SIRIUS Starmate Replay Boombox

This is the STB2 Starmate Replay Boomcube.

If your SIRIUS Starmate looks like this:

Then this is the boombox you need:

This boombox works with the Starmate Replay ST2, but will not work with any other Starmate.

The Boombcube is great boombox to have for your SIRIUS Starmate Replay because of the sound quality and AUX-In port on the front of the boombox. With the Aux-In port on the front of the boombox you can plug in an Mp3 player or anything with the 1/8” mini jack output. The Boombox runs on the home ac adapter and also on batteries.

If you have any questions on this boombox or anything Satellite Radio, give us a Call-312.846.6606 or visit us at

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