in the signal as well( only a difference of about 2.5dBi), but this antenna boasts a stunning feature beyond comparison. This antenna can stream SIRIUS Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio.

If you still do not see an antenna that you like or need more information give TSS-Radio a call 312.846.6606

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